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Has anyone drastically reduced the amount of stuff you buy?

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gotmychocolateimgood · 18/07/2019 19:58

Stuff as in, clothes, shoes, books, toys, household items, decorative things?

Why and how? Thinking from an environmental perspective as well as reducing clutter.

OP posts:
Ninkaninus · 19/07/2019 17:20

It’s a habit you get into, for sure. And as you realise how lonely it is to not be surrounded by loads of stuff, you develop a better sense for what you really want or need.

I have got rid of at least 30 pairs of shoes recently. Actually more than that, probably more like 40. Sold some, gave some to charity shop, and some really were past their best so we’re binned.

Today i thought to myself, actually X pair of shoes doesn’t work for me anymore. I’m not likely to wear them again - they’re a little too high, I’m shifting away from outfits that they would go with, and I’m not really leading the kind of life where I need them. So they are going. I no longer feel that need to hold on to things just for the sake of it. I don’t need them to remind me of who I was in the past, I don’t need them for a potential future that really isn’t going to happen. I expect there will be more in the future that I will let go (I’m holding on to favourites for now).

Ninkaninus · 19/07/2019 17:21

Sigh, *how lovely It is!

Ninkaninus · 19/07/2019 17:22

Ugh ffs this predictive text/autocorrect drives me crazy! *were

Ninkaninus · 19/07/2019 17:30

Also forgot the point I was going to make (it’s been a long day) - once you do all that work of clearing your space and making room physically and psychologically, it gets much, much easier to not buy more just for the sake of it.

latedecember1963 · 19/07/2019 17:53

That's a really good tip about having an ongoing charity bag, Magmatic80.
I shall add that to my routine.

panickingdaughter · 19/07/2019 17:57

Chocolate that sounds like Fibro?

We have an ongoing charity bag/corner.

And YY to recognising that some things no longer work for you and can safl.y be let go.

Also, most things are so cheap relatively speaking that it's not a problem to buy again if absolutely necessary.

BlamesFartsOnTheNeighbour · 19/07/2019 18:31

I like the sound of Marie Komodo I must say Grin

gotmychocolateimgood · 19/07/2019 18:54

I have ME. It is 💩😞

OP posts:
MikeUniformMike · 19/07/2019 19:05

Angua, I need to do a 'smellies' purge. I have been trying not to buy toiletries, haircare and skincare producs and make-up for years but the odd sneaky purchase or gift finds it's way in.
I find I'm using things up, when really i need to be more selective. Sometimes it seems to be a chore to try using whatever it is that looked so lovely when I got it, and a lot of stuff seems to have no benefit to using it.
Some things get used up quickly but others hang around for years.

BlamesFartsOnTheNeighbour · 19/07/2019 19:10

Don't bin your smellies, give them away!

NotMeNoNo · 19/07/2019 19:10

I had a bout of it when we moved house to a smaller place (with school age DC, we aren't empty nesters). I had to declutter every last drawer. I felt nauseated we got rid of so much stuff and had to put some I storage. For a while I couldn't let so much as a biro unto the house.

There's very little we can't get by with what we have already. Christmas is really getting to me now with the double whammy of buying and being given unnecessary crap.

I have a significant birthday and anniversary this year, hope nobody dares give me 50 knick knacks or something.

Asta19 · 19/07/2019 19:15

I used the Kondo method to fold my clothes neatly! That’s it Grin
I recently went from a size 12/14 to a 16 (damn menopause) so I needed all new clothes. None of my trousers/skirts fitted and all my tops clung to my humongous stomach and made it look worse so I had no choice but to buy new. But I did go for a uniform of sorts, M&S jeggings, t shirts and a long cardigan. So everything mixes and matches and it wasn’t too expensive.

I go through phases. I will spend very little for months then go a bit wild. I’ve just updated some appliances so new coffee maker, vacuum etc. I travel a lot and I must admit I love a souvenir (tasteful ones of course) I do like to look around my home and be reminded of the places I’ve been. I don’t think I will ever drop that habit. But day to day I don’t buy “tat”. I used to but I became a lot more choosy and managed to get out of the habit of buying for the sake of buying.

MikeUniformMike · 19/07/2019 19:34

There is a limit to who you could give part-used smellies and make-up to.
Who would want a part-used tub of hair gel, body scrub, lipstick...? All in somewhat dated packaging. I have taken things to work and left them in the loos with a help yourself note before now but that's not an option now.

Charley50 · 19/07/2019 19:34


YeOldeTrout · 19/07/2019 22:23

Don't buy stuff. Justify every purchase. make do & mend.

TanMateix · 20/07/2019 10:20

For me, considering three questions every time I feel I want to buy something:

  1. Do I LOVE it?
  2. Will I use it?
  3. Where am I going to store it?

    We also had a very nice tiny flat in the past and were very aware that for every thing that came in something had to come out. This minimalism was very peace inducing. There was nothing in the house that wasn’t in a good condition, unused or loved it. Living that uncluttered existence makes you feel so much better in a day to day basis.

    There is a little book that can help you to buy less. It is called “clear your clutter with Feng Shui” (by Karen Kingston). You can read it in back to back in a couple of hours but can be life changing. It tells you why you keep buying and accumulating things, how is that affecting you and increasing your levels of stress and helps you to get rid of a lot of stuff.
TanMateix · 20/07/2019 10:22

If you hoard clothes or shoes, doing a colour/style consultation can help a lot. Now there is nothing in my cupboards that I don’t use a lot, because everything fits nicely and looks great despite most of it coming from charity shops.

TanMateix · 20/07/2019 10:22

Search also for the 333 challenge

woodhill · 20/07/2019 10:32

I keep trying but then tat appears as gifts

NoSquirrels · 20/07/2019 10:39

tat appears as gifts

One thing I like very much from the Marie Kondo philosophy is that once a gift is given, it has already served its purpose. The gift-giver had the pleasure of choosing it, and wrapping it, and feeling good about giving it. You don't need to keep it if you don't want it and it isn't bringing you pleasure - you can get rid of it because it has already served its purpose.

daisypond · 20/07/2019 10:42

After DH lost his job a few years ago and then became seriously ill, I worried a lot about money. Now I do not buy anything in shops at all apart from food. Definitely no clothes, books, decorative items. I used to quite like pottering around the shops, but now I can’t think of anything I’d rather do less.

BlamesFartsOnTheNeighbour · 20/07/2019 10:54

Think of getting rid of stuff as freeing it up for someone who will appreciate it. I love bookcrossing too, giving your old unwanted stuff a new lease of life and giving someone a little thrill when they find it.

YeOldeTrout · 20/07/2019 11:33

We must have at least 20 towels we never use. All gifts (!)
I bought DD her own faceclothes last year. Only towels we bought in last 20 yrs, probably.

Ninkaninus · 20/07/2019 15:13

If you have loads of extra towels I know that a colleague of mine who works with the homeless in our town is always very appreciative of towels for those who live on the streets. Being able to wash and get clean/dry is so important to them. Maybe you could donate to somewhere local to you that does similar work?

(Not trying to be preachy or virtue-signal by any means so please don’t take offence, it’s just that in that way, if you don’t want to keep it all you can clear out and make a tangible difference to someone else’s daily life!)

Ninkaninus · 20/07/2019 15:21

Oops I got confused with another thread I’m reading which is specifically about clearing out! Please feel free to ignore above post unless you actually want to clear out!

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