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Favourite National Trust place?

205 replies

fellyjish · 31/12/2019 20:29

We got NT membership for Xmas and it kicks in tomorrow! I'm really excited and want to use it to the full! Where are your favourite NT places?

I'm in the South West but would like to use it as a tool to plan weekends away/visit friends etc too!

OP posts:

InfiniteCurve · 31/12/2019 20:53

I'm south east - Standen , and Sissinghurst.
Standen is a Arts and Crafts house,with William Morrris etc designs and it's lovely,but still like a family home.


ChristmassySpice · 31/12/2019 20:54

Fountains Abbey is wonderful. I visited early one January morning and there was an amazing mist and frost.

Being from the NE and having kept bees there, I'd have to also say Cragside. Go when the Rododendrons are if full bloom!


BettysLeftTentacle · 31/12/2019 20:55

Another vote for Fountains Abbey. The first time I saw it, the air was knocked out of my lungs - literally breathtaking! I also like Calke Abbey. It’s very eerie in the winter. Wimpole Hall is fun for the farm and Brancaster beach on a sunny day is as good as any abroad.


musicinspring1 · 31/12/2019 20:55

I was going to say Llanhydrock in Cornwall too


Gibbonsgibbonsgibbons · 31/12/2019 20:57

Assume you mean English NT but assume. You get access to NTS too?
culzean castle Is my favourite


FromIbizaToTheNorfolkMaud · 31/12/2019 20:59

You're going to have a fantastic time!

I second Standen and Sissinghurst. Chartwell, Nymans and Bateman's are also good if you're coming to the south east.


Gibbonsgibbonsgibbons · 31/12/2019 21:00

Oh FFS I promise I’m literate despite my last post Blush


Puppymania · 31/12/2019 21:03

Fountains Abbey and Brimham Rocks, you will need to come up North a bit, but worth it.


Newmetoday · 31/12/2019 21:08

I love Cragside.


LaurieFairyCake · 31/12/2019 21:16

A La Ronde

It's covered in scaffolding on their website Confused - it wasn't in the summer

Beautiful setting, great food in the cafe, staff are fantastic. It's just so interesting and so peaceful.

Favourite National Trust place?

Crawley65 · 31/12/2019 21:19

Dyrham Park
Ightham Moat, Kent


MyCatScaresDogs · 31/12/2019 21:23

Definitely Brownsea Island and St Michael’s Mount in the south and SW. I remember enjoying Arlington Court in Devon as a kid.

If you’re driving north on the A1, Belton House has a brilliant adventure playground for kids and Clumber Park is lovely and makes a good stopover.

If you’re looking to break a journey near the M11, Wimpole Home Farm is good.


RamblingFar · 31/12/2019 21:24

Lyme Park - Cheshire
Fountains Abbey - Yorkshire
Harting Down - Hampshire (just a hillside though, no property or tea-shop or anything)


donkeyoatey · 31/12/2019 21:24

Sissinghurst and Hidcote for the gardens.
Erdigg in N. Wales for the house.
Badsley Clinton for both.


DanceToTheMusicInMyHead · 31/12/2019 21:27

Wray castle in the Lake District. It has a Peter Rabbit section that my kids spent 3 hours in, and then the following day we spent 3 hours in the grounds. They keep asking to go back


RosieposiePuddingandPi · 31/12/2019 21:28

Another vote for Waddesdon although I am biased as it's very local to me. Beautiful place, lovely walks and playgrounds that DS goes mad for. And their Christmas is amazing.


TheBoxOfDelights · 31/12/2019 21:30

Fountains Abbey is probably my favourite place. I prefer it early in the morning on my day off in the winter without visitors Xmas Wink.

Cragside is beautiful. I love Lindisfarne and Hill Top. Blickling and Oxborough Hall (s) in Norfolk.

Lanhydrock is lovely.

I can’t remember if NT gets you into Historic Scottish properties or if that is EH but there are some absolutely incredible Scottish castles.


zucchinieggplant · 31/12/2019 21:33

Parking at Crantock Beach! But also Trelissick, Drogo, and Killerton; and Tyntsefield is a wonderful stock off when travelling up the M5 as an alternative to a service station near Bristol.


Stravapalava · 31/12/2019 21:34

Belton House, Southwell Workhouse, Mr Straw's House and Sudbury Hall & Musum of Childhood in the East Midlands
Back to Backs in Birmingham
Erddig in North Wales


Stravapalava · 31/12/2019 21:35

Forgot to say, you have to book for Mr Straw's House.


AuntieStella · 31/12/2019 21:47

There are 27 NT properties with parkruns

Perhaps your challenge could be to run them all?

(Just be aware that Lanhydrock is the second hilliest in UK)


XmasDayConundrum · 31/12/2019 21:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WildCherryBlossom · 31/12/2019 21:49

Another vote for Stourhead in SW. go at different times of year to enjoy the seasons. So much to enjoy there. It's a gem! Polesden Lacy near Leatherhead is excellent with children (particularly if they are into birds or bats), Bodian Castle in Kent is a proper drawbridge castle, Nymans if you are into gardens. I've visited the Windmill in the Isle of Wight a couple of times. It's a small place but lovely.

Have you got the app? I browse what's on via the app. I get a huge amount out of the membership.


Chocolatedeficitdisorder · 31/12/2019 21:50

Another vote for Cragside in Northumberland. It's magical and very special.


Lobsterquadrille2 · 31/12/2019 21:51

Agree with loads of these but if you get to the south east, please consider Scotney Castle and Knole House.

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