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Has anyone drastically reduced the amount of stuff you buy?

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gotmychocolateimgood · 18/07/2019 19:58

Stuff as in, clothes, shoes, books, toys, household items, decorative things?

Why and how? Thinking from an environmental perspective as well as reducing clutter.

OP posts:
MiniMum97 · 20/07/2019 15:30

@Chottie what do you use a tarp for in the garden every summer????

picklemepopcorn · 20/07/2019 17:01

As I'm in the middle of helping DM clear out her house- 80 years of memorabilia- another strategy is remembering that everything you bring in to the house will at some point need to be got rid of.

TanMateix · 20/07/2019 18:16

Tat as gifts... I dealt with those very easily. I have a recycle drawer for gifts. Duplicates or similar things used to go there to send to kids birthday parties, things that were lovely but I would never use, went into it as well, things that I hated... honestly, if I could see the person got me a gift just for giftsake without any consideration on whether it was the right gift for me, they would go straight into the charity shop (things like bubble bath when you only have a shower or Ferrero Rochers when you are allergic to nuts).

I was keeping a good system to avoid gifting the gift to the gifter but after a few years I just noticed that most of the things in the drawer would never be used because I am very specific about selecting gifts for my friends so I sent the whole drawer to the charity shop this year. I am not missing it.

So the other rules, is “be thankful and let it go to bless other people who can appreciate it better” 🙂

woodhill · 20/07/2019 18:36

I feel bad as it is often from close relatives.

TanMateix · 20/07/2019 19:48

... okay, wear them once so they can see you on the gift, then let it go. If the gifts are hand me downs, old furniture or brick a brick, graciously say thank you but say you have no space for it.

We are attached to our clutter but that doesn’t mean we should give it to someone to care for it. If you want to pass things on, just make sure you tell the person that if they are not convinced you won’t take offence if they found it a new owner.

Chottie · 20/07/2019 20:24


Hi - I use the tarpaulin in the garden as a groundsheet and then put beach towels and cushions on top. It's extra seating, somewhere to chill and read, or DGS play with their garage and cars and lego there. DD and I love to sit and have a cup of tea and a chat. :)

OnlyToWin · 20/07/2019 20:27

Sounds really obvious but I try to avoid going near any shops as much as I can.

Yeahyeahyeahyeeeeah · 20/07/2019 20:43

We stopped buying family presents. We give each other our time. My DD’s went to stay with my DS for her birthday. As a family we go away together. Xmas is so much better. No buying crap, no giving crap.
This doesn’t apply to the small kids, but we tend to group together and but one thing. This year my family, my DH family, and me and DH bought my 2DD’s a swing set. It is in daily use.
For Xmas this year we have all bought theatre tickets (planning ahead!), we will all go out for dinner, see the show, have a drink and go home. Not one piece of tat exchanged. Perfect.

gotmychocolateimgood · 20/07/2019 21:57

I like the idea of reducing presents. My regift drawer is looking quite full at the moment. Luckily there are lots of things I can reassign to new owners, in immaculate condition,so less shopping will be necessary.
I have no urge to buy anything which is great! Drove past the shops today and thought, meh. No thanks.

OP posts:
converseandjeans · 20/07/2019 22:40

Yes we moved house 3 years ago & have no loft now. Still have too much stuff so periodically have a clear out & take stuff to charity or sell on eBay/FB.
Buy less stuff too - just don't have spare cash & also don't want a house full of stuff.

MoodLighting · 20/07/2019 22:54

Chocolate my DH has fibro and has started making nice rituals he can do at home when he's not feeling so good. So, Spotify premium for music, a nice teapot and coffee cups for good coffee. He tries to make sure the small things are beautiful and lovely to do. You could try Audible too? Sending you good energy Flowers

gotmychocolateimgood · 21/07/2019 04:38

Thank you MoodLighting. I'm very lucky in lots of ways but am struggling a little at the moment.

OP posts:
Itstheprinciple · 21/07/2019 08:10

I really don't get this. I very rarely buy new stuff just for the sake of it. For example, I'll only buy new clothes if others have worn out or I have a specific event that they are needed for. It always amazes me how many people sell brand new clothes with tags on our local FB group. I just do have the mindset to buy something, put it in the wardrobe and never wear it. If I'm not sure what I'm buying an item for, I don't buy it.

However, I have a complete black area where buying food and eating out is concerned! That is my downfall and I could save a heck of a lot if I did just pick up sandwiches etc when out and about and cut back on takeaways. So we all have our vices!

grumiosmum · 21/07/2019 11:15

Yes, I have been practising this for almost 10 years now, for environmental reasons.

A couple of easy tips: never buy a new book - use your local library or buy second-hand on Amazon.

If you buy a new item of clothing, you must get rid of the equivalent from your wardrobe - either eBay it if its worth more than £5, or charity shop.

I'm a big fan of eBay for both buying & selling.

I sold all our old CDs & DVDs via one of the online sites a couple of years ago. Obviously never need to buy any more as everything is online now.

Equimum · 22/07/2019 08:04

When DH and I got together, we didn’t have much money and made do with very little. We weren’t much better off when we had our first child, so made do with the bare essentials, but splashed out on decent buggy etc. We have tried to keep to this as our situation has improved, but kids stuff has become an issue. Although we don’t buy use amounts for them, every Christmas seems to swell the cupboards, and they are at an age where every toy seems to have a million parts! I am slowly boxing up things I never see them use and hiding them away to see if they notice. Hopefully I will soon be able to take them to charity.

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