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Do you have the same friends from primery school?

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Aveeno2017 · 16/06/2019 19:15

My daughter is in year 5 and has no real close friends! There are only 11 in her class and 7 of them are very clique. They are all into football and boys and drama..she likes Pokemon,Minecraft and Drawing! I worry about her not forming long lasting would be interested to know how friendly you are with primery school friends.

OP posts:
PotteringAlong · 16/06/2019 19:17

No. Nor from secondary school. But very definitely from university, even though we live all over the country now.

Redcrayons · 16/06/2019 19:19

No. I didn't go the same secondary school as them and it was much harder to keep in touch back in the olden days.
Try not to worry too much, secondary school is a whole different ball game. DCs best friend now is not someone from primary.
Strangely, I was out running one day and someone stopped me and remembered me from primary school (I don't live in the same town anymore). It was really weird because whilst I remember her name I wouldn't have picked her out of a line up at all.

Minnie881 · 16/06/2019 19:19

No....which makes me very happy Grin

Minnie881 · 16/06/2019 19:20

Same as @PotteringAlong Much more in common Smile

BlueSkiesLies · 16/06/2019 19:24

No. I have zero friends from primary school.

I have an amazing set of friends from university and sport. Very lucky to have them. We self selected into a group of friends based on our personalities, rather than being born in the same location at the same time.

BeingATwatItsABingThing · 16/06/2019 19:25

Yes, I am and still friends with people from secondary school.

My absolute best friends are from uni though.

MsSquiz · 16/06/2019 19:27

I have 1 friend from primary school. We lost touch from age 11 to 15, until she joined the school I was at for a year. Then we lost touch again from about 17 to mid 20s. We aren't best friends, but I would consider her a good friend.

My best friend and I have been friends since 11 (now 32)

DH has friends now that he met when he was around 5/6 but they lived near each other, they didn't go to school together

wendz86 · 16/06/2019 19:27

No my best friends are from secondary school , 6th form and uni .

JohnMcCainsDeathStare · 16/06/2019 19:27

I have low single digits and the same from secondary school. Plus a few from University but most I've made from hobbies and work over the past 10-15 years.

If you do have close friends from primary school that's cool but you are not a loser if you don't. Your most enduring friends are those who treat you well and you do in return.

MozzchopsThirty · 16/06/2019 19:28

This is a woman thing though
We're much less tolerant

If you asked 100 men the majority would still be best mates with people from school Confused

Woman: why are you friends with Dave, he got your ex girlfriend pregnant
MAN: ah that's just Dave 🤷🏼‍♂️

MAN: I don't know why you're so upset that Sarah called her baby the same name as ours
WOMAN: I will never speak to Sarah again as long as I live the bitch


hopefulhalf · 16/06/2019 19:28

Yes met her aged 6 now 43 so 37 years !!!

Nextphonewontbesamsung · 16/06/2019 19:29

God no! I only have two from secondary school. I moved away from my home town, maybe that's got something to do with it.

With your own children always remember that the vast majority of their friends are temporary.

isabellerossignol · 16/06/2019 19:30

I still have a close friend from primary and a few from secondary. Don't have any from university, I didn't really get to know anyone properly there. Have picked up loads of others over the years though.

Flowerrose · 16/06/2019 19:31

Only my now DH, I only went to the same secondary as a few of them so the rest I haven't spoken to since primary.

Your DD might have an easier time making friends in secondary school, more of a chance of meeting someone she has lots in common with

Taswama · 16/06/2019 19:32

I was badly bullied in my last year of primary so very glad to go to a different secondary. Not in touch with anyone from secondary either, we kept in touch for a few years but then I moved abroad.
If you are still friends with friends from primary have you lived in the area for the whole time?

2strands · 16/06/2019 19:33

Yes, 2 of them.

1 from secondary who's is also good friends with the other 2.

Ivegotthree · 16/06/2019 19:36

No. My best friends are from work and then secondary school/uni.

Don't know anyone from before the age of 11 apart from cousins.

shartsi · 16/06/2019 19:36

Yes. I have 5 very close friends. I see or speak to them every week . 3 of them we met on the first day of primary school, two at university.

DefConOne · 16/06/2019 19:37

No but I moved around a lot due to army dad. My closest friends I have met when I moved to the city I now live in aged 25, that was 20 years ago. I have a couple of friends from secondary who I see a few times a year. I did have a best friend from Uni who dropped me about 6 months ago. I feel sad about the lack of old friendships but I have a great social life and have some fab friends who get me. I didn't fit in at school.

Userplusnumbers · 16/06/2019 19:38

There are no people I speak to from primary school, two from secondary school, and an incredibly close group of friends from university (plus others picked up post uni) and I'm very happy with that.

AJPTaylor · 16/06/2019 19:38

I am 51. I have 1 friend from primary and 7 friends from secondary. Meet every 6 months without fail.

user1493413286 · 16/06/2019 19:39

No, I have one from secondary school though who I didn’t even know at primary school

frenchonion · 16/06/2019 19:40

My best friend I met age 3 in preschool! And yes, still bf with primary friends although through school we didn't all hang out all the time, were all in and out of other friendship groups but remained friendly and are now very close. Other best friends I met later in life. I wouldn't worry about primary school friends though. Your DD will make her own friendships and way in life.

staceycleo · 16/06/2019 19:41

I have 3 very close friends we met in nursery and still see each other often 😁

Fishcakey · 16/06/2019 19:42

God no! My friends are from college. Would be quite happy if I never set eyes on anyone from school again.

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