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What's the worst/most expensive thing you've lost?

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athousandstrawberrylollys · 07/09/2020 14:54


I had to leave a foreign country in a bit of a hurry because of Covid and left various bulky things behind. Landlord couldn't point blank refused to store and the insurance company have just sent me a pretty final nope re replacement.

I know how much worse it could have been. I brought the necklace I inherited from my grandmother back in my handbag, which I would have been gutted to lose. And I have my health and am stable financially. But I am feeling a bit sad for my nice clothes and my pretty fairy-lights. Would you cheer me up with some stories of the terrible things you've lost or destroyed?

OP posts:
purpledagger · 07/09/2020 17:27

I was bought a camera for my birthday and left it on the bus (brand new in the box). I was about 11-12 and was devestated.

mynameiscalypso · 07/09/2020 17:29

I lost my engagement ring once. It never turned up and it was bespoke to fit with my wedding ring so was a total pain in the arse to replace (as a bonus though, the jeweller put a slightly better quality stone in it because he felt sorry for me!)

easythatsfragile · 07/09/2020 17:32

A beautiful antique enamelled bracelet that was handed down in the family and was rather valuable. I took it off to wash my hands in a public loo in Stevenage and forgot to pick it up again. Got outside, realised almost straight away, went back in and it had already been stolen. I ws only about 12 or 13 and my mum was devastated, it had been her grandmother's.

Nowisthemonthofmaying · 07/09/2020 17:34

A diamond bracelet from Tiffany's - a present from my boss and by far the most expensive piece of jewellery I've ever owned. No idea what happened to it, it just fell off my wrist one day. It wasn't insured either Sad

Mandalalorianna · 07/09/2020 17:34

Two bits of my mother's jewellery, had them at the pawn broker's, took them out and don't know where I put them when I got them home. That was about 7 years ago.

InsaneInTheViralMembrane · 07/09/2020 17:38

A gold watch. I’ve moved house about a million times and it’s never turned up. Or maybe I had a moment of madness and binned it.

Prokupatuscrakedatus · 07/09/2020 17:39

I knitted a cardigan in dark purple rough sheep wool using all the patterns I could do. It was lovely.
On the first day I wore it at uni I left it in a locker for 10 minutes and it was gone.
Almost 40 years ago and I still feel a bit sad.

Pinkchocolate · 07/09/2020 17:39

My husband lost his wedding ring on our honeymoon. We’ve replaced it but I’m quite religious and hate that this ring wasn’t the one that was blessed in the church.

TwoZeroTwoZero · 07/09/2020 17:41

A ruby and diamond ring my mum gave me. I didn't actually lose it though; a distant relative stole it and my mum wouldn't let me do anything about it 😡Angry

ImNotWhoYouThinkIam · 07/09/2020 17:45

A silver charm bracelet that my mum had been collecting charms for since i was born. Ex replaced it when I was in my 20s and I lost that one too Hmm
A gold and sapphire ring that ex bought me on holiday when we were teens/early 20s.

DS1 lost his £60 speed rubiks cube in the summer. Angry

Doliv63 · 07/09/2020 17:45

After a three day trip out to the barrier reef I dropped my camera in the sea when we arrived back at airlie beach ...all Oz pics lost !

BarkandCheese · 07/09/2020 17:46

A shoe. Not as bad as some of these, but still annoying. While staying with the in-laws I bought DD (about four at the time) an expensive pair of leather shoes. I got rid of all the packaging from everything I’d bought before we went home to make it all easier to pack, and I must have thrown the shoe away with the box as I only had one when we got home. It would have been better if I’d lost both as that one lovely, expensive, unworn shoe just taunted me, but I also couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it either.

anyhue · 07/09/2020 17:48

I "lost" a good bit of money moving house. Sold a house for a very good price, but did not get around to buying again for 2 years later (in a different location), by which time prices had risen a lot in the mean time.

