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What’s the best holiday you’ve been on with your kids?

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LikeSilver · 22/06/2019 18:25

Looking for ideas for next year. Kids will be 5 and 8, if that makes a difference. What’s the best holiday you’ve been on, and what made it great?

Ideas other than Disney would be welcomed - we’re hoping to go in a few years time Smile

OP posts:
mockorangey · 22/06/2019 20:51

Eminybob what was the hotel in Menorca?

underneaththeash · 22/06/2019 20:56

At that age our good holidays were - Caribbean in Feb/April.
Ile de Re -villa with pool (only go for the areas with sandy beaches)

Longdistance · 22/06/2019 20:59

Cuba. Dds met a little girl from Canada and now they’re pen friends 😍 was a cracking holiday as everything fell into place.
We’ve found over the years that it’s not always the place it’s the people ❤️

ineedaholidaynow · 22/06/2019 21:00

DS's favourite holiday will always be Center Parcs at any age!

Fooferella · 22/06/2019 21:03

We took DS on a motorhome trip in the Canadian Rockies. It was so great. Disclaimer: I'm an expat Canadian and we went on holiday with my family, which was a big part of the fun.
Second best was probably eurocamp in Brittany (Carnac). DS was 6 and loved it.

PinglePongle · 22/06/2019 21:05

I know you don't want Disney suggestions but we went to Orlando at Easter and it was only £1500 last minute for 2 adults 2 kids, you don't need to do Disney as there are loads of other parks that are cheaper- it was cheaper than most European breaks for 11 nights b&b!

dreichuplands · 22/06/2019 21:08

Dc would recommend Costa Rica.

Ofitck · 22/06/2019 21:10

Efteling. I found out about it on here on a thread very similar to this one, and last summer we booked it. It was amazing and they talk about it all the time. I’m so grateful for mumsnet as I’d never have known about it!!

pinkmagic1 · 22/06/2019 21:12

My dc's favourite holiday was Marrakech and they still talk about it 4 years on and ask to go back.

LittleMissEngineer · 22/06/2019 21:13

Four Seasons Punta Mita (Pacific Coast of Mexico). Beach could have been better, but the resort was relaxed luxury at its best: couldn’t fault it, yet very relaxed and not stuffy. Very very safe and family/kid friendly. We had a suite with its own plunge pool and it was to die for.

I have heard that the Fairmont on Barbados and the Fairmont Mayatoba are similar: very relaxed family friendly luxury. Haven’t tried either, but would like to.

Dubai also amazing (family friendly luxury), but a bit hot during Summer holidays.

AnneElliott · 22/06/2019 21:20

P&O cruise found the Med - there was so much fir DS to do.

WickedGoodDoge · 22/06/2019 21:25

Russia has been the best holiday to date, but DC were quite a bit older. Grin For your ages I’d probably second the suggestion of Lake Garda.

BoogleMcGroogle · 22/06/2019 21:26

In the UK, Northumbria.
Overseas, Boston with Cape Cod, although I also loved the Netherlands.

BoogleMcGroogle · 22/06/2019 21:28

At that age, my two also loved ( and still love) The Alps. We walk in the mountains and swim in the lake each day. It would be wholesome if we didn't also eat loads of cheese and cured meat Wink

SpeckledyHen · 22/06/2019 21:31

Lapland with Canterbury Travel staying in a log cabin . 150k inside the artic circle . Magical landscape and experience.

CleverQuacks · 22/06/2019 21:38

Holiday village Manar in Tunisia. Just got back last week. It was so good I have already booked to go again next year.

OllyBJolly · 22/06/2019 22:06

By a mile - skiing! We all loved it. We tried chalets and little Alpen hotels and pensione and every one was brilliant.

Had some great caravan holidays at Haven sites.

I agree with the poster who said a lot of the enjoyment comes from who you meet- we've been very lucky in that we've always managed to meet fun people. Our least favourite holiday was probably Disney - too busy, too stressful, too hot - and not very sociable.

Yotam · 22/06/2019 22:13

At that age mine loved the Bedruthan Steps hotel in Cornwall. They still love Mawgan Porth beach.

MadisonAvenue · 22/06/2019 22:23

Best holiday we've ever had with our kids was LA (and the surrounding area) and Vegas. We'd done a California road trip with them when they were younger but this was (probably) going to be our last family holiday as a foursome as they were 19 and 16 so we decided to see more of LA and then drive to Vegas.

It was an amazing holiday, we had so much fun and laughed a lot. As a bonus, an online friend who I've 'known' for years and who lives in Australia was also in LA at the same time so we were able to finally meet and spend some time together!

WingingWonder · 22/06/2019 22:29

2 very different holidays-
1- weekend clamping from a wowcher deal- Norfolk, kids bloody loved it and actually we did too. Really fun. Who knew!
2- holiday village by first choice- Majorca- autumn, was hot but not burning, kids loved the activities, we hired a car and drive round and the all inclusive was actually good. And the cava ;-) just so geared up for kids we didn’t need to really think about anything as it was already considered and that in itself was liberating- also the kids creche for 2 hours 1 day gave us a very very rare lunch together!!

daisyboocantoo · 22/06/2019 23:41

Another vote for eurocamp

dreichuplands · 23/06/2019 01:16

When dc were little we had a fantastic eurocamp holiday, I reckon it is right up there with holidays like Rivera Maya Fairmont, although I did more sweeping away of sand at Eurocamp out of the tent.
We have had very few bad holidays regardless of destination or cost of holiday.

Superlooper · 23/06/2019 01:50
  1. A cruise
  2. Lanzarote (but only had 1 easy child then)
BobbyGentry · 23/06/2019 01:52

Tioman Island, Minang Cove Spa & Resort, fly into Singapore, take a rest, then car to Mersing and transfer to boat to Tioman (then speed boat to resort.) great food, snorkeling, diving, sunsets, and little WiFi so captured the feeling of being away nicely.

Weenurse · 23/06/2019 01:52

Cruise through South Pacific.
They loved the kids club and we got to laze some days and experience other cultures other days.
We saw some whales.

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