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I work for Sainsburys AMA

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IDontLikeOrange · 11/02/2020 22:51

As the title says Smile

OP posts:
BedStuy · 11/02/2020 22:56

When will you bring back TTD Chocolate, Cherry and Kirsch yoghurt? When?

PS your online delivery needs to up its game in the face of Ocado etc.

DeepDarkWoods · 11/02/2020 22:59

What do you do and how much do you get paid and how much do new starters get paid?

Fiddlersgreen · 11/02/2020 23:00

Bring back chocolate coated rich tea biscuits!

Sorry not a question

OldHarrysGameboy · 11/02/2020 23:03

Where does the money from your 20p carrier bags go to? Why do you charge customers 30p to put their loose vegetables in a bag and continue to surround fruit/veg/cheese/meat in plastic as a matter of course? Why isn't it possible to buy fruit and veg online without it being wrapped in plastic? Why have you moved to bagless deliveries with no provision for people in apartments without lifts to have their shopping brought to their door as your staff are not required to lift crates upstairs, but you expect your customers to do so? Are you aware of how hypocritical and pointlessly virtue signalling all of this looks?

CamberGirl · 11/02/2020 23:08

Do you still give people a disciplinary for being off sick with measles and put on the back to work form to be careful around potentially infectious small childen when you work in a supermarket and that's obviously where you got it from. not bitter

alphajuliet123 · 11/02/2020 23:13

Will smaller local stores stock things that I can only get in the big supermarkets, if I ask them nicely?! There are a couple of things I love from Sainsbury's that I can't get in my little local ones.

sandybanana · 12/02/2020 06:25

Hate Sainsbury's. It's shit.
Sorry op I apologise in advance.

Products, customer service, price and their online delivery service is absolutely diabolical.

Had an online delivery once and once only. I shit you not; the delivery guy was unpacking the groceries with raw chicken juice absolutely DRIPPING from his hands.

It was a raw chicken I had ordered and the bag had split. It went EVERYWHERE. It had dropped all over my other groceries and he proceeded to touch all my products and never even offered to take them back.

I forced him to wash his raw chicken juice covered hands in my kitchen sink and then had to thoroughly wipe over all the contaminated products he had left when he had gone.

Disgusted was not the word and the customer service when I complained afterwards was absolutely disgusting.

Worst supermarket. Ever.

Sorry op. Rant over

DeepDarkWoods · 12/02/2020 09:29

Why start a thread if you cant be bothered to respond?

GCAcademic · 12/02/2020 09:31

Why is there often a horrible smell around the chilled cabinets?

ShirleyPhallus · 12/02/2020 09:32

I’m not sure the OP was ready for this level of grilling Grin

ByAppointmentTo · 12/02/2020 09:39

Why are the self service tills more temperamental than any of the other supermarkets' self service tills?

Elouera · 12/02/2020 09:51

What does the AMA stand for in your heading?

Are staff advised that its rude to speak/yell to other staff at other tills in different languages?

doubleshotespresso · 12/02/2020 10:15

Please can we have the plastic bags for veg back?
I HATE those new awful bags which do nothing to prevent raw meat packaging from coming into contact with everything...
Who buys these new useless things? Could you not get some paper ones like Morrison's have instead at least?

GCAcademic · 12/02/2020 10:22

Elouera - look at the board title: "Ask Me Anything".

Blingismything · 12/02/2020 10:26

Are staff allowed to check their phone and send messages whilst on a till? supposedly serving customers?

Sainsburies has really detioriated.

poppet31 · 12/02/2020 10:49

Were you on the recent documentary?

NormaSnorks · 12/02/2020 10:52

Are some of the cheapest products deliberately excluded from online delivery to make sure online customers spend more?

NameChange84 · 12/02/2020 10:56

I’ve had several experiences where the cafe have run out of things like skimmed milk, whipped cream, tuna or cheese.

It never makes sense as it’s located in a supermarket so why can’t staff bring some milk or cheese?

WeBuiltCisCityOnSexistRoles · 12/02/2020 10:57

Do you regret starting this thread? Grin

Elouera · 12/02/2020 11:56

@GCAcademic- thanks, fairly new here!

IDontLikeOrange · 12/02/2020 19:14

Hi all! I'm so sorry I've not been replying, I'm actually quite poorly atm. Been asleep for most of the day Shock I shall return once I am well enough!

OP posts:
HollowTalk · 12/02/2020 19:18

I really like some of the homeware products. There's a good buyer involved, there.


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AgeLikeWine · 12/02/2020 19:19

Why are your prices for beer so uncompetitive? Asda offer a very similar range, but are much, much cheaper across the category.

Bluewavescrashing · 12/02/2020 19:21

Get well soon OP

Strangerthingshere · 12/02/2020 20:58

I actually love sainsburys! Not a question obviously but might make you feel a bit better

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