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Are dualit toasters really worth the money?

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deathb4decaf · 08/07/2019 16:06

Need to replace my toaster. I usually just buy any cheap one. Buuuut I really like the look of the dualit ones, are they worth all that money? I want something that looks nice out on the worktop as we have open plan kitchen diner. Alternative cheaper options very welcome!

OP posts:
Notageek · 08/07/2019 22:07

If you have the Dualit with the lever its also great fun to whack the lever and see how high you can make the toast fly ! 15 years and counting here

Bonkersblond · 08/07/2019 22:08

I have a second hand one for sale!! I have persevered with it the last few years, probably cause it looks good and was a wedding present. Just had a kitchen refurb and decided on a cheaper pop up Dualit, best decision, no more uneven burnt toast, the one I have now has a setting function and when done pops up, the old Dualit only had a timer function so if you set too high it just burns the toast, I have tendency to forget about putting the toaster on so pop is the only way to go for me now.

SoupDragon · 08/07/2019 22:43

so if you set too high it just burns the toast,

If you set a pop up one too high it'll just pop up burnt toast.

CherryPavlova · 08/07/2019 22:46

I love ours. It does lots of toast at once, elements are easy to replace yourself and you get to choose how toasted you want things. It’s been going strong for over a decade. The one in our cottage must be about fifteen years old but doesn’t get as much use.

BlueSkiesLies · 08/07/2019 23:42

No! They toast unevenly!

All this “I’ve had it for 15 years” stuff - my 4 slice toaster fits a large slice in, also has bagel and frozen function and roasts perfectly and is still going 12 years after purchase for c£35 which I thought was a crazy price at the time.

BlueSkiesLies · 08/07/2019 23:43

And my 4 slider is essentially 2x 2 slicers with separate controls - so DP has his side set and I have mine :-)

ExpletiveDelighted · 08/07/2019 23:57

Mine doesn't toast unevenly.

PickAChew · 09/07/2019 00:01

The clockwork ones are. Bought one 14 years ago. Had to replace the timer for £25, but did that mail order and simple DIY rather than taking it into a repair shop, only to be told it was an uneconomic repair. The elements are a simple user replacement, too. Much more environmentally friendly, compared with chucking a whole toaster because something on it has blown.

PickAChew · 09/07/2019 00:06

The classic is fast, actually. Parents have a Swan toaster that takes forever.

PickAChew · 09/07/2019 00:09

We got through a toaster every 13 months, before the dualit.

allthegoodusernameshavegone · 09/07/2019 00:18

No, waste of money for a big bulking thing that just toasts bread. Too bulky to put away, spares are expensive, the bread sticks to the cage and they wear badly. I bought my little light weight slim plastic toaster in Woolworths 20 years ago for a fiver, it toasts, job done.

ExpletiveDelighted · 09/07/2019 00:21

I don't understand the "not walking off during toast making because it doesn't pop up'. You can still walk off, it will just stay inside the toaster when the timer stops, it doesn't carry on toasting. You very quickly get to know how long to set the timer for with different types of bread. I find it far easier to get right than pop-up ones.

lightlypoached · 09/07/2019 06:54

Love our dualit toaster. We've got the stainless steel one.

We were given a matching kettle years ago and when that broke recently (that model kettle unrepairable) I called them and they shipped me a new one for £56 -the John Lewis price was £85. So good customer service too.

Verdict; expensive initial outlay but worth it.

Watfrordmummy · 09/07/2019 07:08

I got a dualit toaster as a wedding present 21 years later it's still going strong. It's a classic and will never go out of style IMO. Smile

Blueuggboots · 09/07/2019 07:16

I loved our dualit that we inherited after a house move.
It toasted faster than any toaster I've had before or since. It was a big chunky metal one.

Tootyfilou · 09/07/2019 07:34

Ours has been in daily use for 23 years. Have replaced one heating element, but it still looks as shiny and gorgeous as the day we had it. its part of the family now!

YouAndMeAreGoingToFallOut · 09/07/2019 07:50

Does anyone else just not have a toaster? We make toast under the grill. No issues with uneven toasting or bread not fitting in the slots!

ExpletiveDelighted · 09/07/2019 07:56

Toaster's easier than grill, no turning, no having to bend down or pull the grill pan out to check if it's done, no getting burnt if you walk away for a moment or get distracted. No issues with uneven toasting or thick slices with the Dualit.

CitadelsofScience · 09/07/2019 08:00

@deathb4decaf yes that type. We have the 4 slice one.

I really don't understand people saying it doesn't toast evenly, they make perfect toast if you have the classic one. We all know exactly what setting we like ours on, mine is just before 2.

kallilla · 09/07/2019 08:04


All parts are replaceable too!

QuantumWeatherButterfly · 09/07/2019 08:10

DH brought his with him when he moved in with me. That was over 7 years ago now and it wasn't new then. It's still going strong. I really, really like it.

SoupDragon · 09/07/2019 08:17

Thinking about it, I like the fact that it's not pop up but uses a lever as you can check on your toast and remove it early if it's done quicker than anticipated. I also like the fact that is is easy to repair - a broken element doesn't mean a new toaster, you can put a replacement in yourself.

Mines 22 years old had has had, I think, 3 elements. Some I think were damaged rather than burnt out.

thinkfast · 09/07/2019 08:17

Ours toasted unevenly for many years until it eventually burst into flames

carnivalisover · 09/07/2019 08:19

Some of the newer (cheaper?) models are not repairable, I found when calling Dualit: the case is fixed in a way that does not allow access.

llangennith · 09/07/2019 22:58

I love mine but it's not really worth the money. I bought mine because I just wanted it😄

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