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Is it a new thing to "appear" to be sockless with trainers?

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wanderings · 14/06/2019 15:49

Looking around, I see loads of trainers being worn with apparently bare ankles; but if you look more closely, you see the tiniest amount of socks showing.

Like the enigma of the young wearing socks with sliders, when did this become fashionable? I'm sure in the 90s people proudly wore ankle socks with trainers, or when the weather was warm, didn't wear socks at all. When did we start pretending we're not wearing socks? (I'm stuck in my 90s ways, and if it's warm enough to bare my ankles, I don't bother with the socks. Wink )

OP posts:
Pasgaddi · 14/06/2019 17:09

I wear full (ankle) socks with trainers because I don't give a crap. I don't like cold ankles! If it's warm enough I'll probably not wear jeans. If I care about looking vaguely with it I'll wear trainer socks and put up with with cold ankles.

Topseyt · 14/06/2019 17:13

I've tried those trainer socks, they've been around a long time, but they just come right off my feet inside the trainers. I hate them as they drove me insane.

I am more comfortable wearing proper sports ankle socks with trainers, and luckily I couldn't give a shit what anyone else thinks. I am in my fifties.

Poppyfields21 · 14/06/2019 17:14

Definitely not a new thing. Clearly remember this being common in the 90s when trainers were very popular that time round.

unicornsrule · 14/06/2019 17:14

I hate trainers socks if i wear trainers wear normal socks

tolerable · 14/06/2019 17:39

trainers with barefeet(any footwear and barefeet)is horrendous. trainer socks have been standard since very early 90s. its funny it took you so long to notice.its as big an issue as you want to make it

wanderings · 14/06/2019 17:40

Thanks all. Occasionally I've tried wearing either teeny socks or the low ones, but I don't like either of them. Either ankle socks with my trainers, or none at all! Wink

OP posts:
Itstheprinciple · 14/06/2019 19:09

I agree with the sliders with socks thing. Makes me feel really old when I see that! It was always a bug no no to have socks with any sort of 'sandal' and yet now it seems to be 'on trend'. Still looks weird to me though!

Trufflegirl · 14/06/2019 23:49

These have been around for about fifteen years or just over, but I just wear trainers with bare feet, as I am not too keen on socks. I don't get sweaty feet much; but perhaps that's more a testament to the lack of walking I do, more than anything!

SpamChaudFroid · 15/06/2019 00:29

It's all gone topsey-turvey - in the winter it's all bare/hidden socks ankles with trainers and brogues and in the summer out come the socks and sandals. I quite like wearing socks and sandals now and again. I wear small fishnet or crocheted socks though, not those big white sports socks. I quite like the way the young wear big socks with their sliders. It's funny, and fashion is just fun at the end of the day.

I remember white sports socks were popular when I was 15/16. Worn with Dr. Martin loafers or lace-up shoes, (NOT boots!) mens second-hand Levi501s cinched in st the waist, black bomber jacket covered in badges, stripey top or Aran jumper and a rucksack worn on the back. I've just described Bros haven't I?

wanderings · 16/06/2019 20:08

@Trufflegirl May we break ranks and go sockless in our trainers, it's not popular to do so on MN. Wink

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 16/06/2019 20:16

These have been around for about fifteen years or just over

Way longer than that!

Thecowinthemeadowgoesmoo · 16/06/2019 21:26

@Topseyt I have trainer liners from Amazon which have a rubbery strip at the back of the sock, it stops the socks from slipping off and being eaten by your shoe! They are an amazing invention!

WarmestRegards · 16/06/2019 22:08

This reply has been deleted

This has been been removed by MNHQ for privacy reasons.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 16/06/2019 22:15

Spam - where do you buy your fishnet socks from, please?

I miss those pom pom socks...

ShivD · 16/06/2019 22:39

I used to fold down my socks in the 90s so no one could see them. It was before they invented invisible ones and after everyone realised that trainers and no socks stink.

bigredfolder · 16/06/2019 23:04

Op the 90s was quite a long time ago 😂

I've been wearing trainer liners as long as I can remember

Sissy79 · 16/06/2019 23:50

I used to fold my socks down so that they made trainer socks, before trainer socks existed. I was in primary school then so at least 1991. Everyone did it, if you wore ankle socks you were pretty much considered a baby.

wanderings · 17/06/2019 07:28

@ShivD I remember that a few of my peers did fold down their socks to hide them, sometimes unsuccessfully. Even so, there were quite a lot of people in my year who abandoned socks in summer, and accepted the side effects!

OP posts:
SpamChaudFroid · 17/06/2019 21:11

Remus I got them from H+M.

I find with pompom socks they always fall off Sad

Ivegotthree · 17/06/2019 21:12

No it's an old thing

Laurajjj · 17/06/2019 21:12

It's a sure fire way to smelly shoes though

RosemaryRemember · 17/06/2019 21:14

Someone has probably said this but it's the trousers getting shorter that draws attention to the ankle. I hate this trend particularly in men.

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