DiscombobulatedAf · 07/09/2020 17:48

A pair of gold earrings with a ruby stone. I’d had them since I was a baby and was gutted. I left them in a desk and some idiot stole them.

Jojoanna · 07/09/2020 17:49

A bracelet my DF bought me for my 21st a watch my DM left me and all my photos from a special holiday when I lost the camera

Spudlet · 07/09/2020 17:50

A diamond pendant. I’d worn it on a cold day, so when I put my scarf on I’d carefully taken it off and put it in my bag as the chain was very fine and I was worried it would get tangled up and snap. Three some bastard followed me home and reached in through the door and stole my bag (always lock your doors, people). It wasn’t especially financially valuable, but it was a 21st birthday present from my aunt and uncle, and I loved it.

The worst of it was I then forgot the necklace was in there in all the PITA stressiness of losing my bag like that, so I didn’t claim it on insurance. I thought I’d lost it and berated myself for it for ages, before I finally remembered. I bought myself an identical one eventually though.

ImaSababa · 07/09/2020 17:50

DH's uncle in Israel sent us a beautiful sacramental washing jug for our wedding. Pure silver. Was going to become a family heirloom. I accidentally threw it away while decluttering Shock

ChilliBeanSauce · 07/09/2020 17:53

A platinum bracelet worth a grand whilst taking my jumper off at dc's nursery

Time40 · 07/09/2020 17:53

A silver snake ring lost near the paddling pool in Filey, in 1994. I'm not over it yet. Not by a long way.

I also lost a beautiful Russian watch given to me by my father. I have no idea at all where I lost it.

TooExtraImmatureCheddar · 07/09/2020 17:53

I once dropped £100 in cash in the park. DH gave me cash to get Christmas presents, and although I went shopping I didn’t find anything. Went home and took the dog out. Didn’t remember about the cash until the morning when I checked my jeans pocket and it was gone. I think I dropped it taking a poo bag out of my pocket. Whoever found it probably had a lovely Christmas!

Greenteandchives · 07/09/2020 18:48

A beautiful gold ring set with an aquamarine left to me by my grandmother. It was too big for me but I stupidly wore it on a country walk. It obviously slipped off. I’m still sad about it many years later and often wonder if it will be dug up in the distant future and marvelled at. Grin.

chunkyrun · 07/09/2020 18:53

Not lost but someone stole my Thomas sabo charm bracelet out my bag. Other half offered to get me a new one but it's just not the same


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AyeCorona1 · 07/09/2020 19:07

I lost my (diamond set) wedding ring. Had gone to pawn it (v hard times post-divorce) en route to the solicitors. Tried on a pair of jeans in a charity shop to replace the imminently crotch-less ones I'd been praying wouldn't embarrass me. Some coins fell out of my pocket as I was taking the holey ones off, and when I put my old jeans back on I thought I'd picked up all the scattered change. Unfortunately my wedding ring had been in my pocket Sad and it must have rolled out of the changing room as I searched high and low for it

TheLightGetsIn · 07/09/2020 19:13

Not nearly as bad as some of these, but I waited about two years before buying a Kindle, finally bought one when they were on offer and lost it straight away when it was almost brand new. Sad I'm not usually that careless. Don't think I can justify a new one tbh.

Isadora2007 · 07/09/2020 19:21

@TooExtraImmatureCheddar console yourself that someone who really needed it might have found it.
In December 1999 I found m and s vouchers in a car park to the value of £70. It was before they were on a gift card So I knew it was £70 worth. I took them into the m and s as the car park was at a large shopping centre. I said I’d found them and the person said they’d keep them in case someone came looking for them and took my details too. Two weeks later they called to say that no one had claimed them so would I like them for my honesty- I could have cried. I was a young and very skint mum at the time and that £70 meant I could buy some nice presents for my family and my in laws and a treat for my baby as well. I felt like a millionaire. It was truly amazing.
Maybe the person who found your £100 felt similarly appreciative!!

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