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Anyone in East London?

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PlonkItDownNOW · 06/10/2020 19:59

No water. In the whole of East London. It's really quite frightening.

OP posts:
oldmapie · 06/10/2020 20:05

Why? As in why no water not why is it frightening!

PlonkItDownNOW · 06/10/2020 20:13

Because people have stripped the supermarket shelves of bottled water in under two hours. Feels pretty apocalyptic!

OP posts:
LarkDescending · 06/10/2020 20:14

Have you tried a tap?

TheRealJeanLouise · 06/10/2020 20:15

Has anybody suggested a tap OP?

PlonkItDownNOW · 06/10/2020 20:16

There is no water coming out of the taps

It really isnt funny tbh

OP posts:
LarkDescending · 06/10/2020 20:16

Oh I see. Taps not running.

Usernamenotavailabletryanother · 06/10/2020 20:17

Yes, we’ve had no water since about 4pm and the shelves of local shops have been ransacked. No bottled water left locally at all.

Beginning to wish I’d packed an OhFuckRuckSack Grin

smileannie · 06/10/2020 20:17

Yep, in East ham and no water since about 5pm - didn’t realize it was all of East London though.

IrenetheQuaint · 06/10/2020 20:17

Where are you in East London?

TheRealJeanLouise · 06/10/2020 20:17

It’s probably a burst pipe OP which they usually sort quickly enough. We live quite rurally now and it happens from time to time.

PlonkItDownNOW · 06/10/2020 20:18

My neighbour hasn't any water to make her baby formula.

OP posts:
PlonkItDownNOW · 06/10/2020 20:18

East Ham.

OP posts:
Usernamenotavailabletryanother · 06/10/2020 20:19

We’re sharing what we have on our street so vulnerable people have some- which part of east London are you in OP? I’m in Leytonstone

TheRealJeanLouise · 06/10/2020 20:20

Do you have restaurants near by? They should be able to give you water.

Usernamenotavailabletryanother · 06/10/2020 20:20

Have you tried asking for your neighbour on a local FB group?

PlonkItDownNOW · 06/10/2020 20:20

I'm in East Ham. My DH has popped out to see if he can find any bottled anywhere. Baby is on the hypoallergenic stuff so you can't get it ready made. I gave her what was left in our kettle.

OP posts:
AdoraBell · 06/10/2020 20:22

Hope it is resolved soon OP

I’m nowhere near unfortunately otherwise I would offer to help.

PlonkItDownNOW · 06/10/2020 20:23

Good idea to try a restaurant. May order a takeaway and buy a couple of bottles!!

OP posts:
Cherrypies · 06/10/2020 20:23

It's fine in Dagenham, so direct your dh to shops there, not too far from East Ham

FairNotFair · 06/10/2020 20:25

I'm on the Isle of Dogs ... no problems here, but we're E14. Apparently it's affecting E6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16 and 20. Sounds pretty major - hope you get it back soon!

PlonkItDownNOW · 06/10/2020 20:31

He has tracked some down at a local petrol station

OP posts:
Hellomoonstar · 06/10/2020 20:32

These are the post codes it is currently affecting.

Anyone in East London?
AdoraBell · 06/10/2020 20:34

Is he getting a bottle or two for the neighbour?

PlonkItDownNOW · 06/10/2020 20:44

Yes, we've given her most of what we bought. We've a litre for ourselves.

OP posts:
SimonJT · 06/10/2020 20:47


My neighbour hasn't any water to make her baby formula.

You can’t use bottled water for that anyway, they could buy premixed bottles.
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