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Dd turning 9 wants a surprise birthday present - I haven't a rashers what to get

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MotherForkinShirtBalls · 02/06/2019 20:48

Can any of your 9 yo dc inspire me? She loves clothes (primark, h&m, and Claire's accessories), lego, pokemon, dance, singing, Taylor swift (got her concert tickets last year) and Harry potter. Also becoming more interested in football but not a passion. She got a new bike recently (last two were hand me downs so it felt mean to keep it as a birthday present - regretting my largesse Grin) and her cousin's almost new scooter. Got a go kart from santa. She doesn't like actual shopping so a day out spending money in Claire's and primark won't cut it and saves me the misery of doing it. Has books and craft stuff coming out her ears. Don't think I can inflict a kakroke machine on the rest of us and we have an alexa she can take up to her room to dj when friends are over. She has an old laptop that she uses for coding and typing games. Obviously wants a phone and been told a firm no. Family tablet she has limited access to. Dh and I have agreed no personal gaming device (eg switch) as we have xbox/play station in living room.

At this rate I'm going to have to fake amnesia and pretend I don't know who she is or why she should have a present when she wakes up on Saturday... Please help!

OP posts:
TheNardDog · 02/06/2019 20:50

A trip to Harry Potter Studios?
Other than that I’m a bit stumped at what else to suggest!

Hello1290 · 02/06/2019 20:51

Is a visit to the Harry Potter studios doable ?

KavvLar · 02/06/2019 20:51

Tour of the Warner Brothers harry potter studios. They book about three months in advance.

MotherForkinShirtBalls · 02/06/2019 20:52

Unfortunately not in the UK Sad I shall however Google

OP posts:
stucknoue · 02/06/2019 20:53

Tickets for a festival maybe - there's lots of small cheaper ones and one day options. Not sure where you are but a trip somewhere with you?

GreenTulips · 02/06/2019 20:53

Hey potter tickets
Didi car - look them up they’re brilliant

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 02/06/2019 20:53

An old fashioned wooden trunk for keeping special stuff in - quite Harry Potterish

Harry Potter bedding

Definitely the studio tours

Sammysquiz · 02/06/2019 20:54

Camera? Chocolate fondue set? Popcorn machine? Magazine subscription?

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 02/06/2019 20:54

Has she got a wand?

KavvLar · 02/06/2019 20:54

Cross post! Also recommend the works for harry potter stuff and the smiggle sale for stationery bits

Rarfy · 02/06/2019 20:54

Dn is 8 in September and is already banging on about something called maybe a stuffalo? Apparently you put it in the bath then dry it with a hairdryer then out pops a dog or a cat or something. It is a surprise.

MissSmiley · 02/06/2019 20:55

My nine year old asked for a kids Fitbit (Ace) for her birthday, she's worn it every day and regularly goes over 10k steps which she loves, it also tracks her sleep which I love. It only came with a blue strap so I bought a non Fitbit pack of three to go with it too

Rarfy · 02/06/2019 20:55

Scruff a luvs they're called Blush

Laterthanyouthink · 02/06/2019 20:56

Cinema trip to see Detective Pikachu?

Mumsymumphy · 02/06/2019 20:57

LOL dolls stuff, candy floss machine, fashion wheel, make your own CD experience day (singing)

Borris · 02/06/2019 20:58

I’m getting my dd a digital camera for her 9th bday

chambord · 02/06/2019 21:01

My 9 year old loves her Instax camera that she had last year. Good fun and cute prints!

MotherForkinShirtBalls · 02/06/2019 21:01

Thanks everyone, sounds like Harry Potter tour is a good bet but not sure we can swing tickets, flights and accommodation at the moment. I will definitely add it to my list of things for the future though.

MissSmiley, lots of her friends have fitbits but Tbh I'm a bit wary. She's a fit, active kid and I'm afraid of making using her body a "thing". Possibly over thinking it.

Remus, love the trunk idea, I'll see if I can find something. She has a wand pen and a wand battle game.

Rarfy, I'll Google but her hatchimal was long coveted and forgotten in a week Hmm

OP posts:
MotherForkinShirtBalls · 02/06/2019 21:02

A camera!! Amazing! She'd love that, thank you so much!

OP posts:
ritzbiscuits · 02/06/2019 21:02

Trip to Lego House Denmark (depends where you're based?)

NeedAUsernameGenerator · 02/06/2019 21:02

Harry Potter Lego
Tie dye kit
Just Dance & kinect for the XBox
Electric drum kit
Harry Potter Pop figures
The Sims game
Denim jacket
Instax camera

BertieBotts · 02/06/2019 21:04

Digital camera is a great idea especially if she won't be getting a phone for a few years and enjoys crafting etc.

Savoretti · 02/06/2019 21:04

Fitbit or camera

bundleeveryfight · 02/06/2019 21:06

A pet? Rabbit, hamster etc

Sizeofalentil · 02/06/2019 21:09

What's the budget for the surprise?

A surprise day out with a friend to zoo / karaoke place?

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