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What alcoholic drink do you drink when out?

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SpringSunshineandTulips · 17/10/2020 14:19

When I’m in I don’t really drink - maybe the odd glass of Prosecco. I don’t really go out anymore but went out last night and drank vodka and orange but only had two and started to feel the effects. Next time I’m going to drink something else but not sure what I fancy. What do you drink?

OP posts:
Shoxfordian · 17/10/2020 14:22

Red wine at this time of year or a gin and tonic

PurpleDaisies · 17/10/2020 14:26

I love a margarita or mojito cocktail.

MillieMoodle · 17/10/2020 14:44

Gin and lemonade, JD and coke or rum and coke. Not that I go out any more Grin

Cavagirl · 17/10/2020 14:44

My name says it all Grin

IndieRo · 17/10/2020 14:45

Coors light, I don't like wine, spirits or cocktails

wendz86 · 17/10/2020 14:46

White wine , prosecco or g &t’s.

iklboo · 17/10/2020 14:46

White wine or gin & tonic (rhubarb & ginger if they have it)

Mojito for a cocktail.

Waxonwaxoff0 · 17/10/2020 15:59

I'm a cocktail kind of woman, or vodka lime & soda if there are no cocktails on offer.

MrsBungle · 17/10/2020 16:01

lager or white wine usually.

Violetroselily · 17/10/2020 16:01

White wine, prosecco, aperol spritz or very occasionally a gin cocktail

I'm not a huge fan of spirits

FallonsTeaRoom · 17/10/2020 16:04

This out of which you speak. Is that something that we used to do? Confused

G&T or pint of ale. Wine if at a meal.

Doublechins · 17/10/2020 16:20

Lager, wine or cocktails

GooodMythicalMorning · 17/10/2020 16:22

fruity cider. Kopperberg or rekorderlig (sp?) that type of thing. We dont drink often. Can't drink wine any more. It makes me feel ill.

Juanbablo · 17/10/2020 16:23

Usually a g&t

IAintentDead · 17/10/2020 16:25

Red wine mostly but if looking to stay soberish I'll have a long drink with a single spirit. Or a white wine and soda in a long glass

SenorFrog · 17/10/2020 16:26

Vodka Tonic, which must have a slice of lime, which I squeeze into it.

FizzyPink · 17/10/2020 16:26

I’m a sucker for a cocktail but I’m very aware of the amount of sugar they contain. So usually stick to prosecco or wine if it’s with a meal. I actually don’t think I ever order anything else

AriesTheRam · 17/10/2020 16:26

Dry white wine or beer

CeramicGuineaPig · 17/10/2020 16:29

White wine please. Which one? Oh I don’t know, what do you have, maybe a Pinot Grigio, yes that’s fine, thank you. Oh, large please.

When I was a teenager the choice was always “dry white wine” or “sweet white wine”, which is why I always preface my order with dry in my head but never say it because who in their right mind drinks sweet white wine and what even is it.

LST · 17/10/2020 16:31

Ale. Gin. Rum. Wine. Anything really

Pollypockett23 · 17/10/2020 16:33

Wine ALL THE wine

Aperol Spritz too

PolaDeVeboise · 17/10/2020 16:36

Savignon Blanc if they have an NZ or vodka, lime and soda. Occasionally have a pint of Stella and Lime or Guinness and blackcurrant if I'm in the mood.

Redwolf1 · 17/10/2020 16:36

I'll start with a mojito or two then move to malibu and coke (proper full fat/sugar coke)

Longdistance · 17/10/2020 16:38

In general white wine. In the summer a fruit cider goes down well.

Animum2 · 17/10/2020 16:41

I only drink lemonade and brandy and occasionally vodka

Coke gives me headache and pepsi tastes weird

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