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If you work part time

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OddCat · 31/05/2019 19:30

Say you work Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You take the Monday bank holiday off, are you then able to take the Friday off because Monday was a bank holiday?

OP posts:
Crunchymum · 31/05/2019 19:32

No. If you work on the day the BH falls, you benefit from having it off so you wouldn't get anything in lieu.

Crunchymum · 31/05/2019 19:33

Although I'm now not sure if I am understanding you?

Can you clarify please. Are you contracted to work M/W/F and did you get Monday off or have to take it as annual leave????

booksandcaffeine · 31/05/2019 19:33

No. If I had BH Monday off, it would be because I either booked it off or swapped shifts with another person.

Hollowvictory · 31/05/2019 19:36

No. You don't attend work because it's a bank holiday on the monday, a day you're scheduled to work.

JustLooking2019 · 31/05/2019 19:36

If your work is operational on bank holiday (like retail for example) you would usually have to book it off or swap shifts if you didn’t want to work it. If you do work it, you don’t get a day back or anything.
That’s my experience anyway
I don’t know how it works if your work is closed on the bank holiday so therefore you can’t work.

CherryPavlova · 31/05/2019 19:36

In my organisation part time workers have annual hours for leave including bank holidays. It would be unfair if two part time staff had different amounts of leave as one worked W-F but automatically had bank holidays off whilst the other worked M-W so lost out on the additional days from bank holidays.

HollyBollyBooBoo · 31/05/2019 19:36

Depends on your contract. I work PT, bank holidays are given to me pro rats. If a BH falls on a working day then I use those hours to 'pay' for it, if a BH falls on a non working day then you don't have to do anything - you don't work it and you don't use up holiday hours for it.

OddCat · 31/05/2019 19:38

Contracted to work Monday Wednesday Friday, had Monday off not as annual leave and then took Friday off as well ( also not as annual leave)

OP posts:
Lamentations · 31/05/2019 19:38

Yes I'd get the day back but pro rata. So if a usual day is 8 hours long and I work 75% of full time hours I will get 6 hours credited to my leave account. I'm as entitled to bank holidays as my colleagues.

Maiden247 · 31/05/2019 19:42

My bank holiday is worked out as pro rata so I'm actually only entitled to part of the day off if I should have been working. I then have to use flexi or leave to make up the other hours off. But when it falls on my rest day I am owed hours.

OddCat · 31/05/2019 19:46

I don't get it? ConfusedBlush why would you be credited with the hours if the bank holiday isn't taken as annual leave?

OP posts:
Crunchymum · 31/05/2019 19:48

Monday was a BH, as you work on a Monday you rightly had this day off.

I have no idea why you think you should get an extra say off???? Confused

Crunchymum · 31/05/2019 19:48

Say = day

OddCat · 31/05/2019 19:49

It's not me but my colleague.

OP posts:
Missingstreetlife · 31/05/2019 19:49

Speak to hr, they will have some formula for you to get a proportion of bh

Pearlfish · 31/05/2019 19:50

I work 3 days a week including Monday. My bank holiday allowance is calculated as pro rata (so I get 3/5ths of the days for bank holidays that a FT worker gets). As more bank holidays fall on a Monday, that means I usually end up 'in debt' (ie by not working all the bank holidays I've taken more than I am entitled to) and I have to pay it back from my annual leave.

It's a bit annoying but I can see they want to treat two part time workers (one of whom works on a Monday and the other doesn't) fairly.

I can't understand your example though. If you had the Monday off (not as annual leave) then how could you possibly be entitled to another day off (not as annual leave)?

Pearlfish · 31/05/2019 19:50

Cross post! Your colleague must be in the wrong surely?

blackteaplease · 31/05/2019 19:51

Eh? My bank holidays are pro rata and added to my annual leave allowance. If a bank holiday falls on my working day I book it to annual leave or I swap days. You dont get it off for free.

OddCat · 31/05/2019 19:54

I thought so , thanks all . A bit irritating as I have had to pick up the slack on their extra day off.

OP posts:
LookImAHooman · 31/05/2019 19:59

You thought what?

Am I the only one still quite confused here?

Tfoot75 · 31/05/2019 19:59

I work part time though not Mondays. In theory when a bank holiday falls on a working day I'd be entitled to 3/5 of the day off using bank holiday allowance and the other 2/5 would come from annual leave. In reality, I get 5 days additional leave in lieu of bank Holidays and a maximum of 3 fall on working days, so I have extra annual leave to use when I like. If monday was a working day, the majority of my bank holidays in lieu would be used for the 4 Monday Bank holidaya

LookImAHooman · 31/05/2019 20:01

Same as Tfoot here as well. This is why you try to avoid Mondays if you’re PT...

OddCat · 31/05/2019 20:04

LookImAHooman I thought my colleague was taking the piss

OP posts:
blackteaplease · 31/05/2019 20:05

OP, how do you know the person didn't just book the days off?

Faster · 31/05/2019 20:06

I work those exact days.
I get 15 days annual leave plus bank holidays.
So on a bank holiday Monday I do not work the Monday, but work the Wednesday and Friday as normal. I can take them off if I use two days annual leave.

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