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Kids BD party

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missha20 · 02/10/2020 17:59

Wondering what other parents doing for kids BD celebration this strange time? My DS is 7 in 3 weeks and I dont know how to organise it? We can only have party inside due to the weather and he is not interested to go to soft play. I am thinking to take him with 4 friends to bowling and Mcdonalds subject to other parents will be ok to leaving their kids with me of course. Would be nice to hear other people ideas.

OP posts:
Friendsoftheearth · 02/10/2020 18:02

That sounds good. I don't know what else you can do really. Cinema is the other option? Some places are still doing small birthday parties in restaurants, Pizza Express do pizza making for instance. Just ask parents to pick up at different times so you don't end up with a big crowd at the end.

GetAMoveOnTroodon · 02/10/2020 18:04

Surely this depends where you are?! What you’re suggesting is illegal where I live...

Duanphen · 02/10/2020 18:57

It's unlikely other parents will be keen for gatherings.

Shocking suggestion, but you could just skip the party. I don't know when having to have a party every single year became a thing.

Fivemoreminutes1 · 02/10/2020 19:12

Are his friends all from the same class bubble? If so, some places might be willing to allow more than 6 to take part in an activity.

Tiredmum100 · 02/10/2020 19:18

My son is 7 in 2 weeks, we're in Wales and in lockdown so wont be doing anything. To be honest od rather give it a.miss this year any way qoth covid. Just doesn't seem worth the risk.

minipie · 02/10/2020 19:20

DD is doing pizza followed by biscuit decorating, with a very small group. Or she will be once I manage to organise it 😳

scrivette · 02/10/2020 19:22

Mine didn't do anything.

Nowhere should allow more than 6.

You could take 4 friends bowling as long as there is only you going as the only adult.

Nobody at school seems to be doing parties at the moment and there have been quite a few birthdays.

I wouldn't allow my children to go, it seems an unnecessary risk. (I know you didn't ask that, but don't be too disappointed if people say no).

PurpleDaisies · 02/10/2020 19:23


Are his friends all from the same class bubble? If so, some places might be willing to allow more than 6 to take part in an activity.

I doubt it. It would be illegal,
TheGriffle · 02/10/2020 19:25

You don’t do a party this year, simple as that. My dd had her 7th birthday party cancelled at the end of March and I can’t see her being able to have an 8th birthday party either.

beela · 02/10/2020 19:26

Just have a couple of his friends round for tea after school one day?

BlackberrySky · 02/10/2020 19:28

We are inviting three friends from the class bubble to a more expensive activity than we would normally do. Cake at home afterwards with rest of our family out.

Xiaoxiong · 02/10/2020 19:29

We sent in a cake (with permission) and some sweets and the Year 2 teacher got everyone to sing happy birthday, they made a big fuss of him and he got to wear a badge all day that said "7 today!". They don't usually allow this, but because we couldn't have a party the most kids he would be around was actually in school and they said they would try and help out considering parties aren't allowed. Then we had a family party at home with presents.

It's shit but better than nothing. Poor kids.

NotGenerationAlpha · 02/10/2020 19:30

There’s no party so far since lockdown.

badlydrawnbear · 02/10/2020 19:33

Where we are it is illegal to have anyone who doesn't live with us in our house or garden, so DC2 is not having a 6th birthday party. Well, she is, but it will be a party of some sort in our house with me, DH and DC1. I don't know what we will do at the party. DC1 had her birthday in the spring on an unseasonably hot day, so her 'birthday party' was playing in the paddling pool and watching Matilda the musical on Youtube on the tv with ice cream in an interval like at the theatre and a party lunch of junk food.

CakeInMyFace · 02/10/2020 20:13

My DD turned 5 a few weeks ago and I just brought some lollies for kids at school and they did happy birthday with a pretend cake at school!

Me, DH and DD1 went bowling, drive through McDonald's and cake and presents at home. She had a lovely time and we just made a really big fuss of her!

Figgygal · 02/10/2020 20:17

Not planing anything for either ds who are 4 and 9 in the next 2 months

Will do cake, presents, balloons etc see family in shifts and the 4 of us will go out for dinner

MrsShelton · 02/10/2020 20:21

i'm surprised you would plan anything to be honest

further restrictions coming in all the time.....3 weeks time could be locked down. would you want the disappointment?

as a parent i'd decline the invite anyway

Letsgetgoing123 · 02/10/2020 20:24

My dc turned 7 in lockdown when shops had opened but still no meeting up allowed. It rained most of the day but we still had a great day. We had a family fifa (PS4) tournament, then first trip to Mac Donald’s drive through after lockdown, then I did a treasure hunt with clues leading to buried treasure. Dc said it was the best birthday ever.

OverTheRainbow88 · 02/10/2020 20:29

Lots of local venues around here are still taking party bookings inside of up to 15, and it says in line with the current guidelines. Which blows my mind as it clearly breaks the rule of 6!

LindaEllen · 02/10/2020 21:01

As long as it's in the rules where you live (and you should prepare for the possibility that these might change!) I would do something at your house, meaning you can control hygiene etc, for just a couple of his best friends. Maybe a gaming sleepover (or afternoon party if you don't want an overnight)? There are companies who will set up little tents (inside) and consoles for them to play on. Get them a pizza, plenty of sweets, job's a goodun. It's pretty much the best you can hope for this year - but also be prepared for the fact that some parents might not want their child to attend and, as I said, you might find yourself with tighter restrictions between now and then.

happytoday73 · 02/10/2020 21:05

We weren't able to have anything for either child's birthday. My eldest we ordered in take out and friends rang/zoomed/sang from road. For youngest we were allowed out just as family unit so ate out in restaurant....
That's literally been it as anything else not allowed

peachesgreen · 02/10/2020 21:09

Parents doing similar in our school. We're not in a local lockdown and cases are low so I'v been happy for DD to attend - after all she's been in school with the other 4 DC all week.

AvoidingRealHumans · 02/10/2020 21:14

My son has had 2 party invites this week. One, the mum has said its covid secure and has invited 5 boys from the same class bubble so 6 altogether.
The other has 10 boys invited but they play in teams of 5 so will be fine again.
The only issue is that they are the same day and time so he's trying to decide which one to do.
There are definitely things you could do that covid would allow for.

TheTurn0fTheScrew · 02/10/2020 21:16

If we weren't in local lockdown I would sound out other parents about a rule of 6 gathering at home, as long as all the DC were in the same class bubble. I wouldn't send invitations or book anything in advance as things can change quickly.

As it stands we're in local lockdown, and so DC2 won't have a party this year. I've promised an Unbirthday Party in the spring or whenever it becomes possible.

FusionChefGeoff · 02/10/2020 21:19

I'm going back to the 50s and having 4 friends over for party tea, cake and games Smile

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