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Divan vs wooden slats?

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mynameiswah · 07/12/2019 18:45

Looking into getting a new bed and I've always had wooden slatted bed frames. Is a divan better? What's so great about it?

People say divan is more comfy, but I have allergies too and worry about all that fabric and dust mites, is it worse for allergies?

OP posts:
Bluerussian · 07/12/2019 18:46

No, you can get some really good ones, do some research. Slats tend to break, I wouldn't have one except as an occasional or guest bed..

Orangedaisy · 07/12/2019 18:48

We have slats. Underfloor heating means that a divan would soak up all the heat. Never had one break.

mynameiswah · 07/12/2019 18:49

Asking on here was part of my research! Just thought I'd get some real people's opinions from their experiences..

OP posts:
sluj · 07/12/2019 18:50

I'm interested in this too. I've had sprung slatted beds for decades and none of the slats have ever broken. I think the divans look comfortable but I dont like the bulk of them I prefer to have a bed on legs with a space under. Unless this thread can persuade me divans are much more more comfortable?

SciFiScream · 07/12/2019 18:50

I have a bad back and slats are best for me, though every person will be different.

If you go for slats make sure if wood that the slats are made out of a single piece of wood. If they are joined together it becomes a point of weakness.

LemonGingerCakes · 07/12/2019 18:50

Watching with interest as I’ve been debating this.

I always think divans are overpriced - cheap wood frame, but covered.

I’ve read that slats mean the mattress can air and breathe from underneath.

However, I associate slats with the cheap beds I used to buy.

mynameiswah · 07/12/2019 18:55

@LemonGingerCakes I grew up with divans, and my allergies were worse then. Just wondering if it's too much of a risk for me to go for one now. They do look cute and honestly the kind of bed you'd want to dive and sink right into!

OP posts:
LemonGingerCakes · 07/12/2019 19:02

That’s very interesting re allergies.

We have a divan now and it’s nice, but the last time we had slats, we had a cheap mattress. We bought the good quality mattress at the same time as the divan, so it’s not a fair comparison.

TooleyVanDooley · 07/12/2019 19:09

I’m also wondering this as I’m about to buy a new bed. I don’t really like the look of divans and they seem to have less storage than the space under a slatted bed. I’m undecided...

mynameiswah · 07/12/2019 19:11


Underfloor heating means that a divan would soak up all the heat. Never had one break.

That's interesting, I'm guessing divans are warmer in general, but in summer could they be too warm? It could be a nightmare in the 30+º heat we've been getting the last couple years..

OP posts:
QuestionableMushroom · 07/12/2019 19:13

Sorry to possibly throw a spanner in the works but we have an entirely metal bed frame. Where the wooden slats would be there are metal poles instead.
Let’s the mattress breath and can not worry about amorous slat breakage.

Orangedaisy · 07/12/2019 19:19

We had a divan go mouldy in our old house (drying washing in already damp house and poorly ventilated so our own fault). We also replaced it with a metal one with slats which was fine.

stripeypillowcase · 07/12/2019 19:23

slats all the way.
much better for your back as well.
unless you are 20 stone and use your bed as trampoline the slats won't break.

userxx · 07/12/2019 19:23

I prefer slatted so I can store clothes underneath. Got a divan at the moment and I'm not loving it.

userxx · 07/12/2019 19:24

Why are slats better for bad backs?

sluj · 07/12/2019 19:26

Sprung slats are very supportive.

stripeypillowcase · 07/12/2019 19:35

the german equivalent of which has recently tested bed slats and basically found that simple slats are best (and incredibly cheap). better concentrate on a good mattress.
as you suffer from allergies, a simple foam mattress might be best.

AppropriateAdult · 07/12/2019 19:37

If you’ve got a decent thick mattress, I’m not sure how much difference the base can make in terms of comfort.
We’ve got a slatted base - I think they’re better value and look better too (plus you can store things under them).

Stupiddriver1 · 07/12/2019 19:39

I’ve got one of those hinged, lift up divans which I love. Loads of storage.

TooleyVanDooley · 07/12/2019 20:07

Is it easy to lift? @Stupiddriver1

Stupiddriver1 · 07/12/2019 20:10

I find it ok to lift and I have a massively heavy memory foam type mattress, king size as well.

I wouldn’t want it to be any heavier and have to do a proper “bend at the knees, back straight” type lift. But it has gas struts which help so after the initial heave it’s fine.

safariboot · 07/12/2019 20:11

I usually have a wooden frame with rigid slats. That's just for practicality and low cost. It can go up the stairs in pieces and be assembled in the bedroom, more flexible for storage under it, don't need to pull it out to clean under it, no need to buy a separate headboard. Any decent mattress will be fine on such a frame.

I had a slat break once, in about 15 years of having a bed like that, when a friend sat heavily on the bed. I just replaced it with a length of scrap wood.

Rigid divans are fine and can be better in a tight space (compared to a frame that adds a couple of inches of width and length). But I always find bits of rubbish end up in the inch-high gap under the base. And storage options push the price up.

I rented a place where the bed had a leather-effect frame and springy slats and it was bloody hopeless. It made the bed way too soft and several times the slats collapsed, just from doing stuff like sitting up to read. I had to lie on that bed like it was made of eggshells. Avoid avoid avoid IMHO.

Metal frames are also an avoid from me. No comfort problems but creak creak creak with any movement. Had them in student accom.

Housewife2010 · 07/12/2019 20:36

I have an iron bedstead with iron slats. It's an original Victorian frame and very solid so there's no creaking. (.I can store lots under it too).

snailywhaley · 07/12/2019 21:32

We have a beautiful slatted Ikea bed but it's sooo creaky.

I'd opt for a divan any day!

TooleyVanDooley · 08/12/2019 04:28

What do people do with the bottom of the divan? Do you just leave it visible?

I have flashbacks to those horrible frilly valance things people had in the 80s!

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