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I was cabin crew AMA

55 replies

Cicciabella · 15/01/2024 22:13

Just that really ,,,,,

OP posts:
HP89 · 15/01/2024 22:15

Where’s the best place to sit if you’re pregnant?

Hatenewyear · 15/01/2024 22:17

I’m flying to Singapore from London in cattle class, any tips for enjoying it!?

PamelaParis · 15/01/2024 22:19

Is it true you usually work with different colleagues in the cabin on every flight?
And have you ever shagged a pilot?

Cicciabella · 15/01/2024 22:20

Pregnant- near the loos

OP posts:
Cicciabella · 15/01/2024 22:21

Rostered different Crew every flight- there were 5000 of us at Longhaul heathrow

OP posts:
Cicciabella · 15/01/2024 22:22

Shagged a few crew!

OP posts:
FitAt50 · 15/01/2024 22:22

I've flown first class as used avios points to upgrade. Husband claims cabin crew know which passengers have paid full price and those who have used points, is this true.

Maddy70 · 15/01/2024 22:23

Any near misses?

Cicciabella · 15/01/2024 22:25

Not at all. Crew know nothing about pricing of seats, we get passengers lists that's it.

OP posts:
Lesina · 15/01/2024 22:25

what down time do you get on long haul flights and do you take your shoes off :)

ktsch · 15/01/2024 22:26

I'm a cling on for BA, what's the likelihood of getting a free upgrade if I'm not with my AH friend and book normal flights for me and my partner?
My AH friend says she will do it for anyone who ask as long as flight crew are okay with it.
Is there are general rule you all go by?

FakeHoisinDuck · 15/01/2024 22:28

Ooh I'm doing london/singapore/Melbourne and love any tips.

Especially how not to irritate cabin crew... and how to reduce jet lag...

And I'm so curious about the snagging!

Werw you always working with strangers then if intentionally rostered differently??

Cicciabella · 15/01/2024 22:32

Get your friend to pass a note to the csd on the day

OP posts:
Gassylady · 15/01/2024 22:32

ktsch what on earth is a cling on?!

Cicciabella · 15/01/2024 22:32

Avoid alcohol!!

OP posts:
Ellemeg82 · 15/01/2024 22:32

Favourite destination?
How long have you been doing the job?

IHateLegDay · 15/01/2024 22:33

What's the cheapest way to get upgraded to business/first class?

Maddy70 · 15/01/2024 22:34

How do i swing a free upgrade?

custardlover · 15/01/2024 22:35

How do you have breaks when on long-haul?

EasterIssland · 15/01/2024 22:36

How long did you do this job for and how many airlines ?

sleeponthesofa · 15/01/2024 22:45

Yes! Please tell me how I can get a cheap upgrade!

Honeyroar · 15/01/2024 22:46

Gassylady · 15/01/2024 22:32

ktsch what on earth is a cling on?!

It’s what cabin crew (particularly from Gatwick) call a staff passenger on staff travel.

BeachedOff · 15/01/2024 22:47

What would you say to someone who is terrified of planes?

Sar198 · 15/01/2024 22:48

What's the worst turbulence you've experienced?

Boopeedoop · 15/01/2024 22:51

Why do the blinds have to be open when we land/takeoff?

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