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I'm in a mother and baby unit

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dizzyrabbit · 04/07/2021 18:07


OP posts:
Fitforforty · 04/07/2021 18:08

If you are currently receiving physiological help then this thread may not be the most helpful thing for you. Please be careful.

Radio4ordie · 04/07/2021 18:10

Hope you feel better soon.

How much practical help are you getting with your baby whilst you are getting better?

Are you a long way from your friends and family?

dizzyrabbit · 04/07/2021 19:06

Thanks. I'm just a little bit bored

Yes, I am about eighty miles away from home. There are only two units in Scotland (where I stay), and the closer unit was full soon had to travel out. There is lots of hands on support from the staff, and a separate nursery where baby can sleep and be cared for my staff whilst mum sleeps or whatever.

OP posts:
Findmeatthebeach · 04/07/2021 19:07

Can you say the reason why you are in there op?

dizzyrabbit · 04/07/2021 19:28

Suicidal, intrusive thoughts, depression, extreme anxiety and hearing voices. A lethal combination.

OP posts:
Cyanchicken · 04/07/2021 20:20

I'm sorry to hear you are not well but glad to hear you are being looked after. How was your mental health before getting pregnant? How was the pregnancy?

HebeMumsnet · 04/07/2021 20:48

Evening, OP.

It sounds like you're getting some brilliant help, but just in case anyone is reading who hasn't yet 'got into the system' we just wanted to post a few links to help here to our Mental Health resources. You can also go to the Samaritans website or email them on [email protected].

It's very kind of you to answer questions here but we would completely understand if you decide at some point that it's not in your best interests. Should that be the case, just drop us a line or report one of your posts and we can take the thread straight down. We're sure everyone will understand.

We hope you make a good recovery anyway and that you and your baby are home soon.

dizzyrabbit · 04/07/2021 22:01

Thank you at @HebeMumsnet
I feel it might be useful for any mother who may find herself in a similar position to me. It wasn't straightforward to get here. I did several nights in a hospital ward without my baby before I was admitted here but it was worth it.

I've always struggled with my mental health but never been this unwell before in my life. Pregnancy was hard with HG and birth was slightly traumatic. All contributing factors as to how I became so unwell after birth I think.

OP posts:
XenoBitch · 05/07/2021 02:36

Are you getting any sort of therapy?
I have been in acute MH units, and it was all about meds and no therapy at all.

NeedingAGoodNap · 05/07/2021 03:11

Very serious question - how’s the food?!

dizzyrabbit · 05/07/2021 10:20

No therapy yet. Lots of meds including sedatives. Tbh I think I was too unwell to respond to therapy when I first came in but we will see.

It's ok, portions are small but I suppose I don't need additional carioles if I'm stuck in the ward all day.

OP posts:
Seesawmummadaw · 05/07/2021 10:23

Sorry that you are unwell.

How do you feel about being there? Do you see it as a good thing or a bad thing?

TheVanguardSix · 05/07/2021 10:26

I was very moved by Louis Theroux's Mothers on the Edge. It really brought back memories of how much I struggled after DC2's birth and really, my mental health was so crushed by psychosis and suicidal thoughts, I'm not sure how I avoided a mother and baby unit. My thoughts and loving wishes for the best future are with you and your baby, OP. Flowers

Do you feel more at peace in the unit, like, you have room to breathe and just 'be', OP?
Is your partner and family supportive now and was he/your family supportive prior to your admission?

dizzyrabbit · 05/07/2021 16:21


Sorry that you are unwell.

How do you feel about being there? Do you see it as a good thing or a bad thing?

Mixed feelings. Wasn't coping at home and wanted to end it all al so at least we're seemingly 'safe' here.
OP posts:
dizzyrabbit · 05/07/2021 16:24


Sorry you had a hard time too. I hope you feel better now. I have no extended family, just DH and it's been tough for him too. He tries to support me but it's still hard.

OP posts:
LemonWeb · 05/07/2021 16:26

Flowers I hope you’re feeling better soon.

PassTheVinoTinto · 05/07/2021 16:31

Hi OP - how long have you been there & how old is your baby?

I think you are brilliant for asking for and getting the help you need, sending you positive thoughts Thanks

Whysolong7 · 08/07/2021 20:39

OP just wanted to offer some support first off and say i hope this helps you in a positive way get back on track and you keep your chin up :-)

How old is you LO? How are they coping? What triggered you to get this kind of support? If anyone is helping family or friends with similar issues how can they best support them?

Buttons294749 · 06/08/2021 21:15

Hope you get the help you need OP and wish the best for you.
Do you get along with the other girls and women?

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