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anyone else excited that holly willoughby is in labour .. NOW!!

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Shhhh · 12/04/2011 20:46

Rarely do we hear of a sleb when they are in labour.. usually find out after the event iykiwm...

Think its nice its kept personal but its also quite exciting knowing she is in labour now!


Quite like HW as well, she not to "in your face" as myleen klass certain slebs are.

Good luck Holly Smile

OP posts:
laurielou · 13/04/2011 10:02

No, I'm not excited - I thought she was due about the same time as me & now I'm scared Grin

I'm currently sat at my desk still in work.............

Whatevs · 13/04/2011 10:04

I find the whole 'celeb twittering to announce their pregnancy, sex of their baby, labour and birth' really bloody odd, actually.

collision · 13/04/2011 10:04

really really not

ShowOfHands · 13/04/2011 10:06

I'm thoroughly unmoved. But then I'm not sure who she is.

nethunsreject · 13/04/2011 10:08

Not as in your face? She's announcing to the world she is in labour. Ffs that is odd imo.

stylenotfashion · 13/04/2011 10:23

I think Pip Schofe/This Morning could have just said she's having a day off.

Then Fearne Cotton tweeted pics of her in the labour room. FGS.

Holly is a presenter not the queen, she needs to shh up and have a baby, not announce it so its all over the press.

I care not. But the knowledge of it everywhere annoys me.

CatherineWindsor · 13/04/2011 10:24

I think Pip should tell us how many cms dilated she is and if she's pushed a little poo out too.

MillsAndDoom · 13/04/2011 10:29

lol at "pushed a little poo out too" Grin

Shhhh · 13/04/2011 13:09

just me then... Geeze, some of you need to lighten up Wink.

Not just coz she is a sleb but guess I get excited in general when someone is about to have a baby. Lovely time.

And, the point about her announcing she is in labour.. apparently she didn't. Philip schofield did.... Maybe she didn't think he would be so public with his knowledge Hmm

OP posts:
ClancyCrew · 13/04/2011 13:11

You freak. How does it impact on your life?

Shhhh · 13/04/2011 13:39

It doesn't impact clancy, just thought it was nice that all.

I also dont appreciate being called a freak bit harsh imho.

OP posts:
noddyholder · 13/04/2011 13:40


BeaMoaning · 13/04/2011 13:44

Thousands of women do it everyday, I tend not to be in a permanant state of excitement at the thought of this, so no I am not that excited that the presenter of This Morning is giving birth.
Are you one of those people who send in handknitted matinee jackets to presenters who announce they are expecting op? Grin

stylenotfashion · 13/04/2011 13:46

lol at Bea Grin

Shhhh · 13/04/2011 13:47

not me beamoaning.

Im not excited that HW is giving birth as such, I guess im excited that a little baby will arrive soon.

I guess no harm in being broody and loving the idea of someone having a baby.

Don't all flame me !

OP posts:
GemmaPomPom · 13/04/2011 13:48

I am waiting with baited breath for her to have her baby.

Reason being, I want to hear what she is calling it and I am hoping to goodness that it's not one of the names from my Baby List.

stylenotfashion · 13/04/2011 13:49

I'm not flaming you Shhhh I'm just not a fan of Barbie, err, I mean Holly perfectineverywayWilloughby.

FAB5 · 13/04/2011 13:51

I am excited in that I would like to hear how she is. Anybody's new baby coming is lovely news Smile.

TrinityIsABunnyMunchingRhino · 13/04/2011 13:52

I only found out who she was when I watched yummy scrummy cook in the nude on this morning

(that is her isn't it)

yousankmybattleship · 13/04/2011 13:54

Well, I think it's exciting! She seems like a genuinely nice person and a new baby is always an exciting thing. Shame on you meanies!

Shhhh · 13/04/2011 13:54

that was my reasoning fab5... but don't think it was taken that way..

OP posts:
FAB5 · 13/04/2011 13:57

Just you and me then Shhhh Grin.

Shhhh · 13/04/2011 13:59

looks that way Grin oh and yousankmy...

OP posts:
yousankmybattleship · 13/04/2011 13:59

and me.....

BeaMoaning · 13/04/2011 14:00

You should go and have a daytrip to your local labour ward, you would be in your element Wink

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