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The White Boar's Head: Student Union Bar at the University of Milton North

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DumSpiroSpero · 28/09/2011 23:09

Student discounts available on all varieties of Chateau Gisborne and Polish Cordial.

OP posts:
PassTheTwiglets · 29/09/2011 12:35

I have a Friday house, Small :)

TheSmallPrint · 29/09/2011 12:39

I have a Friday life Grin

Russianpony · 29/09/2011 12:51

Saw this this morning on my FB page and our Friday competition reminded me of it!!!

Definitely hard to keep some perspective though isn't it when it feels everything is falling down around you. Sending you some just pretend it is you at 6'10!! Grin

PassTheTwiglets · 29/09/2011 12:55

Something to cheer us all up: more Project mag photos I do find them hard to navigate through (there seems to be no 'next' button, only a button to jump you to the next set of pics?)

Off to volunteer in school this afternoon. Had thought I could do without it but actually I think it will be good to get out of here, where everybody is having a go at me :( Plumber, parents, kids... I like the idea of being somewhere where I am the boss :)

Russianpony · 29/09/2011 13:47

Slightly off topic, and Spiro may appreciate the accompanying photos more than others, but made me think! And it is an art exhibition, therefore very suitable for our culturedness!!Grin

Right - lunch break over!!

SupermassiveLBD · 29/09/2011 13:49

Friday lives maybe, but we have a top-notch middle of the week Man to crush on.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 29/09/2011 13:58

My, it's cosy in here.

::drinks lunchtime pint of Polish cordial::

The Bloke is aware that I spend most of my life some time on MN but says no more about it. Then again, my best friends in the sense of people I actually know live a long way away and we don't often get to meet face to face, and I'm always thumping out long emails to them too, so seeing me labouring over a hot keyboard isn't new. To be frank I'm a little, err, don't know - puzzled/surprised/miffed on your behalf - if your partners are telling you you spend too long on MN. As long as your children aren't covered in lice and eating frozen pizza straight from the box, who's to say what is too much? Then again, I've never been good at that whole deferring to one's husband schtick and he's given up the attempt.

SupermassiveLBD · 29/09/2011 14:15

Hello, Maudie, nice, here, isn't it? i dunno what MrM thinks about my MN-ing. Probably glad it shuts me up while he gawps at what he wants on the telly.

And like you many of my cronies friends are far-flung, so he too is used to the mad keyboarding.Better than having them all round here invading his space.

I suppose if he was more into actual conversations with me, it would be different.

DumSpiroSpero · 29/09/2011 14:34

Massive - ditto on the Mr Spiro front!

Recognise photos - I needed those - have the week morning from Hell.
I wonder what happened to the ones with the black suit and red shirt that were on Facebook? It's lovely to have new resources, but tbh I think they're a bit wide of the mark. It strikes me that they've tried to do something different with all the layers of woolly gubbins and weird colours, and somewhat ignored what 'works', but let's face it - anything new is better than nothing in the current RA drought, and a few were worth adding to the speed dial:

Not bad?
?better (and would be better still cropped to head and shoulders imo?)
?much better?


OP posts:
DumSpiroSpero · 29/09/2011 14:36

I have no idea what the ?'s are about - I c & p's from Word so something's been lost in translation.

(And on second viewing I may have to transpose 'much better' and 'yum')

OP posts:
ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 29/09/2011 14:37

Yes, it's very nice.

::slumps in slightly faded velvet armchair and drops bag of porkie scratchings on the swirly red carpet::

Since The Bloke's employer issued everyone with a laptop and Blackberry, he and his colleagues now (it seems) spend every evening working - nobody is ever off duty or maybe he's participating in some Bimbo Appreciation Academy on Dadsnet and hasn't told me. So, over the last year or so, we have gone from sitting companionably on adjoining sofas half-watching the telly while I waste time on MN communicate my penetrating philosophical insights to an eager world to me sitting on my tod in one room doing that while he runs his empire from the kitchen table. Did someone mention the working time directive?

Our conversations take place (a) early in the morning, when I communicate mostly by grunts and grimacing (b) in the evening, when after a sherry or two I become quite animated but any conversation is hijacked by The Girl (c) at bedtime, when The Bloke communicates mostly through the medium of snoring and (d) in the car, when each has a captive audience.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 29/09/2011 14:40

Hi Spiro. I will screw in my monocle and have a better look at those later, but my initial thought is that the third one is the best.

