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Migraine hangovers

32 replies

ZorbeeAndTheLemur · 31/05/2019 16:25

Does anyone else get these after a migraine? I always do; I had a migraine on Tuesday night and Wednesday and have felt awful ever since. My headache has gone but I ache everywhere, and feel exhausted and could happily just sleep all day.

Has anyone got any tips/ideas for getting rid of the migraine hangover? Or at least for shortening how long it lasts for?

OP posts:

DreamingofSunshine · 31/05/2019 16:28

I do, it's horrible. It depends on how you react to caffeine but one coffee normally helps a bit, as does wearing sunglasses until I feel better.


Ihopeyourcakeisshit · 31/05/2019 16:33

After my last one I had some coke (as in Coca Cola) which I don't ordinarily drink. I think it helped a bit, but ordinarily I just have to sit it out.


IncyWincyGrownUp · 31/05/2019 16:35

I get them too. Salty food and sweet tea usually helps, as does taking it easy and napping if possible. I usually go for a packet of ready salted crisps and a cup of tea.


HemlockStarglimmer · 31/05/2019 16:36

Me too. No advice I'm afraid. Mine don't seem to hang on for more than a day.


MalloryLaurel · 31/05/2019 16:40

I'm joining you as I had a migraine on Monday and Tuesday. Rest, sleep and staying hydrated. I also eat my food cravings as I think my body is telling me something. Also I have ibuprofen . There's lots of information online about migraine hangover. It's called postdrome.


juneybean · 31/05/2019 16:41

Yes hate this as I'm exhausted afterwards. Salt and vinegar chipsticks are my thing and pepsi!


BlueberryFool123 · 31/05/2019 16:46

Yes. A hangover is exactly the way I feel. I wonder if mine in part is the drugs I take have a diuretic effect so am dehydrated. I deal with them like a proper hangover (so usually a McDonald’s with a large Coca Cola).


Ihopeyourcakeisshit · 31/05/2019 16:56

Agree with going with your good cravings, I eat absolute crap following a migraine.


TwattingDog · 31/05/2019 17:07

Yes, this is the postrdrome phase of a migraine.

I tend to be knackered and also describe mine as a hangover. I often have difficulty with my speech - stuttering and struggling with my vocabulary.

I'm told by the optometrist that migraine can't damage your eyesight, but my right eye has problems focusing for days afterwards and given I have chronic migraine up to 23 days a month, I have near constant issues with my sight!

I had botox 10 days ago and took my first triptan last night. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Migraine hangovers

Ihopeyourcakeisshit · 31/05/2019 17:09

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user1497909848 · 31/05/2019 17:18

Whenever I see a post about migraines I have tell people about Aimovig. it’s a new drug created for migraines and has knocked me down from 5/6 a week to a couple and sometimes none at all! It’s not available on the Nhs yet - currently going through appeal ( unless you’re in Scotland), but you can pay for it privately. Contact the National Migraine Centre in London for more help.


AiryFairy1991 · 31/05/2019 17:19

Similar to PPs I’m chocolate, Diet Coke and sleep!


RandomMess · 31/05/2019 17:21

You have my sympathy the hangover phase is brutal. I went into work but shouldn't have bothered tbf couldn't think properly Blush


cantfindname · 31/05/2019 17:46

No longer get migraine (thank God) but full fat Coke was my go to for the comedown, and marmite on toast, no butter just marmite.

Weirdly I used to crave school roast potatoes as it went. No chance at all of getting them lol and nothing else fit the bill.

I used to get three severe attacks a week before collapsing in GPs surgery whilst collecting OHs prescription. Saw a different doctor to my own and he gave me an injection of sumatriptan plus a repeat scrip for tablets. It transformed my life; or to be more accurate it gave me my life back. I had the first one at 5 years old and no one ever believed how ill I felt.


francienolan · 31/05/2019 18:44

Yes and it's awful. I always try to have a full fat Cherry Coke, salty crackers, and watermelon on hand, and they do help.


ZorbeeAndTheLemur · 31/05/2019 19:44

Thank you so much for all the replies! Sorry to hear that so many of you have also suffered with a migraine this week; must be something to do with half term!

I drink copious amounts of Diet Coke and eat lots of ready salted crisps when I've got a migraine hangover; it's interesting that so many of you crave similar things. I guess our bodies need salt and caffeine to help us recover!

Does anyone else find too that the hangover literally goes suddenly like someone has flicked a switch and turned it off? I was feeling awful earlier when I posted but suddenly got a burst of energy and started doing jobs in the house that I haven't done all week because I've felt so bad.

OP posts:

redexpat · 31/05/2019 20:05

Ginger ale during a migraine reduces the hangover for me. It takes the nausea and i think must have a similar effect to cocacola.


TwattingDog · 31/05/2019 20:10

@Ihopeyourcakeisshit by trying every random piece of advice, taking lots of triptans, trialling numerous preventatives, food exclusion diets, buying every ridiculous voodoo tat/spell/bracelet/food/supplement /exercise regime/miracle cure then finding what actually works. Binning most of it and begging for Botox.


Troels · 31/05/2019 21:42

I get this hangover too, I ache all over and am just plain foggy and tired. Extra coffee helps, along with crisps, and other snacky foods and lots of water. An early night helps too.


Leggyfrog · 31/05/2019 21:45

Yes - it part of the overall migraine cycle. I describe it as being broken and having to put myself back together again - it takes time and I'm wobbly and delicate.


AlwaysDancing1234 · 31/05/2019 21:45

Yes definitely get this after migraine. I have to wear sunglasses for a few days, feel exhausted and muddled but can’t sleep properly ☹️


bootygirl · 31/05/2019 22:04

Avoid all painkillers with codiene....... gives hangover....try to avoid diet drinks.
I find strong coffee and plenty of water. Try taking magnesium 250mg morning and night... daily.
I ve suffered since 11yrs. Just had second one this week. Desperate


Ihopeyourcakeisshit · 31/05/2019 22:34

@TwattingDog really hope the botox works for you.


greathat · 31/05/2019 23:15

I tried sumatriptans did very little. Now I have rizatriptans which seem to be working a lot better. Really reduce all the effects including the hangover. It's called maxalt- dissolves in your mouth so seems to get into me faster. The other drugs I always threw up!


drsausage · 01/06/2019 03:31

Another Aimovig user here. My health insurance pays for it. You really can't get it on the NHS? I think that means I can never move back to England...

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