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Kids BD party

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missha20 · 02/10/2020 17:59

Wondering what other parents doing for kids BD celebration this strange time? My DS is 7 in 3 weeks and I dont know how to organise it? We can only have party inside due to the weather and he is not interested to go to soft play. I am thinking to take him with 4 friends to bowling and Mcdonalds subject to other parents will be ok to leaving their kids with me of course. Would be nice to hear other people ideas.

OP posts:
OntheWaves40 · 02/10/2020 21:22

I think for one year birthday parties should be cancelled.

BikeRunSki · 02/10/2020 21:57

Dd’s birthday is 2 weeks away. I was trying to organise an outdoor bushcraft party for 3 - 4 children, but new local restrictions make this inadvusable, although not strictly illegal. We’ve cancelled it; there have been no parties amongst my DC’s friends since early March (they are 8 &11).

Stompythedinosaur · 02/10/2020 22:12

We had a zoom party for dd1 - we played bingo, did a quiz and played a guess the animal game then did some crafts that I had dropped off at the attendees houses beforehand.

It was maybe not as exciting as a full party but was better than nothing.

missha20 · 02/10/2020 22:52

We are not on lockdown here and cases are low yet. People are rather relaxed and businesses are not following rules as they should. Despite last week announcement my old work for example still demand the staff to work in office (fully air conditioning with all windows blocked from opening) despite most of them could actually WFH (no masks in the office neither). despite school requested parents to wear masks while on the premises only a quarter of them obey. We dont have bubbles at our school -we have 2 Y2 classes 30 kids each and they are allowed to mixed up at dinner time and big break. I will invite 4 kids from class only anyway and see what parents said, not fussed at all. All of them being at ours before on playdates but I cannot do any gathering in our house. We dont have extended family around- only my husband's mum (and he is not allowing us to visit her) so really my son just wants to play with his best mates and have happy meal. I would personally to take him to xscape or theme park for a day but my husband refused to do it. So I just was wondering of other people ideas about activities I can take him with a few friends to as they are not interested to go to softplay and other places are closed.

OP posts:
OverTheRainbow88 · 03/10/2020 12:31

How about bowling?

Book two lanes next to each other, you and 3 kids then your Oh and 3 kids?

Or if you would feel happy you could go alone so DS can have 4 friends?

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