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Favourite National Trust place?

205 replies

fellyjish · 31/12/2019 20:29

We got NT membership for Xmas and it kicks in tomorrow! I'm really excited and want to use it to the full! Where are your favourite NT places?

I'm in the South West but would like to use it as a tool to plan weekends away/visit friends etc too!

OP posts:

ritzbiscuits · 31/12/2019 22:39

Local to us in the North West - Dunham Massey, Lyme Park

Fountains Abbey in Ripon is amazing - we're going tomorrow!

Belton House In Lincolnshire is fantastic if you have kids - brilliant indoor and outdoor playground


doleritedinosaur · 31/12/2019 22:41

Croft Castle is my local & absolute favourite.
They recently extended the Fishpool Valley & have so many memories of fossil hunting, crayfish hunting & walking to get baby out here.

Powis Castle is stunning & has peacocks. Their terraced gardens have great views.

Tredegar House has lovely walks & great if they have a market on, especially for honey.

Adding trusts on my app now.


ritzbiscuits · 31/12/2019 22:41

Erddig and Chirk Castle in Wales too


Mrsmadevans · 31/12/2019 22:42

Bosheston Lily Ponds most definitely it is absolutely breathtaking


ritzbiscuits · 31/12/2019 22:42

Sorry - me again! Also Aira Force near Penrith if you're that way.


DrDreReturns · 31/12/2019 22:43

I live just south of Birmingham so a bit out of area for you.
Our local one is Hanbury Hall. The first weekend in October is 'apple weekend' with lots of produce from the orchards - lovely.
I second Croft Castle (mentioned upthread) - there is a nice walk to a hilltop fort with lovely views. Another favourite is Wightwick in Wolverhampton, lovely Victorian house in nice grounds.
It depends where in the country you live, my parents are in Suffolk and there aren't many properties there, so a membership isn't worth it for them. There are lots around here so its good value. Having said that we haven't renewed this year as the kids are now teens and hate being dragged along to NT places!


Portulaca · 31/12/2019 22:52

Stourhead (our local)
Montacute (nr Yeovil, Somerset)
Kingston Lacy (nr Wimborne, Dorset)
Stonehenge (free to NT members - site jointly owned with EH)
Cotehele, Cornwall
Trerice (nr Newquay)
Arlington Court
Knightshayes - both Devon
The Courts Garden nr Bradford on Avon, Wilts


TravellingSpoon · 31/12/2019 22:56

Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire is my favourite. Kids say theirs is Belton House in Lincolnshire, which does have an epic play area.


AuntieMarys · 31/12/2019 22:57

Powis castle


Penguin34 · 31/12/2019 23:05

Absolutely love Dunwich Heath in Suffolk, has everything- beach on one side and forest in the other. Nice cream tea too :)

Happily spend hours and hours wandering round there


Clymene · 31/12/2019 23:25

Has anyone mentioned Coleton Fishacre in Devon? One of my absolute favourites.

As a general rule, the higher the cost to non members, the better the property.

And while Great Dixter is beautiful and worth a visit if you like gardens, it's not NT


ThomasHardyPerennial · 31/12/2019 23:32

Nostell in West Yorkshire is lovely, the walled garden is especially beautiful in the summer. I also love Powis Castle in Wales, and went twice in the same week last year! Wentworth Castle Gardens opened recently in South Yorkshire, and it's great there too.


Catmint · 31/12/2019 23:33

So pleased to see Calke Abbey got a mention early on. It's a Bobby dazzler! ( but I feel a bit proprietorial about it)

Clumber Park.
Kedleston Hall.
Longshaw estate

The Vine

Kinver Edge

Brimham Rocks

Jack Scout


sproutsandparsnips · 31/12/2019 23:40

Tredegar house
Chedbury roman villa
Snowshill manor
Further west - Dinefwr Park


Honeyroar · 31/12/2019 23:42

There are good ones all over. We used the app to find things near us when we were in different areas. I liked Nostrel priory best (something like that! In W Yorks).


scrappydappydoo · 31/12/2019 23:43

Keep an eye on their what’s on pages - there’s always something interesting going on - everything from lectures and tours to tree climbing and canoeing.
Do you have kids? If yes the Cadbury Easter trails are good fun. We do a number of them every year.
They run some great family camps too - the one on brownsea island is fab cos you get the run of the island after everyone has left - although they hook up fast.
Loads of places do outdoor theatre which is fab
Yes to the pp who mentioned using the car parks - especially on the coast.
Basildon park has a great ball run where you basically get given a tennis ball and the kids spend hours dropping it down chutes and pipes - simple but fun. The house has been used in loads of films too.


scrappydappydoo · 31/12/2019 23:44

*book up fast not hook


Graymare · 31/12/2019 23:45

Buckland Abbey.


AnneElliott · 31/12/2019 23:50

Further vote for Cragside. I like Knowle House as well for the deer.


Dhalandchips · 31/12/2019 23:56

Greys Court nearl Henley on Thames is small but very pretty


Sarcelle · 31/12/2019 23:56

The great thing about NT membership is up you can break up a long journey by going to an NT property. Instead of stopping at a service station on a motorway, plan to stop at a NT place. A great stretch of legs and nice lunch.


MeanMrMustardSeed · 31/12/2019 23:57

Totally agree re the higher the cost for non members the more there is to do. We use this method for working out how long a new place will take us!

Our favourites are:
Dyrham Park
Basildon Park


XmasDayConundrum · 01/01/2020 00:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LondonBus38 · 01/01/2020 00:59

Not in your area, but Osterley in SW London. I always go whenever we visit DPs family. It's a country estate in London! Walking through urban/suburban area then wham! through the gates into an 18th century Robert Adam house and estate. Love it.


LondonBus38 · 01/01/2020 01:01

Osterley also has bluebells in spring and all year round play area with the best rope swings ever.

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