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Anyone got any recommendations for funny blogs/bloggers?

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Lakota · 30/10/2011 12:22

I mean smaller ones - not the massive websites such as Regretsy, Cake Wrecks etc, I waste enough time on sites like those already!

I read quite a lot of thrift/fashion/craft style blogs already and my favourites are those with humour - am happy to check blogs on any theme though. Parenting blogs have potential to be hilarious but most I've seen are either a string of reviews on everything under the sun, or the not very interesting foibles of small children always given the pseudonym 'the Princess'. Obviously I realise that humour is subjective, but I try to keep mine amusing.

Any suggestions?

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GraceWhoIsTired · 30/10/2011 18:28

What a great name for a blog! I'm also trying to write with humour, otherwise it'd make for fairly grim a subject matter.

Blogging the Tiredness

Lakota · 30/10/2011 20:02

Thanks, have just been to check your blog out

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beararse · 30/10/2011 20:08

I love this one which is by a MNer and very funny (although I haven't kept up to date with it for ages, she always used to make me laugh Grin)

tash640 · 30/10/2011 20:15

Hello I'm new to blogging only started last week - this is my blog based on my own made up diet The1970'sdiet - hope you like it


MmeLindor. · 30/10/2011 20:32

Oh, I was coming on to suggest PartySpanner. She is so funny.

The Bloggess is great.

Humour is tricky, as one person's hilarious is the next person's meh.

I know what you mean about parenting blogs. There are some really good ones out there though. I did a blog hop this week and have loads of new blogs on there, many nothing to do with parenting. Have a look here, maybe there are some there that tickle your funnybone.

Lakota · 30/10/2011 21:44

Thanks, will look at PartySpanner and your blog hop - am aware of The Bloggess already

OP posts:
patienceofasaint · 31/10/2011 09:13

Have a look at The Secret Life of a Divorcee... if you want something to amuse you, this might do the trick....

purplemom · 31/10/2011 11:07

I have a parenting blog and am (at times) funny. I also promise I don't ever call my son princess.

Anyhoomaryloo · 31/10/2011 11:27

Hello, hello!! I'm brand new to this blogging lark but like to think that I may have my witty moments. Well I guffaw like a good'un at my own jokes anyway! Let me know what you think.....

Anyhoomaryloo · 31/10/2011 11:32

Doh!!! Meant to post the title....

Old enough to know better!

jemijeri · 02/11/2011 22:09

check out - I'm an addict. It's really funny and poignant too - you must read the latest posts when Eliza's dog dies. I was in tears. But she's always making up mad stories and getting herself in a mess, like when she was working in a gallery and broke a vase and told the owner she'd sold it! It's odd she doesn't seem to have many followers, but maybe they're following by email and it doesn't register them on the site?

graybyname · 04/11/2011 11:04

Thanks jemijeri for mentioning my blog! Wd love feedback from anyone?!

ShirleyKnot · 05/11/2011 18:32

Just clicked through my site stats and found this! Thank you so much beararse for linking my silly blog, and MME too. Blush

ShevSok · 16/11/2011 19:55

I hope my parenting blog is seen as funny.. I also dont stick to parenting, that much writing about my kid would probably bore me more than you guys!

Please do comment if you have any thoughts!

ShevSok · 16/11/2011 19:56

I hope my parenting blog is seen as funny.. I also dont stick to parenting, that much writing about my kid would probably bore me more than you guys!

Please do comment if you have any thoughts!

Hannnah · 22/11/2011 13:44


Up Yours Gina Ford

Just the title made me laugh - I think she's brilliant.

MaidInYorkshire · 22/11/2011 16:38

Well, as my first journalism job was a humour column, I hope I am sometimes vaguely funny:

Fingers crossed...

MaidInYorkshire · 22/11/2011 16:39
sjp22 · 22/11/2011 17:35

When I'm not reviewing children's classes, cafes, playgroups etc etc, I'll often write about my every day disasters and embarrassments with the kids (usually being disasters caused by kids and embarrassments caused my moi). Thoroughly enjoyed reading some of the chuckle stories recommended above! You can see my blog on //

notatschool · 22/11/2011 18:16

I really like Grit's Day - she home educates triplet girls, is painfully honest and really really funny.

I also like Go Fug Yourself, normally makes me laugh, although it might count as a "big one"

yummymummyreally · 22/11/2011 20:21

Mine's a parenting blog and I hope that I sometimes make it funny? My children make me laugh so much but it's sometimes hard to translate it to the page. Check this one out and let me know what you think.

WeLovePeas · 23/11/2011 10:24

I'd like to think I am a bit funny. Is it bad form to promote your own blog?! I am new to these 'ere parts.

reallymissingsleep · 30/11/2011 21:26 is my new blog in for a penny and all that, might as well chuck mine into the fray, not a princess in sight! Well I do have two boys :) haha x

marthamufffett · 30/11/2011 23:15

Hi, don't really know whether you're allowed to promote your own blog or not but i'm new to this and don't have a clue where to start.
I'm writing a, hopefully, humorous blog called "Letters to Nigel Slater" about food, life and the universe, and a parallel of two lives - the single man-about-town and the careworn single mother in the provinces. My one reader, who also happens to be my best friend, seems to be amused - so, a 100% success rate!

Georgieann · 06/12/2011 17:22

I'd be delighted if you would check mine out and leave a comment. It's a lifestyle blog and covers everything from fashion, interiors, food and dining out.
Hope you like it

Here is the link below:

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