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Where do you sleep best?

38 replies

meow1989 · 24/06/2019 20:55

This bloody muggy weather has me wondering how well I'll sleep tonight, especially if we get the promised thunderstorms (which I dont mind, hate this closeness and love a storm) and thinking about the best places to snuggle up.

For me it's in my garden on a warm ish evening on a sun lounger but with a pillow and blanket, breeze on face and sounds of the world going by.

I also sleep much deeper on the floor (with matress) in ds 1 year room than In my own bed because it means i am close to him and can hear his breathing and i don't have a flight of stairs to climb if he wakes!

As a child, and still now if given the option, I loved napping on the sofa in the living room and falling asleep to the sound of other people's conversations.

Where's your cosy sleepy place?

OP posts:
BikeRunSki · 24/06/2019 20:57

I always sleep brilliantly well in a tent

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 24/06/2019 20:58

My bed. But in the daytime. I sleep best napping. I dont do it much, but when I do it's in bed with a hot water bottle in the middle of the day.

I don't generally sleep anywhere else. I'm not a sofa sleeper or even a sunbed on holiday sleeper.

Pearlfish · 24/06/2019 21:00

My bed. At night. Am I the only one?!

itsboiledeggsagain · 24/06/2019 21:13

In the caravan.

Dandelion1993 · 24/06/2019 21:14

A hotel bed.

I don't know what it is but I get the best sleep in a hotel.

Soola · 24/06/2019 21:16

Cuddled up with my husband.

Cloverisover · 24/06/2019 21:18

Spare room

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 24/06/2019 21:18

Dandelion I sleep worst in hotel beds. No air. Too hot. Duvet too thick. Pillows too soft. Always a red blinking light somewhere.

BathshebaKnickerStickers · 24/06/2019 21:36


I have a king size air bed and the most amazing sleeping bag. I take my pillows from home and it’s 2 weeks of sleep bliss

Bluerussian · 24/06/2019 21:38

In bed or on the sofa.

BathshebaKnickerStickers · 24/06/2019 21:38

Although actually I recently had a brilliant sleep at Brownie Camp. Self inflating mattress, amazing sleeping bag, Brownie Camp blanket and pillows from how. 6 hours, felt amazing

meow1989 · 24/06/2019 21:45

Ooh, pp reminded me- also at a caravan by the sea where I can hear the ocean and its pitch black.

OP posts:
Itstheprinciple · 24/06/2019 22:14

On the sofa at about 9:37 each evening when I'm supposedly watching a programme I've been looking forward to! Always have a lovely sleep then.

myidentitymycrisis · 24/06/2019 22:16

In my DP’s arms

happyhillock · 24/06/2019 22:16

In my own bed or on the sofa, don't sleep that great when i'm away fom home

Ivegotthree · 24/06/2019 22:24

In my bed when the rest of the family is away and I know I can lie in in the morning. I never sleep past 7am absolute latest but that is where I am happiest.

sprinkleofsunshine · 24/06/2019 22:27

Too warm already for me tonight.

I can sleep anywhere, not much gets between me and my sleep but I do like my own bed. Although I must say @meow1989 sleeping in the garden sounds fantastic, I love being outdoors.

Orangesox · 24/06/2019 22:31

In the lovely super king beds on my favourite cruise line whilst in the Caribbean, it’s like being gently rocked to sleep. DH probably gets the best sleep of his life when we’re onboard as well, it’s absolute bliss

Daffodil2018 · 24/06/2019 23:11

In a hotel bed, alone. Earplugs in, eye mask on.

Although as the mum of a 6 month old i could probably sleep standing up in a corner at the moment.

NannaNoodleman · 24/06/2019 23:41

I sleep best at my mum & dad's house. I manage a properly deep long restful sleep. My subconscious knows that I don't have to be the one on high alert throughout the night (a full belly and a bit of wine probably helps too).

userxx · 24/06/2019 23:47

Love a tent. I was in one two weeks ago and it was raining, slept like a baby.

Stravapalava · 24/06/2019 23:47

My own bed. Perfect mattress, perfect pillows. Fresh sheets. Pitch black and silent.


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MrsXyzAbc · 24/06/2019 23:49

On the sofa watching tv

BlueSkiesLies · 24/06/2019 23:53

In a tent after a big day of exercise and fresh air

In the garden on a hot summers day in the shade on my comfy lounger - especially if I’ve had a late night the night before

Livedandlearned · 25/06/2019 00:02

Sofa when I'm supposed to be watching tv for me too.

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