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I used to weigh 30 stone

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HalfThewoman · 14/09/2018 22:00

Just that really, I now weigh 15 stone.

Ask anything you wish.

OP posts:

Longtalljosie · 15/09/2018 10:26

You say the weight piled on after the age of 10 - how was your weight in earlier childhood?

What’s the weight of the rest of your family like - your siblings in particular? We have a range of weights in my family and this really interests me...


flossietoot · 15/09/2018 10:39

Some evidence suggests that obesity is often attributed to Adverse Childhood Experiences. Just wondering in light of that, if you were given support to address any route causes of over eating?


AuburnHoover · 15/09/2018 10:48

Well done Half!!
Do you keep to the rules about eating? Like eating slowly, throwing what you can’t fit in away, not eating certain foods etc?
My DP was 30 stone and paid for gastric sleeve privately. In first couple of years he lost about 12 stone. But since then he has gradually put about 4 stone on again. So his remaining stomach has stretched. Initially he could only eat small amounts as his body wouldn’t tolerate very sweet or fatty foods. But over time that’s changed. He knows it’s because he stopped following the rules above. I really want to help him get back on track. Have you any tips?


HalfThewoman · 15/09/2018 11:07

The exercise I do is mostly walking,hill walking and swimming. I don’t have a car and detest public transport so walk a few miles each day, I make sure to walk as fast as I can most of the time.
I do still have to contend with the urge to overeat, not to the same degree as before the op though. When urges hit I have a hot drink or do something involving my hands (nail varnish, pottery etc).

OP posts:

HalfThewoman · 15/09/2018 11:20

I think the gym is quite unrealistic for someone who weighs 25 stone. I’d recommend thigh and knee strengthening exercises and walking fast enough to raise heart rate . Would she consider therapy for her overeating? Maybe encourage her to visit her GP.

Three of my siblings are slim, one is overweight, parents slim.
I’d always been overweight as a child, not obese but certainly bigger than most children. I’m quite shocked at how many children in my DD’s primary school are much bigger than I ever was at that age though.
One of my siblings was a feeder, she actually had/has an eating disorder but sort of took it out on me. When I stayed at her house (she’s 15 years older than me) She would buy me loads of junk food, get me to eat it and then her and her husband would bully me about my weight.

OP posts:

HalfThewoman · 15/09/2018 11:25

I do try my best to stick to the rules, sometimes I completely forget Ive had the surgery don’t chew properly, that causes pain.
Would your husband consider doing a pouch reset diet AuburnHoover? Its where he basically follows his immediate post op diet for a couple of weeks to help his stomach shrink and to help him recognise feeling satiated again.

OP posts:

HalfThewoman · 15/09/2018 11:27

My favourite meal is super high calorie macaroni cheese (involves copious amounts of butter, cream, bacon, cheese).

OP posts:

AuburnHoover · 15/09/2018 11:38

He has considered pouch reset. In fact he bought the pouches a while ago and they are in the cupboard. I have asked him to do it. I am going to lose some weight too. He knows it’s about me worrying about his health short and long term and that I will love him at any size. I think you have good will power.


HalfThewoman · 15/09/2018 11:49

Has he ever had any therapy for his relationship with food? Is that something he might be willing to give a go?

OP posts:

Movablefeast · 15/09/2018 12:08

What about you Half did you have a therapist? If so, what did you learn in the process?


MrsCar · 15/09/2018 12:19

Well done OP.

I know nothing about a gastric sleeve, so excuse my ignorance!

Can you have more children/become pregnant, or would you need to remove it?

Probably a ridiculously stupid question Blush


AuburnHoover · 15/09/2018 12:43

Yes I think he would consider therapy. He’s had some before but for something else. Thank you for your suggestions.


HalfThewoman · 15/09/2018 12:46

No, I’ve had no therapy. I’m very private, would rather just read self help books and stuff.

The sleeve is permanent, it’s where 2/3rds of the stomach is removed. I can have more children, I would need extra monitoring, probably vitamin shakes, just to ensure the baby gets the nutrients it needs.

OP posts:

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe2726 · 15/09/2018 12:50

Very well done, Half, a really incredible story and you shine through it all. Star


HalfThewoman · 15/09/2018 13:50

Thanks Lying

OP posts:

MrsCar · 15/09/2018 18:13

Sorry OP, I missed your earlier post where you said that it's permanent.

Are you on Instagram? There was another AMA here from a lady who also lost 15 stone, she posted her Instagram and I love following her on that now.

How do you 'know' now that you're full, how do you stop? E.g. Do you get sore/sick if you eat more than one slice of pizza?

What clothes size were you then, and now?


HalfThewoman · 15/09/2018 19:55

Not on instagram. I username to be a size 36/38 and I’m now a size 18/20.
I try to eat untill I’m no longer hungry, rather than untill I’m full. If I’ve eaten too much then I get an itchy, snotty nose and have a sneezing fit. It’s also very uncomfortable, not a nice feeling not at all.
If I drink too much liquid at once then it just comes straight back up and pours out of me, still cold .

OP posts:

AuburnHoover · 16/09/2018 01:57

When DP eats too much he feels nauseous and then is occasionally sick. I can look at a plate and know if there’s too much on it for him. Anything bigger than a side plate is too much. Restaurants think he’s weird based on what he orders compared to his size. He will usually just want a starter or a side. Sometimes he tells them he’s has gastric surgery. As they sometimes try to make him order more.


Rebecca36 · 16/09/2018 03:28

Well done! I hope you continue to lose weight. Your daughter must be very proud.


GinaCarbonara · 18/09/2018 18:53

I had a sleeve gastrectomy nearly 7 weeks ago. It's been a bit up and down since then but hopefully on the up again now.

Is there anything you wish you could tell yourself 2 months post op?


Gingersdohavesouls · 19/09/2018 11:55

Mum sister is in the same position you were in before you lost the weight - her husband cares for her and her personal care needs, but she’s very much in denial.
From your point of view as being in that situation, is there anything we can do as a family to help her help herself before we lose her? Her health is incredibly bad bcoz of the extra weight, which she then uses an an excuse not to look after herself so it’s a vicious circle.

And finally, congratulations on becoming happier in yourself. No matter what size you become, never forget how you felt then and never go back to that head space Flowers


Italiangreyhound · 29/09/2018 18:29

HalfThewoman you are amazing. How incredible.


Italiangreyhound · 29/09/2018 18:45

I've got no questions at the moment. Only admiration. FlowersFlowersFlowers

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