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I've been legally dead (but I got better). AMA.

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iloveeverykindofcat · 31/03/2022 16:32

Don't think I've seen an AMA for this on mumsnet, so have at.

OP posts:
Spudlet · 31/03/2022 16:33

What? How?!

iloveeverykindofcat · 31/03/2022 16:34

How did I die? Positional asphyxia caused by an accident. I got revived, obviously!

OP posts:
SweetsAndChocolates · 31/03/2022 16:34

I'd also like to know how?

SweetsAndChocolates · 31/03/2022 16:34

Sorry @iloveeverykindofcat posted same time

LittleSnakes · 31/03/2022 16:35

What was the accident? How long were you dead for? Did you see the tunnel and lights? Did you see god, heaven or hell?

AlternativePerspective · 31/03/2022 16:37

Actually if you have a cardiac arrest then you are clinically dead which is presumably what happened to the OP.

Been there, done that, and in my case I was still conscious when they started chest compressions, but blacked out pretty soon after then woke up on ICU the next morning and my first thought was “bloody hell my chest hurts,” Grin

iloveeverykindofcat · 31/03/2022 16:38

I don't remember the accident but I tripped on a staircase and fell into a narrow stairwell that had immovable furnishings. The way I landed was unfortunate. I was only dead for a few minutes, but then I was in a coma for a few days. I didn't see any tunnel, lights, heaven or hell. So far as I remember I didn't see anything - and I've tried to remember.

OP posts:
AlternativePerspective · 31/03/2022 16:40

I didn’t see any lights or heaven or hell either. I just went from consciousness and feeling horrific to oblivion. It does mean that I’m not afraid of dying, having been there.

DatingAWidower22 · 31/03/2022 16:40

What about the coma? Do you remember any of that? Was it medically induced?

iloveeverykindofcat · 31/03/2022 16:41

@AlternativePerspective Yes, I was CPRd - I wasn't conscious for any it though. I didn't know any of this happened until I woke up in hospital a few days later.

OP posts:
Fuzzy303 · 31/03/2022 16:43

has it changed your outlook on life?

iloveeverykindofcat · 31/03/2022 16:43

No not medically induced, I just didnt wake up. I remember coming out of the coma, which is like...a visual/audio blur. But not the coma itself. It also cured me of my fear of death, because I learned I won't experience it. There will be no 'me' to do the experiencing. And I was terrified of death before.

OP posts:
Twolostsoulsswimminginafishbow · 31/03/2022 16:56

Under your definition I’ve been there twice with a coma on life support on both occasions afterwards. There was absolutely nothing, no conscious passing of time for me either.

ichifanny · 31/03/2022 16:57

Legally dead is when someone certifies your death and death is registered so you may have died from a cardiovascular point of view and been sort of clinically but it’s not legally dead .

iloveeverykindofcat · 31/03/2022 16:59

Quite right, clinically is what I should have said.

OP posts:
Spudlet · 31/03/2022 16:59


Legally dead is when someone certifies your death and death is registered so you may have died from a cardiovascular point of view and been sort of clinically but it’s not legally dead .

That’s what confused me too - my understanding was that legally dead meant you’d been declared dead, had a death certificate and all sorts of legal wrangling involved in trying to be not dead, IYSWIM!

Very glad you’re ok op, and look forward to following the ama which I’m sure will be very popular Smile
iloveeverykindofcat · 31/03/2022 17:05

@Spudlet That's almost the weirdest thing, is that once I woke up - I basically was okay! Obviously bruised and stuff but my vital signs went back to normal relatively quickly. It was an absolute mind-fuck to learn what happened. It was only the fact I could feel in my throat where I'd been intubated that made it feel slighlty real.

OP posts:
TankFlyBoss · 31/03/2022 17:27

How are you sure you're not a ghost?

iloveeverykindofcat · 31/03/2022 17:30

@TankFlyBoss I suppose I don't, but if I am the afterlife has been more or less the same as the life-life so far, which seems counterintuitive for some reason.

Seriously though it rather put paid to any thoughts I may have had of an afterlife, for better or worse. I'm now pretty convinced then when your brain goes off, that's it.

OP posts:
Spudlet · 31/03/2022 17:32

Wow, you’d think you’d have more after effects from a thing like that! Did you have any sort of counselling - did anyone offer you any?

girlsyearapart · 31/03/2022 17:33

Fil had this after a cardiac arrest. Critical illness cover mortgage paid off. Story in the paper

iloveeverykindofcat · 31/03/2022 17:40

@Spudlet no, I probably could have done with a bit of counselling to be honest, but I never asked for it and I think I've processed it all now - this was a few years ago. I wasn't immediately back to normal - it took a few weeks for that - but I didn't feel that bad either, and I was allowed to go home from hospital pretty promptly. They said I was very lucky, but also I'm reasonably young, healthy, and they tell me the paramedics did a great job. The most difficult part I think was taking on board that it actually happened. Because my memories skip directly from the day before the accident to waking up in hospital. Its like time skipped.

OP posts:
themessygarden · 31/03/2022 20:58

So it it like being under an anaesthetic, oblivion, nothingness ?

CurlyBurley · 31/03/2022 21:07

Wow, sounds like you're very lucky to be alive! Do you appreciate things more?

Looseleaf · 31/03/2022 21:23

Sorry this happened OP and so glad you were found! Who found you when it happened and did they realise straight away?

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