::empties ice bucket over head::

Russianpony · 29/09/2011 15:13

Interesting!! I prefer the top one as you can see his eyes best!! And I really don't like him with a beard!!Grin suppose it depends on what part you like assuming it's not just all of him to be brutally honest!!

Well I'll continue coming on here as and when I please but i do see what the colonel said this morning as I did ignore him last night when I came home which is very rude and I often spend all evening on my phone on the sofa next to him while pretending to watch tv together!! Must be frustrating!!
And I should be very grateful my husband does want to spend time with me!!Hmm. Think over past few years I've got used to having my weekday evenings to myself as he's been away so much!! Only since moving here has he been home practically every night!!Grin. We have to learn to live together again!! Smile

SupermassiveLBD · 29/09/2011 15:16

'Tis certainly a good twiglets sighting, that third one.

Any cheese and onion crisps to go with this pint of Mount Gisborne? Or have they all been trodden into the carpet already? Wasn't this the one they used to have at the Argy Bhaji in Albert Square?

DumSpiroSpero · 29/09/2011 15:23

RP - Mr Spiro used to work shifts and combined with having an active social life was often out 3-5 nights a week. Over the last 3 years he's changed job and the social life has become less active and I am struggling hugely with losing my 'space'. Confused

OP posts:
SupermassiveLBD · 29/09/2011 15:36

And it always seems down to us to adapt, doesn't it?


TheSmallPrint · 29/09/2011 16:00

If I start on this subject I won't stop, so I won't start!

I love all those shots Spiro, I do agree with RP that the first one does make the most of his eyes.

Russianpony · 29/09/2011 16:10

Cheese & onion! Mmmm!! I'll have some of those to go with my chateau gisborne polish cordial cocktail!!!

Subject changed goes without saying that we'd have none of these problems if RA was our other half WinkGrin

SupermassiveLBD · 29/09/2011 16:17

Then it would just be all those other women trying to kidnap him

Russianpony · 29/09/2011 16:22

wouldn't matter he'd be ours and they could look all they liked, but not touched!! Hmm wonder if The Man would cope with being under lock & key all day every day?!

PassTheTwiglets · 29/09/2011 16:25

Oh would you look at the Twiglets on that 3rd one of yours Spiro?! Wowsers Sorry your week has been horrid - is it an Academy disease here this week?! I have cheered up since coming back from school and the plumber has not only finished and gone but he also charged half what I thought he would and my mum's cleared up after him. And we are going out soon, to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Firth.

Maud, from what I understand, I don't think anyone's partners are bothered about MNing during the day when on kid-duty, isn't the objection just when Academics spend a lot of time alone on the laptop/PC in the evening, instead of sitting with them? I don't see anyone deferring to their partners, more a case of trying to be more sociable? It's ok for me 'cos I just have the laptop on the sofa nd we still chat/watch TV etc. together.

And Massive - can we please STOP talking about treading things into the carpet? :)

DumSpiroSpero · 29/09/2011 17:18

I'm 'not allowed' to have the laptop on the sofa as apparently my typing makes too much noise...Hmm

Re the pics - my gut reaction to the first one was the same, but when I looked again I though there was just a tiny something about the eyes that didn't look quite right. I like the little smirk and the glint in his eye in number 3, and number 4, slightly dishevelled and ripe for more dishevelling...Grin


OP posts:
DumSpiroSpero · 29/09/2011 17:20

Then there's the thighs, and all those layers...

just as well we're having salad tonight

OP posts:
SupermassiveLBD · 29/09/2011 17:54

Salad! Brilliant move, Spiro!

But then I'd probably start trying to wash the lettuce under the hot tap.

all those layers Now we're back to pass the parcel again Grin

Apologies Twigs, I shoud have remembered you were extremely sensitive on the topic of carpets after your visit from the plumber.

Russianpony · 29/09/2011 19:41

Quick - The Colonel has just popped out to get DD from gym, so I have about 20 mins!!! I've stopped cooking my supper, but I'm still roasting my peppers, so don't let me forget them!!

Off to study those photos in closer, larger on the proper computer now!

Back in a sec!!Grin

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