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New blog posts 27th Nov to 3rd Dec - the Advent edition!

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DillyTante · 27/11/2011 09:08


OP posts:
FlamingoBingo · 28/11/2011 11:35

Today Free Your Parenting has a guest post about surrendering to breastfeeding - follows on nicely from my massive hitting post last week!

MmeLindor. · 28/11/2011 11:40

I am quite a calm person, really. What is the point of getting all het up about something like a blog not being online. Seriously. There are worse things in the world.

Not that it does not annoy me, but it is not like I am loosing money over this. If it were a business website I would be climbing the walls.

Files are uploading to new host so should be done soon. The support from Blacknight was super, so if anyone is thinking of moving to self-hosted, do check them out.

PetiteRaleuse · 28/11/2011 11:45

Sorry, MmeL I was joking.

MmeLindor. · 28/11/2011 12:00

No worries, PT.

PetiteRaleuse · 28/11/2011 12:07

The dog? The DOG? Angry

Now you know how that'll end up


KnittingNovice · 28/11/2011 12:12

Blogging 'live' from my hospital bed today here

Come over and say hello

MmeLindor. · 28/11/2011 12:43

oh, OK.

Is loading. Still at 14.5%

Poor old Daphne. She has a lot to put up with.
PetiteRaleuse · 28/11/2011 12:48

When I was in the UK I meant to go to the zoo, but I didn't get the opportunity. Instead I have decided to review the one zoo I think everyone should visit

Even if you don't approve of zoos, which I don't.

PetiteRaleuse · 28/11/2011 12:49

That is a very sweet picture.

wannaBe · 28/11/2011 15:21

hello all.

Haven't blogged for a couple of weeks, partly due to not being able to come up with the right words/not having the right inspiration etc. but today I have blogged about

\link{\what is in the public interest vs what interests the public}

in response to the death of Gary speed (those who have me on twitter may have seen my rant about it this morning).

Petitte I drempt about you last night, although I can't remember what it was - only that you, and your blog! were mentioned... :D

PetiteRaleuse · 28/11/2011 15:30

Not sure how to answer that wannaBe.

I hope whatever was said was highly complimentary though I doubt it Grin

wannaBe · 28/11/2011 16:03

bloody hell it's just taken me about ten minutes to figure out how to comment on my own blog. Blush

SophRunning · 28/11/2011 18:25

Hello. Bit grim over here. Anyone got kids that have been bullied? This is what happened to us last week: Grace Under Pressure

strawberry17 · 28/11/2011 20:08

Lifeasanexpatparent - thanks for correcting my link, never get them right on here!!

DroitwichMummy - Following your blog, if you want to ask me anything feel free to pm me.

MmeGuillotine · 28/11/2011 21:57
bobzilla · 28/11/2011 22:02

Evening! My latest is all about baking with my wee ones.

YoungDebbie · 28/11/2011 22:59

Actually posted this blog last night but ran out of steam to put it on here too - but hoping it will appeal to those struggling with pre-Xmas economies!

Lipstick is not the only treat

ScatCatShoo · 29/11/2011 05:57

Just finished and posted my latest recipe - Macaroons with an Indian Twist

Have had little or no inspiration recently, winter always does that to me :( Maybe its the lack of light!

MmeLindor, I hope you get back and up soon. I was thinking of going the self-hosted route, but I think I'll wait for a bit longer nwo!

RhinestoneCowgirl · 29/11/2011 08:19

Oh good, we can talk about Christmas now... :)

Quick post about making decorations here

RhinestoneCowgirl · 29/11/2011 08:22

Scat I really want to make macaroons now...

ShirleyKnot · 29/11/2011 10:09

Morning all.

No new posts from me. I can't think of what to write about Confused and I'm too busy to do any cooking.

Am still reading though!

FiveHoursSleep · 29/11/2011 11:48

We've had a death in the family

MmeLindor. · 29/11/2011 12:11

The Autumn Statement - Free Childcare - Soundbite or Sound Policy?

Blog still not up and running. Now uploading files for the second time.

PetiteRaleuse · 29/11/2011 12:12

Afternoon, a parenting post from me today. Things no-one tells you before having babies

MmeLindor. · 29/11/2011 12:14

I am only having issues cause I changed host, and that would not have been necessary if WEBHOSTINGHUB.COM weren't useless feckers.

New host BLACKNIGHT.COM are very helpful so far, and so I hope that the blog will be up again soon.

Uploading the files takes ages, estimated 17 hours.

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