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What’s the best holiday you’ve been on with your kids?

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LikeSilver · 22/06/2019 18:25

Looking for ideas for next year. Kids will be 5 and 8, if that makes a difference. What’s the best holiday you’ve been on, and what made it great?

Ideas other than Disney would be welcomed - we’re hoping to go in a few years time Smile

OP posts:
managedmis · 23/06/2019 02:33

FIL's holiday cottage.

It's in a very boring remote beach town with just a few shops nearby, it's on a pebbly beach. The kids were on the beach all day playing, totally knackered at night so slept really well. It wasn't even warm weather, the kids were bundled up but still loved messing on the beach. The tide coming in or going out was the major excitement for the day Grin

I think the combination of fresh air, plain easy food and exercise meant they slept so we all really relaxed.

onefatblackcat · 23/06/2019 02:36

Neilson holidays have been our best

CarolDanvers · 23/06/2019 02:52

Disney Cruise.

Powerplant · 23/06/2019 03:37

We used to go to Eurocamp/Haven when the kids were that age either France or Spain, tents or statics. Great facilities which used to keep them (and us) happy .

festivetootsie · 23/06/2019 04:05

Lake Garda. DC were 9 and 7. The adored hiring pedal is with slides and swimming in the lake for hours, Gardaland which is a theme park somewhere between Alton Towers and Disney, the water park beginning with a C, easy day train trip to Venice... amazing meals and ice creams. We stayed in Peschiera, which was a really good base.

snitzelvoncrumb · 23/06/2019 04:10

I think staying in a caravan at the beach has been the best holiday with young kids.

teejayem · 23/06/2019 04:25

Eurocamp, Southwest France. We usually stay in a Safari tent because it feels more like an actual camping adventure. We have been four years running as a family, but prior I used to Eurocamp with my family all through the 80s and 90s and have such happy memories of those holidays it made sense to try it with ours. DS (4) still talks about the tent in France at least twice a week and we went over a year ago!

Poetryinaction · 23/06/2019 07:25

Train to Paris, stayed overnight, train to Milan, hired a car. Week by Lake Idro with Eurocamp. Went to Venice amd had a gorgeous week by and in the lake. Train home again.

LikeSilver · 23/06/2019 07:26

Thank you! Lots for me to explore here.

We have been on a couple of cruises with them which they love, but we don’t see a lot of them as the kids clubs are so good and they want to be in there! For ‘family time’ (cringe sorry) I think our best ones so far have been simple short breaks in Dawlish/Bournemouth, so it’s interesting to see how many recommendations there are for simple beach/camping trips. My two just love the simple cycle of beach/arcade/fish and chips/beach days. Maybe that’s the way to go for now.

I fully understand those recommending Disney as I also love it Grin We’re planning to go for a wedding anniversary celebration in a couple of years.

Off to google!

OP posts:
Galwaygirl · 23/06/2019 07:33

Lapland, ice land and Lego land!

fussychica · 23/06/2019 08:50

Sorry it's double Disney from me, especially the holiday with DSs birthday in it. Truly magical, breakfast with Mickey, cards from characters and so much more.

Other than that St Lucia, DS just loved it.

Worst holiday with him was definitely an early May heatwave in Cyprus in a cramped apartment with very little outside space. Spent the entire holiday walking around with him in the buggy trying to keep him cool, amused and get him to sleep. Nightmare.

bert3400 · 23/06/2019 08:58

Mauritius, kids were 6 & 12. We all talk about how wonderful it was and all of us voted it our best holiday ever . Desperately want to go back.

Mac47 · 23/06/2019 08:59

Aqua fantasy in Turkey. Unlimited access to the massive next door water park. Not my thing but dc thought it was amazing.

pinkboa · 23/06/2019 11:09

Caribbean - all inclusive... because I wasn't going on holiday to replicate my life at home!

It was fab... family resort. Loads of activities for children... water sports... snorkelling etc.

There is a water park which was great. We spent our days between pools... water parks and the beach.

Children are younger though and I really fancied a holiday that allowed me to switch off completely... I went to the spas a lot!

JockTamsonsBairns · 23/06/2019 11:49

When the DC's were very young, I won a self-catering break in Northumberland in a charity raffle. Tbh, I wasn't particularly looking forward to it. We lived in the SE at the time, and it seemed such a trek, with all the kit and kaboodle needed - all for a week doing the cooking and whatnot that I would normally do at home, just without my own home comforts.
I couldn't have been more wrong. It was hands down the best holiday I've ever been on, and the kids loved it. Beautiful beaches, rock pooling, boat trips etc. It helped that the weather was kind to us too.
We loved Northumberland so much, in fact, that we moved there a couple of years later Smile

stopitandtidyupp · 23/06/2019 11:51

Efteling in Holland stayed in the theatre riom.

Ambydex · 23/06/2019 11:54

Jock that's quite a recommendation!

For us, it was the non-Disney bits of our Florida holiday. Space stuff, universal, mangroves, the Keys. So not much help.

onemorecakeplease · 27/06/2019 23:07

babasaclover sorry the email went to spam.
We stayed at Dunas suites and villas in maspalomas. All inclusive and in May it was really reasonable!

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