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Do you think ginger cats are a bit different personality wise ?

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Lardlizard · 14/10/2020 18:45

Like a bit more head strong ?

OP posts:
StCharlotte · 14/10/2020 19:41

My last two ginger brothers were soooo gentle (unless you were prey Confused) and affectionate and adored me. We lost them both in the last 18 months and it still breaks my heart.

We now have two black kittens, they're nearly one, and they are mental. Hugely entertaining but barely give me the time of day.

pinkrose78 · 14/10/2020 19:43

We have a big, ginger Tom. He's the most gentle, cuddly boy. He just loves attention and being petted. I always say he acts like he's stoned as he's just so chilled out.

Emmapeeler2 · 14/10/2020 19:45

Mine is the most easy-going, friendliest cat ever, except when the other Dcat gets to the food bowl first.

mrshonda · 14/10/2020 19:53

Female gingers are astonishing - mine was highly intelligent, loveable and so affectionate, I have not had a cat like her before or since, and I still miss her every day

moglovesquotes · 14/10/2020 19:56

Another absolute bastard here.
Should be grateful we rescued him but he isn't.
Dd adores him though and him her most of the time so we kept him.
Hes mellowed slightly over the past few years but never forgets anything!

Zzz1234 · 14/10/2020 20:00

We have a ginger girl that visits us. she's been letting herself in, eating the car food, peeing in the litter tray and sleeping on the sofa since 2017. if we attempt to stroke her she snaps\swiped at us. We got a chipped cat flap to keep her one-day but she followed our cat's in so ended up turning it off. Very bad tempered cat(she's really pretty though)

GigantosaurusRex · 14/10/2020 20:05

The ginger and white that lives next door is a nasty bastard, my old ginger boy is the softest thing going. They contradict each other!

Crunchymum · 14/10/2020 20:09

My girl was a calico and she was a handful.

Loved me, tolerated everyone else Grin

She was PTS a month ago (exactly) and I miss her dearly.

sweetkitty · 14/10/2020 20:09

My ginger boy is the most gorgeous loveable thing, claws never out when he’s playing just loves everyone.

isseywith4vampirecats · 14/10/2020 20:09

my ginger and white long haired boy id arrogant hes georgous and knows it ,. has a five minute tolerance for being stroked before the slasher comes out ,

my half siamese is totally placid and seeks out attention to the point of been a pest

my young tabby boy is very sweet and gentle indoors but hes the one who brings home critters that were alive till they met him

my tortie girl is a total diva attacks the boys swears like a navvie but is the most intelligent of them all

GoldenGumballs · 14/10/2020 20:09

My ginger girl was more like a poodle she wouldn’t leave my side and wanted to be on me all the time ( I miss her).
My ginger boy is a bad tempered, ungrateful, antisocial beast!

Backofthenewt · 14/10/2020 20:14

My ginger boy is the shoutiest chattiest and whingiest cat I've ever known. He's SO loud and vocal. Never shuts up.

GlitchStitch · 14/10/2020 20:15

I have a ginger neutered Tom. He is the sweetest, gentlest cat ever, I've never even heard him hiss. He always wants to be with everyone, he will cry if he's shut out of a room that "his people" are in. Loves fuss, guards the kids if they are unwell, and lots of licks. Maybe he thinks he's a dog!

Hovverry · 14/10/2020 20:42

Vet friends say it’s tortoiseshell girls who are odd and hard to handle. My family has always had ginger cats as well as other colours and every one has been gentle and loving.

Esmeralda1988 · 14/10/2020 20:49

I have a ginger girl. She's just the best thing ever, friendly, loving, chatty, kind. When she was a kitten she used to play fetch with her toys and sleep under the duvet with me. She still sleeps with me, brings me feathers, bounds in from the garden when I call her. Weirdly she's also a bit of a bruiser despite being tiny, if she hears other cats fighting nearby she'll go and involve herself and she's very efficient at defending her garden. She always accosts any visitors or tradesmen that come round and she loves a good tummy tickle. Love her to bits.

TheVanguardSix · 14/10/2020 20:59

My ginger boy is a sweetheart. Loves a good headbump and a cuddle, but on his terms. He never scratches or hisses at anyone. He is a tad aloof, keeps himself to himself, yet will allow anyone, including total strangers passing him on the pavement, to pick him for a cuddle. He's very, very chilled, but very independent. He does love me in his own way. I give him rope. I'll put it that way. He needs his wanders and adventures. And when he's home, he needs his space but still loves a snuggle in my arms. Doesn't like sitting on laps. But he always stays close to me when he is home.

My tuxedo cat on the other hand is bonkers and a complete love sponge. He chats to me all the time, follows me everywhere, absolutely everywhere. He's my little shadow. He really looks at me. I love it. He's very switched on and tuned in. He sleeps with me every night, purrs like a lawnmower, and is never far away from me.

I think my favourites are definitely tuxedos and black cats.
My tortoiseshell cat growing up was a monster to me! Grin She could hiss for all cats! She was a proper madame but she made the BEST kittens. And what an amazing mother she was. We kept many of her 'children' throughout the years.

Ionacat · 14/10/2020 21:15

My gorgeous ginger boy is very friendly on his terms but he is a bit thick bless him. He adores my youngest who is also a redhead. His equally gorgeous cream brother who currently curled up on my feet definitely got the brains.

Animum2 · 14/10/2020 21:22

I got my 1st ginger cat when she was 8 weeks old, from the start she was very aloof, not interested in cuddles whatsoever, fast forward 16 years to when I met dh and they met, she turned into a cuddle princess and she became "his" cat, when she was diagnosed with advanced liver and kidney disease, she was in his arms as she passed away at the age of 19

Winston our 2nd ginger is a greedy ducker and likes to chat very loudly and he doesn't care whose lap he sits on as long as he's on one and then he will purr like a very loud tractor

GarethSouthgatesWaistcoat · 14/10/2020 21:22

This thread is lacking pictures of all the ginger beauties and menaces!

supercatlady · 14/10/2020 21:25

My ginger (red tabby) Persian is a completely laid back softy. I can hold him in my arms like a baby and he will just snuggle in,

supercatlady · 14/10/2020 21:27

Hopefully you have a pic of Monty!?

Do you think ginger cats are a bit different personality wise ?
ColintheCrow · 14/10/2020 21:31

Nope. Three siblings. One from a previous litter and two I got at 4 weeks. The ginger male from the latter is huge and much more lazy and easy going than the other two.
My oldest male cat is the most grumpy swine ever but loves me.

Notsurewhatsgoingon · 14/10/2020 21:31

As the owner of a tortie girl I can confirm that they def live up to their reputation. She's not satisfied unless she has randomly attacked me at leat twice a day. Dosnt like cuddles and barely tolerates us... But I absolutely adore her anyway.
Naughty tortie they are known by apparently.

Ginger Tom's are known to be keen to piss other cats off and fight. Which is definitely my experience. But they are lovely to humans I think.

WitchesNStuff · 14/10/2020 21:32

Oh my, Monty is gorgeous!

JorisBonson · 14/10/2020 21:34

My ginger boy is fearless, silly and stupid. He's affectionate on his own terms and I love him for it.

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