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How can I get more readers on my blog?

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MeHeandThem · 27/10/2011 22:07

Hello. Two friends and I have just started a parent blog, // (and rather than tell you about our every day, we try to talk about anything that might interest parents, what to do at the week-end, what to cook and any other thoughts or funny stories) but we have so few readers, we feel we are doing all this for nothing.
We have started 3 weeks ago and emailed all our friends. We have add 70+ review on a day or 2 but often it's between 5 and 20 viewers!!
I know we need to comment on other blogs and subscribe to blogging websites but I'm not sure which ones and we don't want all my readers to be other mummy bloggers, we would also like just mums and dads.
It would be great if you could have a look at our blog and maybe let me know what you think, what you like and don't like, what we could improve. Also how long did it tell you to have a readership outside of your friends and family? Thanks. Me & The Boys.

OP posts:
Violet5 · 27/10/2011 22:37

I've added your blog to my blog roll (my blog's fairly new) .
Haven't any useful advice unfortunately, or nothing you probably aren't already doing, like linking it on here, but other's might have some more good advice/ideas.
I just wanted to say i'd taken a quick look and enjoyed it and will visit againSmile

MmeGuillotine · 27/10/2011 22:51

I'm not a big fan of parenting blogs but I really like yours. I wouldn't worry too much about readers at this stage - it took me a few months to gather a proper readership - I was probably getting much the same amount of views as you in the first month but now two years on, I now get almost 3,000 page views a day so it does get better, I promise. :)

If you want to build up readership then nothing works better than good old fashioned networking beyond the confines of your own blog so gad about and comment on blogs that interest you. Also, set up Facebook and Twitter for the blog and make sure you keep them updated with the latest posts. I have my Facebook page linked to Twitter so that when I post to it, Twitter automatically updates. :)

Er, it's been a LONG day so my mind has gone blank now. I'll come back if I remember any other nuggets that may be helpful to you. My own blog is about writing and history so I'm more au fait on how to build up a readership for that sort of thing really. :)

MeHeandThem · 27/10/2011 23:17

Thanks Violet5. I have subscrived to your blog. You seem to be amazing. Thanks for your comment re my blog. I hope you will appreciate the future posts.

And Thanks Mme Guillotine. I'm glad you liked our blog. And thanks for the tips and encouragement. I did read somewhere that you should not check your stats too much but I can't stop myself!. I checked your blog very quickly and love the pictures. A bit of culture. Great. One of my single told me this week that I was only a mum now when I said I did not know anything about Kensington Palace in London - I have lived in London for 10 years! So I need some culture! Thanks.

OP posts:
MmeGuillotine · 28/10/2011 00:05

Oh no, checking stats is a very normal thing to do. I check mine every day so that I can see what sorts of searches are bringing people to my blog as it's helpful to know what readers are looking for and if there are questions I can answer for them.

Oh dear, that was a bit rude. I don't think anyone is 'only a mum'. I love art and history but I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea. One of the reasons I started my blog though was to have a little space all of my own to talk about the things that I find interesting - it's a bit of a lifeline really on days when I feel overwhelmed by childrearing and laundry. :)

Bitzer · 28/10/2011 09:31

MeHeandThem - I feel your pain, I set up a blog about coming back to music ( about three weeks ago and traffic is still v v slow (I reckon its mostly just DM, DH occasionally and the odd person who stumbles upon it). I'm having a few teething issues (subscribe button doesn't seem to be working and rss is not doing what I want it to), which isn't helping so I'm not going out of my way to market it at the moment. But it does all feel a bit pointless when nobody's really reading it (I got 9 hits yesterday [hsad]). Part of the problem is that there don't seem to be lots of other 'similar' blogs that I can add to my blog roll (and hope they'll reciprocate).

I like your blog a lot by the way. Have just posted a pumpkin-related comment!

Mme Guillotine - had a good rummage around your blog yesterday - brilliant. (I get all wistful thinking about 3,000 page views...)

MmeLindor. · 28/10/2011 10:28

Love your blogs, MeHe and Bitzer. Will add to my blogroll.

I have been thinking about doing a blog link with new bloggers, so will set that up now and then link to it.

Bitzer · 28/10/2011 10:32

Ah, thanks MmeLindor - you're one of the very few people outside my family who has ever looked at it [hgrin]! And where might I find your blog?

