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Do you think ginger cats are a bit different personality wise ?

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Lardlizard · 14/10/2020 18:45

Like a bit more head strong ?

OP posts:
Scweltish · 14/10/2020 18:46

They do have a reputation for it. Like tortie cats are meant to be bad tempered

SassenachWitch · 14/10/2020 18:49

I have a ginger and white cat, she’s so sweet and loving 90% of the time, but when she’s got one on her, she’s a nasty little shit. She attacks and means it.

runninguphills · 14/10/2020 18:55

I had a ginger to who was marvellous and clearly adored me. Never lost his tempter and was the sweetest cat ever. I was really upset when he died at the old age of 17

Originalyellowbelly · 14/10/2020 19:01

I've got a ginger, he hasn't got a nasty bone in his body, although he can whinge for England, (the ginger whinger). My tortie girl is a hunter, she sleeps cuddled up to me at night but if I touch her she bites, two lots of ab's and a tetanus jab in the last few months. I also have a black and white who is scared of absolutely everything. They are all siblings and all completely different personalities.

LST · 14/10/2020 19:02

Yes they are in my opinion. I have a girl and a boy ginger and they are like no other cats I've ever known. They are the friendliest and most loving.

UsedUpUsername · 14/10/2020 19:02

I always thought big ginger toms were supposed to be cuddly and super friendly!

LBOCS2 · 14/10/2020 19:05

Yep. In my experience ginger cats are very lovely and a wee bit dim.

Toddlerteaplease · 14/10/2020 19:06

I have a red Persian. She is very opinionated and has a huge personality.

Roselilly36 · 14/10/2020 19:08

I had a ginger female, she was amazing, so intelligent. The most clever cat I have ever owned. I love ginger cats. I have also had tabby cats, they were more timid.

lulupopss · 14/10/2020 19:10

I have a red British Shorthair, he's very daft and naughty but also very gentle and loving.

GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal · 14/10/2020 19:10


I always thought big ginger toms were supposed to be cuddly and super friendly!

My ginger boy is a vicious bastard, nearly got himself sent back to the rescue because he won't stop attacking us. Only got a reprieve because I'm a soft touch and he is very beautiful.
Prokupatuscrakedatus · 14/10/2020 19:10

Sev was very cuddly and sweet and never made a fuss at the vets.

UnalliterativeGeorge · 14/10/2020 19:12

We have a ginger female who is the shyest cat ever and at the same time the loudest cat we own. So much miaowing. She's very friendly when she knows you though

Runningdownthathill · 14/10/2020 19:17

I had a ginger cat who was a neutered Tom. He was the easiest, most biddable cat imaginable. Never have any trouble and out your with anything. We now have a tortie who is nervy, bad tempered, vocal and very demanding. She is also very unaffectionate. I realise how lucky with our ginger cat.

MogHog · 14/10/2020 19:19

My old ginger male was a huge solid cuddle monster, the sweetest cat ive owned.
My tortie is very vocal, lovely but oh my days she is dim, love her to bits.
My little Calico is fiesty and all on her terms but she makes me laugh..she is missing a toe on both front paws so is a little clumsy

Jellycatspyjamas · 14/10/2020 19:19

We had a ginger Tom who was just lovely, and a ginger queen who wanted it her way or not at all. I love ginger cats 🐈

bravotango · 14/10/2020 19:19

Yes ours is extremely vocal and very affectionate. Has never bitten or scratched anyone - very soft old boy! Very unlike my tabby girls who could be vicious and were very aloof!

NaughtipussMaximus · 14/10/2020 19:22

I have a young ginger tom who is absolutely lovely with us but making our other cat’s life a misery.

Toilenstripes · 14/10/2020 19:23

My neighbour has the sweetest, daftest ginger boy. He was an absolute rock when my boy died at 16. Sat with me every evening for two weeks.

TheNestedIf · 14/10/2020 19:25

My family's intact ginger tom was pretty mellow. He did get into fights very occasionally but that was with only one of the other cats in the area. He wasn't the most playful of cats but that was more to do with him being neglected then abandoned as a young cat.

There's a ginger and white at the end of the road where I live now. He's quite friendly and very clever. He uses the traffic islands to cross the road and understands how to look out for traffic.

Srictlybakeoff · 14/10/2020 19:26

@Runningdownthathill how old is your tortie. My tortie was like that as a younger cat, but as an older lady she is very friendly and affectionate, and follows me round the house. She is very intelligent too

ivfbeenbusy · 14/10/2020 19:27

My Vet said my ginger and white cat would be a fat lazy mummy's boy when I took him in as a kitten.....and he was right!

He can be quite stubborn but in a dopey way

DaisyDando · 14/10/2020 19:30

My ginger boy is the absolute sweetest gentlest little soul. I love every cat, even the scratchy naughty tortoiseshell girl ones. But I shall always pick a ginger if the option is there.

Mabelface · 14/10/2020 19:30

I've a big, ginger chonk and he's gorgeous. Loves a good scratch, favourite place is my lap. He's still really playful and has learned to sit, give his paw and high five. Sit is great for when I'm putting his food bowl down as he'd almost knock it out of my hand head bumping me.

riotlady · 14/10/2020 19:41

I think they just have “more” personality in general, be it good or bad.

I actually think plain black cats are the nicest and friendliest, I’ve never met one who wasn’t a sweetheart, but they get overlooked because they don’t look as nice.

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