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Are dualit toasters really worth the money?

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deathb4decaf · 08/07/2019 16:06

Need to replace my toaster. I usually just buy any cheap one. Buuuut I really like the look of the dualit ones, are they worth all that money? I want something that looks nice out on the worktop as we have open plan kitchen diner. Alternative cheaper options very welcome!

OP posts:
Alliumlove · 08/07/2019 16:08

I think so yes. They are reliable, last for ages and I think make the best toast. I wouldn’t buy one of the cheaper ones though. We did it once and the quality really wasn’t the same.

Paddingtonthebear · 08/07/2019 16:08

We have one and I don’t think it’s any better than the John Lewis copy we had before it. Ours also has developed a crack in the casing. We wouldn’t get another one.

That said, the proper industrial/catering dualit’s are supposed to be bombproof. The ones they sell for households not so much.

longwayoff · 08/07/2019 16:12

All dualits are supposedly repairable. Don't abandon it yet. I wouldn't buy one though because I'm too mean.

Lottieskeeper · 08/07/2019 16:23

The beauty of them is that you can get replacement parts for them so if something breaks after a few years you just replace that part not the whole toaster.

I had one years ago but my ex husband got it in the divorceSad

We eat alot of toast in this house and were needing a new cheapie toaster every 6 -12 months. Decided to get a second hand Dualit and it's still going strong 5 years later.
You can tell how old one is by looking at the code on the bottom. Ours is old enough to drink nowGrin but still does great toast and looks good on the counter.

I would go for a stainless finish all over rather than one with painted panels because it will always look classic and the painted bits scratch.
Really dont rate the cheaper ones with plastic parts

DennisSkinnersMolotov · 08/07/2019 16:24

Ours has been in daily use for 14 years. We have fitted a new timer in the last 2 years which cost a few quid but otherwise it still works as well as the day we bought it.

ExpletiveDelighted · 08/07/2019 16:25

Ours is the traditional clockwork / push-up lever type, 15 years of almost daily use and going strong.

RNBrie · 08/07/2019 16:25

We bought one. It toasted unevenly. I asked around and many people said theirs was the same. I refuse to pay £200 for a toaster that toasts unevenly. I sent it back and got a refund.

DennisSkinnersMolotov · 08/07/2019 16:25

And I wish we had replaced the Dualit kettle with another one when it broke after 11 years. We bought a SMEG and it's awful.

2cats2many · 08/07/2019 16:28

I have a cheapy toaster that was bought as part of a set of 3 (kettle, toastie maker and toaster) for £30 18years ago. Both the toaster and toastie maker are still going strong.

drsausage · 08/07/2019 16:28

Our is about 10-12 years old and we've replaced the timer twice. I've never regretted buying it.

clucky3 · 08/07/2019 16:30

Ours is 7 years old and never had a problem with it. It's great, I deliberated for ages before buying it but don't regret it at all. Had a sequence of cheap ones that broke before it.

HippyTrails · 08/07/2019 16:31

I have one - it's years old but still really good. I wouldn't get another one though as it's just takes up so much space

Paddingtonthebear · 08/07/2019 16:32

Yes forgot to mention that ours toasts unevenly too, and it’s got the crack in it. It’s “ok” as a toaster, but not for the money Dualit ask for.

rslsys · 08/07/2019 16:35

20+ years here, fed us and the kids - now feeding the grandchildren! Never had anything replaced (talking that up!)
All parts replaceable and ours came with a label tied to it telling us the name of the man who made it. Don't even get that on an Aston Martin these days!

Aragog · 08/07/2019 16:37

We have one - had it for over 10 years now, possibly around 13/14 years.
Some of the silver coloured coating has peeled a little on one side but it still cooks toast perfectly. Not had to replace or repair any part of it to date.

JamieFraserskneewarmer · 08/07/2019 16:40

Agree with PP who says it toast unevenly - £200 for toast is that cremated on one side and lightly browned on the other. My cheap lakeland one is much better

RottnestFerry · 08/07/2019 16:40

Yes, they are.

Especially if you buy them secondhand off Ebay for not much money in the first place.

MrsFezziwig · 08/07/2019 16:41

I think it makes good toast (my friend has one) and looks good, but I can’t stand the ticking noise so won’t be getting one.
Also I have a long slot toaster so more versatile for toasting/warming non-standard stuff.

Thrupennybrit · 08/07/2019 16:45

Ours is at least 25 years old, we've replaced one element in the last 5 years. It is stainless and still looks great.

TheBitterBoy · 08/07/2019 16:45

I don't have one of the old style ones, I have the Dualit lite - it broke in the first 12 months and Dualit replaced it without question. The replacement is still going strong 13 years later, and it makes great toast on a daily basis.

MsRinky · 08/07/2019 16:49

I've had mine 15 years and it came from a charity shop then, so god knows how old it actually is. Replaced an element about a decade ago.

bloodywhitecat · 08/07/2019 16:50

Mine was, I paid £10 for it on Facebook and when it went wrong recently (the timer began to stick) we repaired it and it is now back to full working order. I would pay full price for one if I had to as it seems a good investment piece.

runoutofnamechanges · 08/07/2019 17:03

Mine is going strong and looking good at 23 years.

Like others have said, it can be a bit temperamental about toasting each side evenly but I have the old fashioned type with the lever for lifting the toast so I just turn it if necessary. I love it because it means you can lift it out mid "toasting" to check and get it exactly as you want it, which makes up for the inconvenience of having to turn it over to toast the other side sometimes. I also like the fact that you can make toasties in it with a sandwich cage. No need for another rarely used appliance taking up cupboard space!

ExpletiveDelighted · 08/07/2019 17:05

Yes, the sandwich cages are great, we use them for toasties, toasted teacakes, crumpets etc, no getting half a teacake stuck in the slot like you can with normal toasters.

Noroof · 08/07/2019 17:10

I have a stainless steel swan toaster that is 15years old and cost 7.99 in the littlewoods sale. It toasts brilliantly and I hate the fact as I want a more stylish looking one but can't justify it.

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