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ADs self isolate in a fridge Boris style

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BogRollBOGOF · 14/10/2020 19:37

We've polished off our hotel breakfasts, flocked to the beaches and eaten out to help out with Rishi. Now the D-Day style floatilla of Anti-Dementor boats weather the stormy seas of tiers 1, 2 and 3 and support each other through the calls for lockdown.

Hold on tight and get those bouyancy aids on...

OP posts:
TabbyStar · 14/10/2020 19:38

Hello again!

DominaShantotto · 14/10/2020 19:39

New thread!

ShoeJunkie · 14/10/2020 19:53

Love the title Grin

Orangeblossom7777 · 14/10/2020 19:59

Hi again. Wishful yes sounds like here (small city SW) commuting distance to London. There are cases at the uni where there is a testing centre.

TheOrchidKiller · 14/10/2020 20:31

An excellent introduction again, @BogRollBOGOF. You really are very good at this.

HeIenaDove · 14/10/2020 20:49

Thanks for new thread.

HeIenaDove · 14/10/2020 20:56

While i was out this afternoon someone told me their colleague or colleagues friend took a Covid test. (im trying not to out them so trying to be vague) She got the result as a false positive

She HADNT YET sent the test back. It was still to be posted.

Bollss · 14/10/2020 20:57

Thought I'd lost you all then. Phew.

TheOrchidKiller · 14/10/2020 21:05

That's so bizzarre, @Helena.
When I do my weekly test you have to register them online & the information leaflet tells you specifically to do that first before doing the swab.

I don't think there's a hidden agenda there, more that they don't want people to forget to register the test & label the test tube.

But something is clearly not right with the system. Last week when I registered, the captcha thingy asked me to select all the squares with cars in. There were no cars.

Weneedmusicandtheatre · 14/10/2020 21:11

Found you!

HeIenaDove · 14/10/2020 21:13

Oh i agree its the system. Because they have ballsed it up by handing it to companies who dont know what they are doing.

DisgruntledGuineaPig · 14/10/2020 21:22

Just saying hello to get this on my threads.

Wheytaminute · 14/10/2020 21:34

Thanks for new thread.

HelenaDove Say what ?

Now that IS a false positive. How creepy!

Iheartmysmart · 14/10/2020 21:40

Can I ask a probably silly question please bearing in mind maths really isn’t my strong point? Looking at the number of tests carried out on a daily basis and the number of reported infections, it looks to me like about 7.5% of tests are positive. Can this be right or is my ungraded O-level maths failing me again? Happy to be told I’m being incompetent.

Evenstar · 14/10/2020 22:02

Thought everyone might appreciate this renamed pub in Liverpool 😂

ADs self isolate in a fridge Boris style
NeedWineNow · 14/10/2020 22:08

On good you're here!

Taswama · 14/10/2020 22:08

Phew! Found you!
Excellent pub there Evenstar

MissEWeatherwax · 14/10/2020 22:12

On my council’s Facebook page, there are a lot of angry people about Mr Cummings. Re the council tax, write off.
Also checking the stats and nearly 50% were from care homes. It’s disgraceful and so sad. That’s Covid deaths.

JamieLeeCurtains · 14/10/2020 22:16


On my council’s Facebook page, there are a lot of angry people about Mr Cummings. Re the council tax, write off.
Also checking the stats and nearly 50% were from care homes. It’s disgraceful and so sad. That’s Covid deaths.

Yes, why does Cummings not have to pay his family council tax?
HeIenaDove · 14/10/2020 22:24

@Evenstar Brilliant pub.

justasking111 · 14/10/2020 22:31

Shit. Drakeford is set to announce tomorrow a 28 day lockdown, just waiting for confirmation whether it is this Friday or next Friday. Pubs, restaurants, all hospitality gone. Schools perhaps. They believe we need a 28 day circuit breaker to knock the virus transmission back. Friend has been in meetings all day today licensing and hospitality so it is when not if now. So all the grumbling to Boris about infectious outsiders is out the window, no-one in or out again.

MissEWeatherwax · 14/10/2020 22:32

JamieLeeCurtains someone higher up, has written it off. From 2002, quite a lot of money. Will have to pay from next council tax year.
Quite a few people stated they were going to complain, someone attached a link for the complaints.
Lots of one rule for us and one for the rich.

Gherkinbee · 14/10/2020 22:34

De-lurking from Northern Ireland here. Our new restrictions are now tougher than level 3. Too many eejits out at the pub and the rest of us paying for it.

HeIenaDove · 14/10/2020 22:38

image description
The council tax charges will come into effect from the start of October 2020
An unpaid council tax bill worth between £30,000 and £50,000 on on two properties at the North-East farm of Dominic Cummings and his family has been written off.

According to a report in The National, two properties on the land, one of which was built in 2002, are said to have been repeatedly in breach of planning permissions regulations, though charges will not be backdated due to the amount of time which has elapsed.

They should have informed them (the authorities) and it should have been checked," Durham County Councillor John Shuttleworth said.

“If it was anybody else, they would be getting charged and it would be backdated, or they would be getting taken to court.

“It just proves there is two sets of rules, one for them and another for everyone else. It is not right.

“We have to abide by the law and it we don’t you get put in prison or you get fined. They are just above it.”

In July 2016, Melanie Woodcock from Bridgend in Wales was handed a jail sentence for her failure to pay an outstanding council tax bill worth £4,742.

Woodcock was too ill to work at the time and was the recipient of benefits. She spent 40 days in prison before her release on appeal.

RobinHobb · 14/10/2020 22:46

Oh thank god!! Thought I'd lost you all
Thanks @BogRollBOGOF

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