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New blog posts 27th Nov to 3rd Dec - the Advent edition!

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DillyTante · 27/11/2011 09:08


OP posts:
SenseofEntitlement · 01/12/2011 12:53

Three posts up to now today on Camel's Hump:

Tyneside #N30 slideshow
The world's worst ever pun based competition

Well done on the book sales MmeG - that is really, really good!

MmeLindor. · 01/12/2011 13:46


It is back or almost.

If anyone of you is a bit technically minded, could you have a look at that post. I cannot get my photos back. Really don't want to have to go through all my posts, manually adding the photos. Which is the last resort.

Off the Ed Miliband webchat. Hope he has a flameproof vest on.

PetiteRaleuse · 01/12/2011 13:48


Poor bloke, judging by some of the questions there are some people on here who aren't too keen on him :)

Libran · 01/12/2011 14:22

Hi, another post this week, might interest Bristol bloggers in particular:

lowimpactmama · 01/12/2011 14:28

Afternoon everyone

MmeLindor hurray! Will have a nosey in just a min (not that I'm technically minded).

Petite will be reading your blog shortly too. I've been thinking about leftwing as an insult since yesterday and last night I dreamt my blog had a "leftwing and proud" badge Blush. Which I would have if I only knew how to do badges!

Will also be reading all the other blogs (keeps fingers crossed DS stays asleep for a while longer).

My thoughts on why World Aids Day matters to me

PetiteRaleuse · 01/12/2011 16:36

I have blogged this afternoon on Jeremy Clarkson though I guess most people are already sick of the whole story (news moves so fast nowadays doesn't it)

OutrageousFlavourLikeFreesias · 01/12/2011 18:09

BsDad, I hope you're still on the thread! I just wanted to say how much I loved your latest post. Some really useful guidance and insight into good presents to buy for children with autism.

Thank you for sharing. :)

OutrageousFlavourLikeFreesias · 01/12/2011 18:15

Oh, and SoE, I'm also loving The Camel's Hump. I especially liked the post about British xenophobia (as you can tell, I'm catching up here...)

Trills · 01/12/2011 18:19

Hello, I am not Christmas themed, not yet anyway. This one is about Agatha Christie, Alt text, and what you call it when you are internetting. Actually it's not about anything, but I hadn't blogged for a while so thought I'd better write something to get the juices flowing again.

staranise · 01/12/2011 19:36

Afraid no mention of Christmas from me either though maybe tomorrow as I'm going to get the Christmas books down from the attic tonight.

Anyway, today's post is a another random one on the girls deciding to rename the cat:

ShirleyKnot · 01/12/2011 21:08


Surprise cupcakes the surprise being that...well, I won't spoil it.

Felt good to write that one. Don't think I'm too cut out for anything vaguely serious!

YoungDebbie · 01/12/2011 21:14

Well, it's officially festive in our household - tree went up yesterday as occupational therapy for children not in school due to strike - so I'm up for a Christmas-themed blog post:

When it comes to Christmas presents, small is beautiful

wannaBe · 01/12/2011 21:21

I too blogged about

\link{\jeremy clarkson}
but perhaps from a different stances. And apologies to anyone who has read it - I had to edit due to the fact I can't put links into blogs no matter how hard I try.

MmeLindor. · 01/12/2011 22:24

Blogged about the #frothers today.

Blog is almost back to normal. What will I do with all my free time now that it is fixed?

Thanks all for the support this week.

bobzilla · 01/12/2011 22:50
yummymummyreally · 01/12/2011 23:34

Christmas poll! today along with my daughters highly sensible 5yo view of weds strikes! Enjoy!

MmeLindor. · 02/12/2011 07:43

I would like to do a blog post on this today. Would you like it for the CH

ShirleyKnot · 02/12/2011 09:07

Yes MMeL - that story is fucking AWFUL. Grrr!

SEO - I'm hoping to do a post about the CSA to tie up with my campaign thread.

I don't want to do it on my blog as my children read it and - well, that's just wrong for me. If I write it would you consider it for CM?

MmeLindor. · 02/12/2011 09:14

How have you been doing the CH blog,? I have written it on the blog, do I save as a draft and you press post?

ShirleyKnot · 02/12/2011 09:20

MMeL - when I did mine, I worte the post, saved the draft and then instead of a publish button, there's a "post for review" (or something similar) button.

SenseofEntitlement · 02/12/2011 09:27

Both suggestions sound great - I'm really pleased with the quality of writers we are gathering on CH. I was a bit worried at one point, but I'm pretty confident now. Each day we get more page views too. Which is nice :)

yummymummyreally · 02/12/2011 09:33

Am i allowed to ask what CH is? :-)

PetiteRaleuse · 02/12/2011 09:34

The Camel's Hump.

Here is my blog post for today, about the culture of victim blaming, using, as one example, DSK, and another example, myself.

PetiteRaleuse · 02/12/2011 09:35

yummy it's a blog set up by SOE which quite a few of us are contribting on, magazine style.

MmeLindor. · 02/12/2011 09:36

Hmm. I cannot seem to add a photo. The button for that is missing.

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