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Anyone been in a TV audience...

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Matleavemadam · 23/06/2019 21:58

and what was it like?
I always think being in the audience for Celebrity Juice looks fun but wonder is there a lot of waiting around and sitting through retakes that makes it less entertaining?
Have never gone to anything due to my location (would require travel and overnight hotel stay) although do apply for Strictly every year as feel that would be worth the travel, never been successful though :(

OP posts:
Theworldcouldbemymollusc · 23/06/2019 22:02

I went to something at bbc years ago. It was quite a lot of hanging around and a warm up act before the main show was recorded. The funniest bit was the women in front of us eating their foil wrapped sandwiches!

BrieAndChilli · 23/06/2019 22:04

I took DD and her friend to watch X factor auditions once. Was a Lot of waiting around. They loved watching it on TV and trying to spot themselves in the audience though.

MamaRaisingBoys · 23/06/2019 22:05

Deal or no deal. Free breakfast, bacon sarnies etc. Very well run and not lots of waiting around at all

theliverpoolone · 23/06/2019 22:10

Jonathan Ross, back when he was on the BBC. There was no stopping/starting or retakes at all - but the interviews were much longer than on TV, it was really edited down. It was really good.

MissCharleyP · 23/06/2019 22:13

About 20-odd years ago for a game show, can’t remember the name of it but was on Sky and hosted by Paul Coia. Spellbound maybe? Anyway, it was OK but they recorded 3 at once and one contestants buzzer hadn’t worked and they didn’t realise till that episode was nearly finished so we had to sit through it all again. I was getting bored by then. Also saw ‘Tonight with Richard & Judy’ - that was OK and live IIRC.

One that no one will remember; the first ever episode of a ‘comedy’ called ‘Sunnyside Farm’ with Phil Daniels & Mark Addy. Didn’t laugh once.

About 6 years ago went to see ‘Pointless’.

‘Pointless’ was the most enjoyable; it was funny and I love the show anyway. I was also an adult with the others I was mid-teens so perhaps not the target audience. Most of them have a comedian or warm-up person. They do stop for outtakes (Pointless they did a few to camera that were obviously for different episodes) but not that many really. It was also (apart from R&J) the quickest as hardly any down time for retakes.

IToldYouIWasFreaky · 23/06/2019 22:14

Last Leg was lots of fun! There was a bit of waiting around to get in but it's broadcast live so no re-takes etc.
It was really interesting to see behind the scenes a bit and we really enjoyed the guests.

UserAlice · 23/06/2019 22:15

8 out of 10 cats. Not too much waiting around and it was hilarious. 4 hours of filming and couldn’t feel my face for laughing. Much funnier than the 30mins edited programme.

Soola · 23/06/2019 22:16

The Last Resort with Jonathon Ross. Most weeks I went as my cousin got me in as she had something to do with the production company at the time.

He was funny back then. Can’t stand him now.

Jojoanna · 23/06/2019 22:16

play your cards right with Brucie and a comedy show I can’t remember . Plus saw a couple of live recordings of bands for tv shows. They were ok . The comedy show was a lot of hanging around while they edited bits

AngelaScandal · 23/06/2019 22:18

Apprentice You’re Fired. Got to hold up Green You’re Hired card. High point of my weekGrin

TransFannyUltrasound · 23/06/2019 22:21

I was a kid in the crowd on Tiswas one time. It was bewildering and a bit terrifying (I was only 6!). My dad was the studio photographer so I was sort of with him but not.

I sat in on some other kids’ shows he worked on. They were less anarchic but a bit boring. If it’s recorded rather than live you’ve a better chance of getting in a nice close up shot.

I’d prefer a comedy panel show probably, these days.

Definitely take a friend!

sunnyday1976 · 23/06/2019 22:22

I've been lucky enough to go to strictly three times, involving 2 nights away each time. All incredibly long days (queueing from about 4/5 am twice) but sooo worth it, and would do it again in a heartbeat, but haven't been lucky enough for a few years.

HettyStThomas · 23/06/2019 22:25

I was in Gladiators. My brother started the Mexican wave in the opening credits.

Matleavemadam · 23/06/2019 22:30

Wow sunnyday1976 3 times is good going considering the amount of people that apply each series! Why did you have to queue that early...and wait presumably around till 7pm when it starts?

OP posts:
Matleavemadam · 23/06/2019 22:32

Lol would have loved that as a kid HettyStThomas loved Gladiators

OP posts:
Meline · 23/06/2019 22:37

Only really ropy things with minimal queueing. Ready, Steady Cook, Parkinson, and Popstar to Opera Star.

BouleBaker · 23/06/2019 22:37

Have been to Have I Got News For You which was absolutely hilarious, and Question of Sport, which was a bit dry as Sue Barker just ignores the fact that an audience existed. Would recommend going for a show you like though.

EmilyThornby · 23/06/2019 22:39

Lots of queueing, but you get in and yes, the 30 minute show is retaken but is so interesting... Well worth doing

chasingmytail4 · 23/06/2019 22:39

My sister got us tickets to Loose Women, while we were waiting to go in she chatted to a security guard who then gave us priority passes for the front row of Jonathan Ross Show later the same day. Obviously LW was live, but JR Show was recorded and took about three hours for a one hour show. But it was fun, highlight was Tom Jones singing just in front of me on the JR show.

itsagranddayfordrying · 23/06/2019 22:40

I was in the audience of jerry springer ! Can't remember much, it was 18 years ago

EmilyThornby · 23/06/2019 22:40

Plus with one of the ticketing companies you build up loyalty so you can queue for shows like QI etc

SinkGirl · 23/06/2019 22:41

Apprentice You’re Fired. Got to hold up Green You’re Hired card. High point of my week

Same. It was fun but I remember having to queue for ages.

Ohyesiam · 23/06/2019 22:42

Have I got news for you, which was great. No waiting around and lots more jokes than even A Bit More gives you on i player.

When I was about 14 I was in the audience for A recording of Just A Minute with the fab Kenneth Williams.

CollyWobbleNightmares · 23/06/2019 22:46

Not TV but went to a recording of Just a Minute once. Would definitely recommend. They do a few episodes back to back. Nicholas Parsons is incredibly sharp for a man in his 90s and watching the way Paul Merton works (constantly making notes and playing up to the audience) is fascinating!

emmaluvseeyore · 23/06/2019 22:47

Mock the Week was good but long. Probably about 4 hours of filming for one episode. The Last Leg was great as it’s live so hardly any waiting around. The warm up comedian was really funny too.

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