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Mini break - Scarborough or Bridlington?

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QuestionableMouse · 30/05/2019 17:31

Or somewhere else? (within 2 hours drive from Sunderland)

Has to be a Premier Inn due to reasons. I did Scarborough last year and had fun but the parking was expensive and quite stressful! (tiny multi story car park)

Thinking about Bridlington because the Premier Inn has free parking and I've never been (I know its probably a bit more than two hours) Basically it's just for a short break after the stress of uni exams (last one tomorrow yay)

Thank you.

OP posts:
Newyearnewunicorn · 01/06/2019 22:04

Bridlington has a really nice old town, the priory and bayle gate museum, sewerby hall and gardens, flamborough and bempton have antique shops (also a couple in the old town). Thornwixk bay and north landing at flamborough have amazing clear seas. The beaches are great and really clean and safe to swim. The RSPB reserve at Bempton is great. There burton Agnes hall nearby.
Nice pubs in nearby villages. And loads of nice walks along the coast or in the wilds villages
Scarborough is ok but not as nice as it used to be. Quite a bit to do in Scarborough with the museums, castle, theatres, water park, spa,beautiful gardens in the summer. Whitby is incredibly popular but really not as nice as it used to be. Not much to do in Whitby.
Filey is lovely a hidden gem. As is Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

QuestionableMouse · 03/06/2019 00:23

I've a beach hut booked for Saltburn soon. Super excited!

I've booked four nights in Scarborough in September. I was hoping to go sooner but I've so much stuff going on its the first reasonable time.

Thank you for all the help! I'm going to do a few day trips out as well as visit Scarborough. I'll have the car so I'm not tied to one location.

OP posts:
Seaglow · 03/06/2019 14:59

Hello Questionable Mouse,

A lot depends on what you like to do and what appeals to you about going for a seaside break. I assume you like beaches and clifftop walks! The South Beach is a great swathe of golden sand. The Spa Theatre has a reasonable cafe for sandwiches and coffee after a walk on the beach. On the North Side, you can take a really nice walk along the cliffs to Sewerby. You can go into the Hall and Gardens or you can keep going and follow the undulating paths, trails and bridges through Danes Dyke. It opens out into a rocky cove with views of Bridlington Bay. If you are feeling energetic you can keep going until you get to Flamborough. There are nice walks around the Lighthouse and at North and South Landing. On the main road between Sewerby and Flamborough there is a nice place to eat for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea - Marton Manor Farm. It has fresh sandwiches, soup, baked potatoes, that sort of thing. During the summer months there is a land train that runs from the South Beach to Leisure World and another that runs from near the Expanse Hotel up to Sewerby Park. There is also a park and ride bus that goes from Leisure World up to South Beach. Leisure World has a nice swimming pool. There is a nice Italian Restaurant just outside Bridlington - Azurro in Carnaby. Alternatively, have you considered going in the other direction up to Northumberland? There is plenty to see and do there too and should be well within your driving range!

QuestionableMouse · 03/06/2019 19:27

Oh thank you. That's really helpful and kind of you. I've booked for Scarborough now but might sneek a trip to somewhere in Northumberland in too.

OP posts:
TattiePants · 03/06/2019 20:10

@QuestionableMouse I'm also in Sunderland and am planning a trip to Scarborough over the summer as I've promised the DC's I'll take them to Alpamare (swimming pools and slides). Definitely have a day trip to Whitby, it's a nice little town and the walk up to the abbey is lovely.

I've actually never been to Saltburn so we need to squeeze that in over the summer too.

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