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I wish to buy an excellent soft toy

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TheWeatherGirl1 · 27/06/2019 20:33

For my boy's 2nd birthday.

I like the Jellycat toys but there's sooooo many my brain has gone furry.
I like the quirky ones best.

Any favourites you'd like to recommend?

OP posts:
Toddlerteaplease · 27/06/2019 21:14

I always loved the Nici soft toys.

Floralnomad · 27/06/2019 21:16

Squishables are lovely and a bit different .

Glitteryfrog · 27/06/2019 21:16

I love the big octopus.
I almost bought one for myself !

Maidsamilking · 27/06/2019 21:17

Deglingos. My two have one each and they are firm favourites.

JillyBoel · 27/06/2019 21:40

We My kids have the Jellycat dragon:
It is SO SOFT and gorgeously floppy.

EmperorBallpitine · 27/06/2019 21:42

I love the jellycat octopus and he comes in a delightfully massive size too

mnahmnah · 27/06/2019 21:43

My two have cuddly Steiff bears, both are the only soft toys they cuddle in bed. Lovely bears, more reasonable that one of the collectable jointed steiff.

Noroof · 27/06/2019 21:45

Colin the chameleon... he's fab

M0reGinPlease · 27/06/2019 21:52

Jellycats are fab and they also wash really well. My DD cuddles one every night which regularly gets washed in secret when she's at preschool and they wash and dry fab. I love the quirky ones too- the dinosaur (or is it a dragon?) is lovely.

M0reGinPlease · 27/06/2019 21:52

Also, they're a great size for small people to cuddle.

perfectpanda · 27/06/2019 21:56

My dd (9) adores her jelly cat 'toothy' toy and my 2 year old does his best to Nick it. Look them up, you can get all sorts of toothy animals and different colours. And the one we have fits in build a bear clothes too, which is great if it becomes a favourite and requests school uniforms and swimming costumes...

Gluetap · 27/06/2019 21:56

DS loves the Jellycat cuddly sushi!

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 27/06/2019 21:58

We love Jellycat. My favourite out atm is the sloth.

Squiff70 · 27/06/2019 21:59

I collect Jellycat bunnies and I love their whole range. The cordyroy range are super sweet. Loving the octopus by the way!

Does he like Miffy? I also collect Miffys because I'm not a grown up yet

Miffy do a really nice range of soft toys.

Squiff70 · 27/06/2019 22:01

Jelly cat Cordy Roys

Sosomego · 27/06/2019 22:19

I've always loved the French brand Moulin Roty. Super soft and squishy and they have some quirky designs too. Lots of UK toy websites stock them. Pricey but special

PinkOboe · 27/06/2019 22:44

There used to be a website called interfauna with the most amazing array of unusual soft toys. But I’ve googled and can’t see that it still exists 🙁

Butterymuffin · 27/06/2019 22:47

Another vote for the soft Steiff teddy bears.

MadeinBelfast · 27/06/2019 22:58

Probably a bit too quirky for a 2 year old but my 7 year old wants this or the DNA from Giant Microbes!

Davros · 27/06/2019 23:04

That Jellycat octopus comes in a range of sizes. I was tempted to get a whole set for myself Blush

GrapefruitIsGross · 27/06/2019 23:08

Baby DS has the Jellycat dragon- dd 20 months keeps robbing it on him and trying to sneak it into her bed.

I named him Smokey which I’m v proud of Grin

Breathlessness · 27/06/2019 23:11

I’m slightly in love with Fuddlewuddle the elephant from Jellycat

I wish to buy an excellent soft toy
TheWeatherGirl1 · 28/06/2019 12:49

I love the big octopus too! I wish he wasn't quite so expensive.

Thank you for all your other suggestions, I'll get googling

OP posts:
SinkGirl · 28/06/2019 12:58

Any chance you can crochet? The only toys my two (autistic and not big on cuddly toys) will cuddle are ones I’ve made which is weird because some I’ve bought are much nicer

If you like quirky I’ve made four of the Lalylala ones (look on Etsy for patterns or people selling them already made) - I used heavier yarn to make bigger ones.

I also made these up as I went along and they are the boys favourites - made in very sturdy cotton yarn and stuffed firmly and they love waving them around or chewing on them 😂 I made them seamless so despite much abuse they are still in one piece!

I wish to buy an excellent soft toy
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