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What's your degree in?

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SunshineInMySprocket · 26/09/2020 02:40


I'm trying to help a young person decide what comes next in their education. They definitely want to go to university but are struggling to see the wood for the trees when it comes to degree courses. So to help them see how broad their options are, could I ask if you have a degree, what's it in and what job do you do now?


OP posts:
RamsayBoltonsConscience · 26/09/2020 13:18

Bsc Psychology was going to be an Ed psych but after doing my three years in education, I decided to stay in teaching. I'm a deputy head now.

Greenteandchives · 26/09/2020 13:20

Occupational Therapy.
I’m an Occupational Therapist.

doctorhamster · 26/09/2020 13:27

French and economics

Gilead · 26/09/2020 13:32

PhD in History. Lectured in Autism studies.

underneaththeash · 26/09/2020 13:35

Optometry - I'm an optometrist!

wonkylegs · 26/09/2020 13:37

My degrees are in architecture (you do 3) and I'm an architect
I wanted to be an architect since I was a kid which helped because it's a long hard slog. There are much more opportunities for on the job training for the latter stages now than there were and I think this really helps. I know lots of people who do the 1st degree and then go off to do other things as the skill set is fairly broad - friends from my first 3yr degree who didn't become architects now work in planning, media, banking, photography, property development, education, project management, tech. To become an architect you then to stick with it for the rest of the degrees and on job experience.
I would say to anybody thinking about degree choices think about your likes and interests and go for something you can have some enthusiasm for as that will help you through the tough times both in university and also a career.

sanityisamyth · 26/09/2020 13:39

My first degrees were BSc Chemistry with Biology and Education followed by a PGCE.

I'm now back at uni studying MPharm to be a pharmacist.

GOODCAT · 26/09/2020 13:43

They should study what they love. If they don't love anything, get some work experience or do an apprenticeship in a sensible futureproof area they can see themselves doing. They can then go to uni if needed when they have chosen an area. I didn't have a clue and did a vocational degree and now work in that area. If I were starting on that area now I would do an apprenticeship. No way would I pay for a degree if I didn't need it. I went to uni when full grants were available and would not have gone without that.

Wish I had done something science or IT related now, although that may well have been less well paid, but had rubbish teachers at school. To give you an idea three of us got Chemistry O level by teaching ourselves in a separate room while the rest of the class did CSE. We were taught maths by someone who had no maths qualifications, though it was more like crowd control so subject knowledge wasn't exactly a requirement.

ThisIsNotARealAvo · 26/09/2020 13:44

French, now a primary school teacher

spiderlight · 26/09/2020 13:45

BSc in psychology and zoology, PhD in psychology. I was working as a psychology lecturer and training to be a pet behaviour therapist, but health issues put the kibosh on that so I now run my own academic proofreading business from home.

Dogsaresomucheasier · 26/09/2020 13:46

Biochemistry. I now teach science. Before that I worked in a research facility.

LER83 · 26/09/2020 13:52

My degree is in Ancient History and Classical World Culture...worked in a sahm...hoping to go back to uni and study Health Science in the not so distance future.

AgeLikeWine · 26/09/2020 13:59

BSc Economics ; MSc Air Transport Management. I currently work in aviation, but for how much longer I’m not sure...

CMOTDibbler · 26/09/2020 14:03

BSc in Physics, MSc in Medical Physics, worked as a clinical physicist, now I develop new tools for treating cancer but still very much a medical physicist

amusedbush · 26/09/2020 14:10

BA in Business Management and Marketing.
MSc in Project Management.

Currently doing a PhD in Higher Education Practice after a decade of working in professional services in a uni and seeing various things I would change if I could Grin

weegiemum · 26/09/2020 14:11

Geography MA and then PGCE.
BA in theology

Was a Geography teacher, now teaching basic literacy and numeracy to adults. Love it. Would probably still be teaching geog if I hadn't become disabled.

Theology degree was for fun. Have swithered over doing a masters/phd but not for me at the moment.

redlockscelt · 26/09/2020 14:13

Rocket science Grin

BSc in Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics.

DillonPanthersTexas · 26/09/2020 14:16

BEng in Petroleum Engineering
Msc Subsea Engineering

Work as a subsea engineer.!

NotEvenTheKing · 26/09/2020 14:27

BA in Music best time of my life. But hasn't really helped me, career wiseGrin

Livelifejoyful · 26/09/2020 14:28

English Literature

TicTac80 · 26/09/2020 14:31

Biomedical Sciences, and Nursing :) Worked in labs, now a senior nurse. I love what I do :D If I win the lottery, I'll go for Medicine next. I just love the sciences, and anything medical :D

RoseTintedAtuin · 26/09/2020 14:40

I would discuss with them what their priorities are and whether they are particularly passionate about a topic or if they have a particular learning style. For example a person who is not academically minded but is passionate about art is unlikely to enjoy a law degree but may want the university experience. I did one year studying psychology but realised it would not necessarily turn into a career (most people need to do a masters and gaining experience at that time was challenging as well) so I switched to a degree which lead straight into a job where there were shortages.

claireb7rg · 26/09/2020 14:56

BSc in pharmaceutical science
MSc in Drug discovery
Started doing an organic chemistry PhD

But it wasn't for me
Worked in QC and R&D labs at various pharma companies and then moved over to pharmaceutical quality in R&D
And now look after one of our major global computer systems

EmmaStone · 26/09/2020 15:05

Economics and Economic History. After graduating I got a training contract with a Big 4 accountancy firm. I'm now an accountant in a creative industry.

I loved Economics and English Lit at A Level, but went down Economics path as I didn't think an English degree would be as helpful career-wise.

Jowak1 · 26/09/2020 15:09

I love Geography and all I wanted to study was the subject so I did a BSc in Geography. I work for a Local Authority producing all sorts of maps for projects/schemes for different departments along with project support for Capital Projects.

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