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I have just put the heating on. My little cat was cold.

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willowmelangell · 24/09/2020 22:41

Little shyest cat jumped up on settee. Only does this when she is cold.
Naturally her comfort trumps all it-is-only-September.
Anyone else?

OP posts:
Northernsoullover · 24/09/2020 22:44

Mine went on for an hour. It got too warm then but there was a definite chill.

Smallsteps88 · 24/09/2020 22:44


This made my heart happy.

I’ve the heating on too today for the first time. All the fur babies are loving it.

dazzlinghaze · 24/09/2020 22:44

I leave the heating on for my cat when I go to work in the winter Blush

frogface69 · 24/09/2020 22:46

My cat was trying to snuggle under my cardi. Heating is on 🙂. She is now laid under the radiator !

imissthesouth · 24/09/2020 22:50

Mine will be on soon, it has come on a few times on its own recently though. The cats comfort would trump my electricity bills too!

SweetPetrichor · 24/09/2020 22:52

I gave in and put mine on today. I was snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket then I realised it probably needed to go on because I have 26 tarantulas who are from South and Central America, and if I'm feeling it cold, then they may start getting too cold too. They don't need heat mats, but the general rule is that if you're comfy, they're comfy. They don't thank me though...they just go on as normal! haha

AdoraBell · 24/09/2020 22:56

My are hardy German Shepherds, they don’t need the heating on. I’m sat here with my dressing gown over my clothes and a blacked over, and under, my feet. DH has just a sweatshirt on 😱 that almost unheard of.

We’re resisting switching the heat on.

CMOTDibbler · 24/09/2020 22:58

My eldest cat has an electrically heated bed. She had it put back on a week ago, but today was shouting that she wanted the tumble dryer on (she has chosen to sleep in the utility room) and I washed some towels so her wish would be fulfilled

AdoraBell · 24/09/2020 23:00

Tarantulas from South America? I’m jealous. We used to live there and our neighbours named the huge tarantula that used to sun itself in the middle of our road. It would just sit there as we drove around it 😀 it was called Pollito (little chicken) purely because of it’s size.

chocolatespiders · 24/09/2020 23:01

I had an electric heat pad for my old cat. More so towards the end of her life (21) as I thought it would help her joints. She absolutely loved it.
Might get one for one year old cat although he has much more fur than she did.

Craftycorvid · 24/09/2020 23:08

26 tarantulas? 26? Shock

yolio · 24/09/2020 23:11

No children any one of you so?

Do what is best for you, no need to look for approval. Your heating, your bills, your choice!

Ireallymustgotobed · 24/09/2020 23:11

I was away last weekend, put the heating on in the kitchen specially for the fur baby. When I’m not in he’s only allowed as far as the kitchen, which has a cat flap, as he is an excellent and very generous hunter. He got cuddles on the sofa with my neighbour who was feeding him too and would have been welcome in their house, but hasn’t quite got brave enough yet.

AriesTheRam · 24/09/2020 23:13

We've had our log burner on my dog loves it

willowmelangell · 24/09/2020 23:37

Big boy cat, 16lb, has just realised the radiator is on and is sprawled on his pink beanbag. This means my lap actually has my lap top on itGrin instead of him on my lap and the pc wobbling on my knees.

OP posts:
PigletJohn · 24/09/2020 23:37

Consider getting a cat that has a fur coat.

MJMG2015 · 24/09/2020 23:40


We've had our log burner on my dog loves it

I'd have a log burner going if I had one! Radiators just aren't the same!

@willowmelangell. No I'd had snuggled her inside my cardi!! Not because I won't put the heating on, just because I'd want the snuggles!!
kittensarecute · 25/09/2020 00:09


Little shyest cat jumped up on settee. Only does this when she is cold.
Naturally her comfort trumps all it-is-only-September.
Anyone else?

Awww! So precious 💖 💗
QueenOllie · 25/09/2020 00:45

Mine is curled up in his marshmallow bed. Favourite place!

BarbaraofSeville · 25/09/2020 06:22

I've spent most of this week showing our cats the Hive app, which insists that the house is warm enough and if not, it would put the heating on, but they're not having it. Plus I'm not cold, and if I'm not cold that means it's not cold, as I'm always bloody cold.

Newest set of fostered rescue kittens have taken to huddling in front of the vent at the bottom of the fridge freezer, soaking up the heat that it emits. I think they're trying to make me feel guilty.

willowmelangell · 25/09/2020 06:25

@BarbaraofSeville that made me lol

OP posts:
pussycatinboots · 25/09/2020 07:23

Cats run at a higher temperature than we do (about 39), so if we are cold they are really cold.
My heating is on to keep them and DH warm. In that order. Grin

Horsemad · 25/09/2020 09:03

Haha, we always say we're putting the heating on 'for the cats'. 🙂

UtterlyUnimaginativeUsername · 25/09/2020 09:51

One of ours is tucked up in our bed, head on DH's pillow, duvet tucked around her, fast asleep.

The other is out gallivanting in the sunshine.

The ferrets seem to be loving the cold, and they're outdoors in it, the hardy little yokes because they stink.

Catiopea · 25/09/2020 09:57

Mine are put out at the painting going on so were super happy at the break yesterday & heating on to dry my washing. Back to it today & lots of annoyed mewing being shooed away into other rooms 😂

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