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Present for a Christian

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RomanyQueen · 12/06/2019 22:06

First of all apologies for title, wanted to get the right traffic.

I have about £50 very special friend.

She does not dress up, wear make up, hair very plain, in fact there is nothing at all I can think of.
She is the most lovely person to walk this planet.
Some flowers ok, but she'd be embarrassed at £50 worth.
It's so hard, not even into jewellery so can't get her a cross.
Please help.
Oh, her age 56.
Can't do vouchers she never goes clothes shopping, isn't the type, it's hard to explain, except she isn't very materialistic.

OP posts:
Catmint · 12/06/2019 22:34

A tree

TheBabyAteMyBrain · 12/06/2019 22:35

How about some special tea? You could get flower tea (the balls open into flowers when wet) and a glass tea pot /cups.

Present for a Christian
EskewedBeef · 12/06/2019 22:35

I think a day out and lunch somewhere like a National Trust property, cathedral city or nature reserve would be easy for her to accept and appreciate.

RomanyQueen · 12/06/2019 22:37


You are right, she's one of those you used to see honoured on saturday night tv. Everybody loves her and she does so much for so many people.
A hand written card is a must, I hope I do her justice.
Thank you all so much for the great suggestions, embroidered picture or writing is that what you meant by sampler. Sh doesn't do embroidery herself but I know she'd like something.

OP posts:
drquin · 12/06/2019 22:41

Following on from @QuickRedFox 's point ..... why the need to explicitly spend £50? Rather than "I'd like to buy my friend a birthday / thank you present"?

Buy something to mark the occasion / reason but maybe don't worry about how much you're spending. If it's a thank you, what about a thoughtful card - with an image of something she likes.

RomanyQueen · 12/06/2019 22:45

Sorry lots of posts while was writing that last one.
The tea pot and flowers are beautiful and the bible cover, great idea.
Day out might be difficult, has so many kids to look after Grin will baby sit and dog walk for anyone. Grin

OP posts:
ArnoldBee · 12/06/2019 22:45
RomaineCalm · 12/06/2019 22:46

Given what you've said I would make up a gift bag/box with some nice tea and packets of biscuits /cakes along with a lovely bunch of flowers.

I don't think she'd mind if you spent £5 or £50. A personal message in the card will be appreciated just as much.

RomanyQueen · 12/06/2019 22:46

Yes, the £50 was a guide so people didn't repeat a what budget.
It seemed about the right amount too, but doesn't have to be.

OP posts:
HappyHammy · 12/06/2019 22:49

How about sponsoring an animal through a local charity or WWF. You both sound lovely. I like the idea of the flowers teapot.

Redglitter · 12/06/2019 22:51

If she likes flowers why not just send her a nice arrangement of flowers. Better to spend slightly less on something you know shell love

Soola · 12/06/2019 22:54

Ann Summers voucher.

Or some Christian stuff here-

WeShouldBeFriends · 12/06/2019 22:58

Hot air balloon ride Grin

Catypillar · 12/06/2019 23:03

Christian bookshops usually do framed pictures with Bible verses on. Also Etsy have a great selection of similar. ChristianLetteringCo do some lovely modern watercolour prints with Bible verses. If you know her favourite verse they will do a bespoke one like this

EnglishRose1320 · 12/06/2019 23:10

I love this website for Christian gifts

I think I would make her a little hamper with a small bunch of flowers, in the hamper I'd go for a little box or bar of chocolate, a book mark, notebook and book and then a gift voucher from a charity, sponsored a goat or such like.
Christian Aid has a good mix of options for charity gifts.

stucknoue · 12/06/2019 23:24

How about a traidcraft voucher, or some products from them - fairtrade with Christian origins. I bought all my family the bamboo socks last Christmas

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