Bitzer · 28/10/2011 10:35

actually, have just found it. Will really enjoy reading a bit about Geneva - many moons ago (university year abroad) I lived in Thonon-les-bains. Without going into too many details, it was a tough year - Geneva was my refuge!

MmeLindor. · 28/10/2011 10:44


Join in by clicking the link at the bottom and then add the code to your blog (where it says GET CODE) so that you have the link there too.

Bitzer · 28/10/2011 10:48

Ooh, lovely - thanks v much, Mme. I'm going to try and get sort out the few glitches on my site before posting mine but will aim to do it later today.

MmeLindor. · 28/10/2011 10:51

oooh, I know Thonon - we live pretty close to there. Not a particularly fascinating place to live.

Bitzer · 28/10/2011 11:13

No, quite. Especially when you're 19, without means of transport and you don't know anyone. Dead pretty though Smile

overmydeadbody · 28/10/2011 13:45

MeHeandThem I know it's hard, but you need to keep in mind you have only just started and it takes time to establish your blog and up the readers, every month you will probably see a slight increase in the number of people visiting your blog, so don't worry too much, just blog away, don't get too obsessed with your stats (not easy for me to say, I check mine hourly if I am at home, it's a bit of an addiction)

Don't eworry about just promoting yourself to other bloggers, most people who read blogs (imo) are also bloggers themselves, so comment on lots of other blogs, etc and be patient.

MeHeandThem · 28/10/2011 22:50

Waouh. Thanks for all your replies. And you know what today, we got over 50+ readers. Thanks to all of you who had a quick look, it feels really good.
And thanks for all your tips. I'll continue the promotion and try not too get too obsessed with the stats, although I probably won't be able to stop myself either!

Thanks Bitzer for your comment. Hopefully you did not get too scared with the reply!!

Mme Lindor, I like your blog. One of my very good friend is moving to Geneva soon and is dreading it. I'll talk to her about your blog.

OP posts:
Violet5 · 29/10/2011 08:57

Just spotted your reply, thank you MeHeandThem, i'll definitely be paying your blog plenty more visit's, good luck increasing your stat's Smile

Witchthis · 30/10/2011 06:39

Linked up! Thankyou mme Lindor!

fiddlerintheloft · 30/10/2011 07:40

Thanks from me too for all those who visited the site and to Mme Lindor for all the help - was great seeing the stats go up and getting my first non-spam comments! meheandthem - will try to upload my pumpkin shot tonight if I get a chance.

MeHeandThem · 31/10/2011 20:44

And try LoveNewBlog if your blog is under 1 year old. You can send a post every week and it might get selection for the weekly showcase. I did it last week for the first time and our post got selected. I'm so proud, and we got lost of new readers!!!! Try it.
Me & The Boys

OP posts:
piouslady · 31/10/2011 21:48

I'm new to blogging too and finding it both baffling and addictive. I'm told that Twitter is the key to raise your profile, although I have yet to try it. I love the picture on your strap and was grateful for the shoe-box reminder since I've been meaning to (and had forgotten) to assemble mine. Jealous of your pumpkin which is much better than mine!

MmeLindor. · 31/10/2011 21:57

Oh, glad that the blog hop brought you some new readers.

There will be a new one on Friday so watch out for it.

CheeseandGherkins · 01/11/2011 08:34

MmeLindor I just used the link for my blog, I managed to do it twice though so it's displaying two times and I couldn't delete one Blush sorry about that and hope it's not a hassle to fix.

ChipsnCheese · 01/11/2011 08:55

A commercial company would cross-promote.
If you are serious, you need to get a good twitter feed going and link (as piouslady says). Will take a bit of time.
Oh - and make sure it's humourous.
Or - post about it on mumsnet! (I'm going to read it now!)

MmeLindor. · 01/11/2011 10:23

No worries, I took the second link off. I did that the first time I used the linkytools because I thought it didn't work. Thanks for linking.

Just read some of your blog, I hadn't seen it before. Cannot believe that someone burnt Scarlett's grave. What bastards. Who would do that? I cried reading that post. (((hugs)))

MmeLindor. · 01/11/2011 10:24

oh, and Cheese. You seem to have put the link on every post, which is a bit distracting.

You could do a short post about the bloghop sayign that you joined in and put it on that post so it only shows up once.

SixthSenseofEntitlement · 02/11/2011 23:24

Bloghop joined, and having a look through the blogs on this thread right now :)

(My blog is here btw)

Shameless promotion :)

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