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What's your degree in?

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SunshineInMySprocket · 26/09/2020 02:40


I'm trying to help a young person decide what comes next in their education. They definitely want to go to university but are struggling to see the wood for the trees when it comes to degree courses. So to help them see how broad their options are, could I ask if you have a degree, what's it in and what job do you do now?


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CountFosco · 26/09/2020 20:15


TurkeyTrot · 26/09/2020 20:18

Another biochemist here. BSc, MSc and PhD. Had an academic research career for about a decade, then went into industry.
I'm currently senior management in a small biotech that makes new cancer drugs.

HerRoyalNotness · 26/09/2020 20:20

It will be a Business & Management degrée. I’m a cost engineer/analyst on major (billions) projects. You could also go for a civil/structural degree or construction management and switch over. Or use those. Lots of room for development and advancement, international travel, interesting projects lasting 2-5years, nice bonuses in the higher grades. Even if you work for the same company throughout, if you do project work it’s like changing jobs every few years with a new team, managers etc, but advantage you know the processes and company way of working

HerRoyalNotness · 26/09/2020 20:21

... with those degrees and others you could also do scheduling and estimating

hedgehogger1 · 26/09/2020 20:22

Maybe they should be looking at degree level apprenticeships

Morgana7 · 26/09/2020 20:24

BSc Psychology and I’m a homeless support manager

EzioAuditore · 26/09/2020 20:44

English Language & Linguistics, and I work as an editor. Quite a few from my course are now teachers, and a couple became speech therapists.

LindaEllen · 26/09/2020 20:49

I did a BSc in Psychology. I didn't really know what I wanted to do after my degree, so I did this because a) I found the A Level fascinating, and b) It was the choice that would open the most doors for me, given my potential interests.

As it happens, I am now working as a writer, providing website content amongst other things - but I don't regret doing my degree for one second. It was so interesting, and I loved the friends I met while I was there.

Lurchermom · 26/09/2020 21:14

History, then a Master's in Historic Building Conservation. I ran a coffee shop, then a wine shop and now work for a university library. Confused

sashh · 27/09/2020 06:56

I was very much pushed towards going to uni. I wanted to work, but if I couldn't do that then I wanted to do an art foundation course.

I was forced to go to my brother's old school and their VI form. I hated it, often didn't go, just didn't apply to uni (or a poly) and no one in my family has seen my A Level certificates.

By the time I was going to uni my arthritis had put paid to any ideas of art.

DrDreReturns · 27/09/2020 07:13

@Sarahpaula I don't regret doing a degree but in hindsight I would have done a slightly different course (Biochemistry instead of Biotechnology.) That's not a big gripe though - I still enjoyed most of my course.

polkadotpixie · 27/09/2020 08:01

BA (Hons) History

I work in admin for the NHS

My degree is essentially useless to me but I had a great 3 years at Uni, it was worth it just for the life experience

Athrawes · 27/09/2020 08:05

BEng Engineering Geology and Geotechnics
MSc Mining Engineering
PhD Tunnelling Engineering
PGCE Maths Education

P1tching · 27/09/2020 08:11

I am a solicitor.
I did a classics degree and then the conversion (GDL in my day) and LPC but I was sponsored to do so by my training firm. I wouldn't advise doing it without that.

The reason I read classics:

  1. It was interesting and I enjoyed it.

2. I was thinking of law at the time but was persuaded (admittedly by my Latin teacher) to go for classics as it keeps the door open to other careers.
3. Classics is less competitive than Law or English - and so I went to one of the top universities in the country which looks good on your CV regardless of anything else.
Xuli · 27/09/2020 08:13

BA in History because I love history and just wanted to go to University.

MA in Library & Information Management aka librarianship, but always with the aim of becoming a legal researcher - little known fact that most knowledge or information professionals are technically librarians, though the profession doesn't really like the term anymore. Now work as a researcher and trainer in a corporate law firm. Really interesting job, law but without the demands and pressures of actually being a lawyer.

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