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Where do you sleep best?

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meow1989 · 24/06/2019 20:55

This bloody muggy weather has me wondering how well I'll sleep tonight, especially if we get the promised thunderstorms (which I dont mind, hate this closeness and love a storm) and thinking about the best places to snuggle up.

For me it's in my garden on a warm ish evening on a sun lounger but with a pillow and blanket, breeze on face and sounds of the world going by.

I also sleep much deeper on the floor (with matress) in ds 1 year room than In my own bed because it means i am close to him and can hear his breathing and i don't have a flight of stairs to climb if he wakes!

As a child, and still now if given the option, I loved napping on the sofa in the living room and falling asleep to the sound of other people's conversations.

Where's your cosy sleepy place?

OP posts:
Bravelurker · 25/06/2019 07:35

Much like a cat, anywhere inappropriate, my desk at work or anything moving or vibrating - bus, train, plane, coach, even against a very large speaker in a nightclub.

UnsolvedTheory · 25/06/2019 07:41

The best sleep I ever had was 3 nights in a hammock on a beach in Fiji. Temperature at night was perfect, gentle waves soothing me to sleep -bliss.

BelulahBlanca · 25/06/2019 07:57

I can sleep anywhere, anytime. The best nap, however, is a daytime nap in my bed with the baby. I like putting a podcast on and drifting off. Going to miss them when I go back to work in a couple of weeks.

meow1989 · 25/06/2019 08:23

@beluahblanca snuggly naps with bub are amazing arent they? My little one now sleeps better in his crib and I miss them!

OP posts:
Justabadwife · 25/06/2019 08:28

I sleep best when I'm touching DH. Just his leg or his back. I need to know hes close. I had a lovely nap on the sofa the other day, leaning against him. I loved it.

bigredvase · 25/06/2019 08:31

My bed, at night, next to my husband.

purplereindeer · 25/06/2019 08:33

In a tent, snuggled up with DP.

hugoagogo · 25/06/2019 08:37

Aboard ship. Not had the opportunity in a long while sadly.
I always sleep badly in hotels, except once when we stayed right by the beach and could hear the tide coming in and seagulls squawking.

amusedbush · 25/06/2019 09:10

In my bed with clean sheets on. Pitch black, on my back, with my white noise app playing.

Delatron · 25/06/2019 09:13

Nowhere apart from my own bed!
Very jealous of those who sleep well camping. I barely sleep at all. Then it gets light at 4am, then all the noises. I’m a very light sleeper though.

Grumpymug · 25/06/2019 09:25

In my mum's bed. But only when she's at home. I'm not wierd or 6 🤣 I work nights and sometimes there's stuff going on at home that makes a good days sleep between shifts impossible, road or building works and there's a lot of kids round here play out and my place is sort of on a corner of two roads, so there's no room I can go to escape the noise when it's nice weather and kids playing, people outside with music on etc on holidays/weekends etc (don't begrudge anyone though) so I give up and go to my mum's house as it's lovely and quiet as everyone else round her has grown up kids and she's retired. It's bliss, and her bed is so comfy and I get tea brought to wake me up and dinner cooked before I go to work. I sleep so well. I've just finished nights, tempted to make something up now and go there for a sleep Grin

GottaGetUp · 25/06/2019 09:25

I understand camping so much better now. I assumed everyone put up with terrible sleep for the benefits of... sharing toilets? Noisy campsites? Damp? I had no idea people actually slept well when camping.

I need my bed, my pillow and my duvet. No caffeine or booze. And quiet.

meow1989 · 25/06/2019 09:33

I always go to sleep freezing and wake up boiling when camping... I'm clearly doing it wrong!

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