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What would you rather have a small drier or small freezer?

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EachandEveryone · 01/09/2020 14:55

For my birthday. Its so exciting to receive practical things. I share with another. I have minimum space and no outside vent. 48cms is as wide as I can go. There is a launderette five minutes away.

Im sick of not being able to buy the yellow stickers in M and S I literally could feed myself for a week on them😃

What would you go for and is it even possible to my an appliance so slim? Its only me to think about.

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JoeCalFuckingZaghe · 01/09/2020 14:57

I’ve never owned a drier so I’d go for a freezer every time.

ErrolTheDragon · 01/09/2020 15:07

If you've a nearby launderette and no outside vent, then definitely the freezer if you can find one to fit. There do seem to be a few available.

EachandEveryone · 01/09/2020 15:11

They look quite small though like table top size. Can you get much in them

OP posts:
thelegohooverer · 01/09/2020 15:12

A freezer because it is such a time saver when you can shop ahead.

Unless your home is damp from drying clothes? Then a dryer might be a better health choice.

Deadringer · 01/09/2020 15:13

I got a new tumble dryer and an upright freezer in december, i only use the dryer when absolutely necessary so it would be the freezer for me.

Zaphodsotherhead · 01/09/2020 15:17

I dry all my clothes outside, even if I have to drape them on an airer and put them on the doorstep. Freezer every time. A freezer will save you money, whereas a drier will cost you.

hastingsmua1 · 01/09/2020 15:17

I would go for the laundry dryer, taking into account my lifestyle. I don’t eat much frozen food so a small freezer would be fine, I don’t need to bulk stock up meals.

A dryer is amazing, not sure how people dry clothes without them! I don’t have to deal with condensation or mould in winter, or deal with clutter on the radiator or in the form of dryer racks. Don’t have to wait ages for them to dry either, eg bedding can be washed, dried and then placed back on the bed within a few hours.

hastingsmua1 · 01/09/2020 15:19

Regardless of the weather

latticechaos · 01/09/2020 15:19

Freezer as dryers cost a lot to run and cooking is more important to me than washing.

ErrolTheDragon · 01/09/2020 15:20

Unless your home is damp from drying clothes? Then a dryer might be a better health choice.

Or a dehumidifier, which takes a lot less space and afaik most don't need venting.

MJMG2015 · 01/09/2020 15:21

In YOUR situation I'd go for the freezer.

Laundrette near by, no vent.


Missing out on 'yellow stickers'.

TheQueef · 01/09/2020 15:21

Freezer from AO.

Devlesko · 01/09/2020 15:22

freezer, every time.
You can dry clothes as much as you can outside and bring them in to air, or you could have a clothes horse in front of radiators, or a dehumidifier.
I would make sure they were only damp though, as clothes dried from wet will make your house damp.

EachandEveryone · 01/09/2020 15:29

Yes the flats not damp. This change of weather just got me thinking about it. Im not sure if lauderettes are open yet.

Has anone seen a smallish freezer? I dont know if one uou have to put on a table is worth it really if I can get a cheapish free standing one.

OP posts:
jeffgoldblumlovespenguins · 01/09/2020 15:34

Depends if you have kids or not ?
It is a personal choice , I got rid of my freezer for a drier ( I have tons of washing!) .
Couldn't do without it now 😃

hastingsmua1 · 01/09/2020 15:34

Amazon has this:

Otherwise most mini freezers I found are basically small freestanding units

jeffgoldblumlovespenguins · 01/09/2020 15:35

My small one came from curry's , it was tiny around but deep , was very good!

Zaphodsotherhead · 01/09/2020 15:36

Get the biggest you can afford and can squeeze in. Even if you have to put it in a different room. You can always fill it with cheap bread if you need to use up the space.

(Note this only applies to freezers. Not tumble driers).

RedCatBlueCat · 01/09/2020 15:37

We dont have a drier (or a laundrette), so freezer would get my vote.
Would this fit?

TheQueef · 01/09/2020 15:41

48cm and under counter.
No affiliation just AO did well during covid and their delivery is great.

EachandEveryone · 01/09/2020 15:42

Perfect and Boots are doing it cheaper

OP posts:
unmarkedbythat · 01/09/2020 15:42

I'd buy a freezer. I can find other ways to dry clothes (and usually do), but no other ways to freeze food!

TheQueef · 01/09/2020 15:47

Check for boots advantage card vouchers and quidco Grin

ivfgot2 · 01/09/2020 15:52

If you don't have an outside vent or ability to put one in the don't have a drier - they are one of the biggest fire hazards

I'd go for the freezer

EachandEveryone · 01/09/2020 19:03

Boots were charging £40 delivery!

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