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Tell me about switching energy suppliers (Bulb?)

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WePutTheSpringinSpringfield · 30/05/2019 22:09

My friend was talking about Bulb at work today. Apparently very cheap and only one tariff etc. I put my details and got a quote that is literally half of what we pay now.

It says it deals with the switchover as well?

Any pitfalls to doing this that I need to be aware of?? It seems a little too good to be true if I’m honest!

OP posts:
beanbag19 · 30/05/2019 22:10

I have just switched to them and all seems good so far. I have a referral code where we both get £50 if you're interested?

SmellMySmellbow · 30/05/2019 22:10

I'm with them as they're the cheapest for me. One year on I did a comparison and they're still the cheapest. I have a referral link I can dm you which gives both of us money off our bills if you do decide to use them?

BeckyAnnLeeman · 30/05/2019 22:11

I've been with Bulb a couple of years. No problems so far!

You're going to get a thread full of people giving their 'invite a friend' Bulb referral link now [grin[

BeckyAnnLeeman · 30/05/2019 22:11


Frightenedbunny · 30/05/2019 22:12

I’ve been with bulb 18 months. Can’t fault them. I’ve also made £350 in referrals when people have swapped on my recommendation!

WePutTheSpringinSpringfield · 30/05/2019 22:14

So I’m not going to end up with a massive bill that’s half bulb and half current energy supplier? We are a little bit poor right now so I’m concerned about hidden costs/expenses

OP posts:
WePutTheSpringinSpringfield · 30/05/2019 22:14

I mean during the changeover period

OP posts:
SmellMySmellbow · 30/05/2019 22:14

I've never managed to refer anyone! My friend managed to get 6 months free though referrals. I'm not quick off the mark enough 😂

BackforGood · 30/05/2019 22:14

Well, I'm about to look to switch suppliers if anyone wants to message me their code ? Grin

InDubiousBattle · 30/05/2019 22:15

We've been with them for 8 months and they've been great, saved £55 a month (£185 down to £130 a month).

Muddlingalongalone · 30/05/2019 22:15

I joined on a colleagues £100 recommendation credit last year & it was really simple.
I think it depends who your current supplier is though coz I have a friend who is really struggling to switch over to Octopus because current supplier are a pita

SmellMySmellbow · 30/05/2019 22:15

No they will handle the switchover for you so it's cleanly done and you won't pay double!

purplepandas · 30/05/2019 22:15

All good here too. Customer service was slow compared to octopus but seems good overall. No problems ( touch wood!)

WePutTheSpringinSpringfield · 30/05/2019 22:15

Haha thanks I’ll come back to this thread for sure if I decide to do it. I think I might do actually. Like I said it just seems too good!

OP posts:
beanbag19 · 30/05/2019 22:16

I can't think of any hidden costs. The only thing to check would be that the estimate bulb have given you is based on accurate usage estimates.

SmellMySmellbow · 30/05/2019 22:17

@BackforGood done Grin

WePutTheSpringinSpringfield · 30/05/2019 22:17

How do I get useage estimates Blush

OP posts:
gamerchick · 30/05/2019 22:17

Aw is this a new approach to spamming those referral links?

There's multiple threads on bulb if you look.

WePutTheSpringinSpringfield · 30/05/2019 22:18

What no? I just haven’t a clue about this stuff and I’m trying to learn 🤷🏻‍♀️

OP posts:
beanbag19 · 30/05/2019 22:20

Have a look on your last few bills and add up your yearly usage.

spugzbunny · 30/05/2019 22:21

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spugzbunny · 30/05/2019 22:24

Or anyone's referral for that matter! I have no shame in self Promoting my own though because ... I'm poor! 😂

BackforGood · 30/05/2019 22:57

How do I get useage estimates

If you've not had an annual statement, then you can phone up your current suppliers and ask them. The tricy thing with adding up your last 3 bills or so is it doesn't reflect the coldest months of the year.

Kittekats · 30/05/2019 23:01

We have officially finished the changeover period and swapped to bulb today. The changeover has been seemless.

The only thing as a previous poster noted is that they take payments in advance. So we have had to pay Scottish power our usual £210 last week and now are paying bill £199 tomorrow. We will end up in credit with Scottish power so will get a refund but it may be a wait. Just carefully check what payments go out when if cash is a bit tight.

OracleBI · 30/05/2019 23:11

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