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New blog posts 27th Nov to 3rd Dec - the Advent edition!

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DillyTante · 27/11/2011 09:08


OP posts:
MmeGuillotine · 30/11/2011 18:46

Thanks! And, now that I've had a chance to look through the thread, congratulations to everyone else who achieved something this week! :)

Shirley, I'm going to read your post now! :)

staranise · 30/11/2011 19:47

Well done Mme Guillotine, that's amazing! I really need to get a Kindle...

overmydeadbody · 30/11/2011 21:08

Congratulations MmeG! That is amazing, I hope you sell many more too!

the lowdown on my first craft fair

MmeGuillotine · 30/11/2011 21:17

Thanks so much! :)

reallymissingsleep · 30/11/2011 21:41

Hello lovely people :) Here is a link to one of my latest blog posts.

donttrythisathome · 30/11/2011 21:42

I'm newish to blogging and have a blog about my toddler daughter with a simplicity parenting/montessori twist.

I've blogged about making simple gorgeous bread with a one year old

I'd love any honest feedback (I'm well hard, sock it to me!) please.

Looking forward to seeing what you've all been up to.

lowimpactmama · 30/11/2011 22:00

MmeG that is totally fantastic! Well done! Big Wine

QueenMaeve your house looks totally gorgeous [space envy]. I've just followed you on twitter (@lowimpactmama)

PetiteR well done on the record high stats!

ScatCatShoo · 01/12/2011 06:20

Ohmigosh, I am on the front page of the Bloggers Network

Just wanted to share that I got my first ever 5000 unique viewers for a month, and hit 15,000 pageviews

Thanks for the encouragement peeps, you guys have kept me blogging through some pretty heavy moments.

Esp to MmeLindor and MmeG thank you, you're stars.

ScatCatShoo · 01/12/2011 06:21

MmeG, I was one of your thousand... and I LOVED your book!

MmeGuillotine · 01/12/2011 07:48

Thanks very much! xxxx

Today's post is a selection of Victorian Prostitute/Jack the Ripper/dark Victoriana inspired Christmas gifts if, um, like me you are into the sort of thing.

overmydeadbody · 01/12/2011 08:55

I'm at home today with a very ill DS, so have blogged about our advent calendar this morning.

Poor DS is too ill to even notice the calendar though, let alone eat the goodies within Sad

overmydeadbody · 01/12/2011 08:56

ScatCat well done and congratulations on being on the front page of the bloggers network and, more importantly, for your amazing page views! I love site stats.

PetiteRaleuse · 01/12/2011 10:04

Loving seeing all the good news people are having this week. We've just got to get MmeL up and running again now.

Today I have posted about the use of the word "leftwing" as an insult .

fiddlerintheloft · 01/12/2011 10:12

After a shameful week-long silence (family staying, tonnes of work) I've finally started blogging again, and today's post is about How and why to join an orchestra

Looking forward to working through this thread and enjoying some MN bloggery

fiddlerintheloft · 01/12/2011 10:16

is it just me or is something weird going on with MN, I keep having to log in again every time I try and post a comment so apologies if any of my comments get duplicated.

ScatCatShoo - fantastic new about your blog, well done - I dream of such stats! Not surprised though, you blog is brilliant. Congrats

PetiteRaleuse · 01/12/2011 10:19

fiddler I misread the words "Mn bloggery" then Grin

fiddlerintheloft · 01/12/2011 10:22

Grin @ Petite - pretty sure it's not the correct terminology anyway?

wannaBe · 01/12/2011 10:57

morning all.

MmeG I saw your news on twitter - congratulations! [wmile]

I hit 1000 blog hits this week, which I know is minimal compared to the majority of the rest on here.

I know that to get more hits I need to blog more and possibly to have a mn badge on my blog (I am in the bloggers network but haven't added the badge thingy) but I have no idea how to add one.

Saw on twitter that MmeL is making progress with getting her blog back up and running so fingers crossed for her.

blog post to follow shortly.

Typecast · 01/12/2011 11:41

I have put the first item on my Christmas list on my blog today.
I want a Kindle really badly this year but I've already had a camera so I might just be p**sing in the wind with this one!!

PetiteRaleuse · 01/12/2011 11:44

Typecast you NEED a kindle. Everyone does. Love your song.

wannaBe · 01/12/2011 11:56

you need a kindle. Everyone does. Well, I don't - but I am the exception... Grin
Does anyone remember me posting


I wrote it in response to an internet friend of mine who had gone into hospital for heart bypass surgery and who had seemingly disappeared..

Well I have an update (which I don't want to post on the blog since he reads it and since I was careful not to mention him on it at the time).

He is fine. Actually, he isn't fine - he spent an extra four weeks in hospital due to the fact he contracted MRSA and very nearly did die. This has set back his recovery massively. However,he is now out of hospital and recovery is happening albeit very slowly.

And I've just realized that my next post (which I am currently writing) is also about death grr perhaps I need to think of something more light-hearted to blog about first... Grin

wannaBe · 01/12/2011 12:08

ok I have posted perhaps somewhat emotively about

\link{\the right to die}

off to write about christmas and consumerism now!

Typecast · 01/12/2011 12:23

petiteraleuse yes, yes I do NEED one but I'm trying to convince the money manager (husband) after getting him to fork out for the camera Hmm

FiveHoursSleep · 01/12/2011 12:32

Blethering on about how I coped with the strike

DillyTante · 01/12/2011 12:44

Hello all

Don'ttrythisathome, I really liked your bread post. MmeG congrats on your book, you must be very proud of yourself.

Scatcat, great stats. Shirley, great song. Um, can't remember everyone else's news but I have been reading!

My post today is showcasing my advent calendar :)

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