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Phobias - what are your unusual ones?

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1Pinkfluffyelephant · 18/09/2020 14:11

I have never met anyone that has the same phobia as me and wondered if anyone else has any has the same or any other strange ones?
I’m terrified of any public toilet that you have to go through a door to get to (not the big bright open ones you get in large shopping centres) with grills in the ceilings and pipe work exposed or those ones with the cistern up high with the long chain. Things like drains in swimming pools and the grids that have the wave machines behind them at the deep end.
Not sure if these things are linked in anyway and no idea what made the phobia happen either.
What are yours?

OP posts:
Ron1984 · 18/09/2020 14:14

Raisins - they are basically a mistake

newtb · 18/09/2020 14:59

I knew a student nurse that couldn't touch cotton wool.

RunningFromInsanity · 18/09/2020 15:03

Cotton wool. Make me feel sick the thought of squashing it with your fingers Envy

Thirder · 18/09/2020 15:04

Tight jumpers, polonecks or necklaces and a fear of not being able to get them off. Got stuck in a dress in a changing room once but had fear since little. I also have a very big head which is why I've had these difficulties!

Atalune · 18/09/2020 15:04

Cutlery touching your teeth. Wrong wrong wrong.

FluffyPersian · 18/09/2020 15:08

Eating anything with a face.

I'm not a vegetarian, so eat (free range / organic) meat 2-3 days a week, however literally anything with a face, I can't eat.

Examples - Lindt chocolate bunnies for Easter - Nope, has a rabbit face.... Smiley faced potato cakes... Nope... eyes and a mouth.... Ginger bread men..... Nope.

One of my friends went to Bruges and bought me the most amazing 3D chocolate cat - must have cost her an absolute fortune. The idea of bashing its head in made me feel sick and I had to give it to my sister to eat on the promise she wouldn't eat it in front of me.

Sounds silly, but I feel really ill when there's something I'm suppose to eat that has a face in front of me.... Confused

Tallpaulwho · 18/09/2020 15:22


I'm from africa, not bothered at all by venomous snakes, spiders, scorpions. But harmless millipedes, urgh noo, stuff of nightmares.

spikyplants · 18/09/2020 15:36

Touching wet wool and blown up balloons. I had a bad experience with the lots of the latter being deliberately burst behind me as a child.

1Pinkfluffyelephant · 18/09/2020 20:12

It’s so interesting to hear all these and I bet they are more common than we realise!

OP posts:
HelloCanYouHearMe · 18/09/2020 20:14

Stainless steel toilets

TheFormerPorpentinaScamander · 18/09/2020 20:15
Wingingitsince2018 · 18/09/2020 20:15

My flatmate in halls had a phobia of scotch eggs

baublegirl353 · 18/09/2020 20:20

OP I literally have the same phobia. Will avoid using loos in restaurants/bars if they are like this. Ughhhhh

TheYeaSayer · 18/09/2020 20:27

Pylons. Give me the willies. Have decided against buying houses in the past if pylons are visible from any window.

FlippinNoah · 18/09/2020 20:27

Red sauce. Can't even say the k word.

TinkersTailor · 18/09/2020 20:27


Peels, pips, stalks, stems... all the fruit leftovers. I physically cannot touch them. I saw a banana skin on the pavement on the way to school this morning and I had to cross the road.

Obviously can't eat any fruit as a result.

Millie2013 · 18/09/2020 20:31

Yes to fruit left overs, especially banana skins and apple cores 🤢

SBTLove · 18/09/2020 20:34

You can’t eat an inanimate item with a face but quite happy for a real animal with a face to die for you to eat? that’s fucked up🙄

ItchyScratch · 18/09/2020 20:37

1pences 2 pences and 5 pences
Or any foreign similar sized coins.
Can look at them but can’t touch them or I will be sick or wretch.

whitewineandmagnums · 18/09/2020 20:38

Houses with more than one set of staircases. Major fear.

damekindness · 18/09/2020 20:38

My partner has a phobia about buttons. I can't wear anything with buttons without him getting the proper horrors Confused

DeeDimer · 18/09/2020 20:39

Beards. Absolutely awful. DH is trying to grow one presently rocking the Grizzly Adams look. It make me feel physically sick.


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fairydustandpixies · 18/09/2020 20:41

Polystyrene and cotton wool. *shudders...

abstractzebra · 18/09/2020 20:41

I can't touch it or look at anyone else touching it.
I'm having to lick my teeth whilst writing this as it just makes my mouth feel weird Sad

GCITC · 18/09/2020 20:41

Those mechanical fish you can buy. I don't know why but I can't stand to be in the same room as them. Real fish I'm fine with.

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