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I wish to buy an excellent soft toy

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TheWeatherGirl1 · 27/06/2019 20:33

For my boy's 2nd birthday.

I like the Jellycat toys but there's sooooo many my brain has gone furry.
I like the quirky ones best.

Any favourites you'd like to recommend?

OP posts:
EnidButton · 28/06/2019 14:26

This stegosaurus is very cute

My first thought was the Jellycat octopus too. It's even nicer in real life.

EnidButton · 28/06/2019 14:32
MooseBeTimeForSummer · 28/06/2019 15:29

All the Ocean Life Jellycat looks adorable. Iโ€™m smitten with the squid.

SinkGirl · 28/06/2019 15:47

Oh I forgot - if you can afford it, have a look at Cuddle & Kind. I desperately want some of them (for the kids, honest)

redmimi · 28/06/2019 16:03

We've got a couple of dinosaurs from here and they are lovely.

Skittlesandbeer · 28/06/2019 16:36

Ooooo have you seen the lobster soft toy from Jelli? Very unusual, but cuddleable!

Lastbustowhitehawk · 28/06/2019 16:53

Another vote for the Jellycat octopus, he's just so comically large and beautifully tactile. Ours is called David. (Eight is a lot of legs)

user27495824 · 28/06/2019 16:57

If you like quirky what about a Manhattan lanky cat? I got one for DS first birthday because he was obsessed with cats. I was down between a jellycat one and these, but went with the lanky cat because it's just so quirky looking.

TheWeatherGirl1 · 28/06/2019 17:18

We have a lanky cat!

There's some excellent suggestions here, I love the dinosaurs and the Cuddle and Kind dolls are gorgeous/out of my league.

I may just bite the bullet and buy the octopus, at least then if he doesn't want it I'll have it.

Thanks again

OP posts:
TFSRM · 28/06/2019 17:27

I really want a Swellegant Lancelot Lion from Jellycat

AWhistlingWoman · 28/06/2019 17:59

Not that it needs another vote but the Jellycat octopus is super cute! I bought the very smallest one for a daughter's friend, it was a hit!
Close Jelly runners up - starfish, whale, sushi and any of the dragons!
I also love the Moulin Roty toys.

magneticmumbles · 28/06/2019 18:46

This one made me squeeeeee

Plus the lemon, mince pie, newt and red ant.

I wish to buy an excellent soft toy
BlueMerchant · 28/06/2019 18:56

The frog prince!

Minesril · 28/06/2019 18:56

I came on just to say the octopus! I got the small one from DH for Christmas. He's very lovely.

Davros · 28/06/2019 19:37

sinkgirl those are fabulous, what talent

Makirocks23 · 28/06/2019 19:40

My two year old loves his jelly at bashful monkey and bat, both medium size and perfect for cuddling

TheCraicDealer · 28/06/2019 19:46

I got the bashful dragon from Jellycat for my DNephew when he was born- DNeice has stolen him and carries him around, but occasionally he manages to get him back. The dragon is nn'ed Smokey Grin

I wish to buy an excellent soft toy
Gorillaandme · 28/06/2019 19:49

Odell the octopus is a firm favourite with my 15 month old daughter his tentacles and delightfully springy ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ™

reefedsail · 28/06/2019 19:53

I really love my Flatout Bear. They make the best pillows.

reefedsail · 28/06/2019 19:55

@magneticmumbles OMG that shrimp!

I'm going to get him for DS's birthday.

SirVixofVixHall · 28/06/2019 19:58

The octopus or the big mammoth. My best friend bought dd the mammoth for her birthday and he is just lovely. Even I hug him occasionally...

DistantVworp · 28/06/2019 20:07

DS10 and DD6 have a hippo and a giraffe from here:

Both had since v young and both still cuddle up to them at night

TheWeatherGirl1 · 29/06/2019 07:34

I bought a medium octopus AND the lovely chameleon.

I've really enjoyed looking at all your suggestions and now have a ridiculously long future toy list!

OP posts:
Noroof · 29/06/2019 23:50

The chameleon is our fav one

Sadiesnakes · 30/06/2019 00:12

We got a Jellycat flamingo on Wednesday!

I wish to buy an excellent soft toy
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