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Toy storage, argh

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Goostacean · 31/05/2020 08:42

Please help! We need good storage for our children’s toys... we’ve got a toy box but everything ends up in a big pile in it, would be great to have something a bit more separated out so we can store the trains/cars/VTEC separately, for example.

What storage solution do you love?

OP posts:
DappledThings · 31/05/2020 13:09

We have a mixture of Kallax and Trofast too. I painted the Kallax with chalk paint about 5 years ago and it still looks pretty good.

AlpacaGoodnight · 31/05/2020 14:46

Kallax Grin I used to brave Ikea on an evening when it was quieter!

IamChipmunk · 31/05/2020 15:09

Just another to say Kallax!
Im not too fussed for ikea but these do the job.
Also google 'Kallax hacks' and you can get ideas of how to do different things with them. Dd has one on its side with her dolls house on top, she is 3 so its the prefect height for her then one standing up with her bits and bobs on.
You can get dividers for them and smaller 'drawers' as well as just the standard fabric boxes.

SnugglySnerd · 31/05/2020 15:13

We have a mixture of Trofast for small things e.g. Playmobile and Lego and Kallax for larger stuff. It is all fab. Trofast is fine for DC bedroom.s but not very pretty for main living areas. Kallax looks quite nice though. Ours doubles up as the tv stand and we have another in the hall turned on its side. We use the boxes for school bags, gloves, hats etc and it is doubles up as a handy bench to sit on to put on shoes.

skylarkdescending · 31/05/2020 15:36

We also have a 2x2 kallax unit with two boxes and two open shelves.

I also love really useful drawers. We have the small rainbow ones for craft bits/small world animals etc.

Also old picnic hampers stacked up for building blocks and Lego etc.

Toy storage, argh
ProperVexed · 31/05/2020 16:17

B&Q do a storage unit very similar to Kallax...and a variety of boxes to go in it. I've got several in teenage DS room.

jillyrjane · 31/01/2021 09:57

We use Humble crew toy storage. Easy to put together, I put labels on the bins so my child can easily reach what she wants and put her toys away a lot better with the organization!

jillyrjane · 20/03/2021 13:45

I use Humble Crew Toy Storage, very convenient and nice. I read a lot of reviews to pick it up because we wanted to leave it in the living room without losing its aesthetic. Easy to install, excellent size and shape. We also teach kids how to sort toys and put them in their right places.
I found this site reviews a number of toy boxes, I think it will be useful for you

panicpidgeon · 20/03/2021 14:00

GLTC all the way. So much nicer than IKEA.

Dustyhedge · 20/03/2021 14:07

Kallax all the way (like everyone else). Just got a trofast though for my daughter’s room so we shall see if I’m a convert or not. I don’t love it but Ifs smaller things that are causing chaos now she’s a bit older. Looking forward to when we can start ditching some of the baby toys for my youngest.

MildredPuppy · 20/03/2021 14:17

Going against the grain a bit - we did have a kallax but i found big toys were still too big for the squares and small toys just end up in a mixed heap in the bottom of the fabric baskets the same as a toy box and you cant see them. It was fine for the trainset and lego specifically though
we now have a sideboard. It doesnt fit big plastic tat but its really easy to see the stuff on the shelves when you open the door and its low at child height.

LemonDrizzles · 20/03/2021 15:11

I'm just about to upgrade my two hole Kallax to an 8 hole one for the same purpose. 5 years later and the original shelf and boxes still look and work like new

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