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I Holiday Alone AMA

54 replies

MilkFuckingRules · 06/08/2018 14:31

I'm not a scary cat lady... (yet) Smile

OP posts:
littlecabbage · 06/08/2018 14:34

How old are you? Are you single?

Do you make the effort to chat to other people whilst away, or revel in solitude?

MilkFuckingRules · 06/08/2018 14:49

I'm 34 in October. Yes I'm single but there is a 'friend' 😉

I wouldn't massively make the effort no, but if someone spoke to me I would be happy to make conversation casually and briefly. I probably wouldn't advertise the fact I was alone for safety reasons.

OP posts:
RebootYourEngine · 06/08/2018 14:50

Where do you go, what type of holidays do you have?

ShotsFired · 06/08/2018 14:54

Do you get fed up with people feeling sorry for you, and/or thinking the only holidays you can possibly go on are the ones for single people to meet other single people?

MilkFuckingRules · 06/08/2018 15:44

Reboot - beach usually, just bury my head in a book for a few days in the sun and do some shopping though I did UK last year and that was mainly for the purpose of walking / hiking and using the big swimming pool I had access to.

Shots - to my knowledge nobody feels sorry for me. I have some great friends, a couple of them have asked in the past if they can come with me but I've been honest and just said sorry no not this time. Escaping solo is very much my own choice.

OP posts:
noego · 06/08/2018 15:59

I hear ya!!

Much more preferable IMO

Monday55 · 06/08/2018 16:57

I love travelling solo too, having your own personal itenary which you can be spontaneous about without any quibbles is the way to go.

JellyBears · 06/08/2018 16:59

I have gone on holiday alone too OP. And I would happily do it again if need be.

Sunnybeachbabe · 06/08/2018 17:10

I used to love holidays alone before dd came along, where's the best place you've travelled to alone?

idonthaveatattoo · 06/08/2018 17:12

Why the heck do people like travelling alone?

I get it when it’s the choice between holiday alone or no holiday but why people jump on and insist they’d love this I don’t know.

Sunnybeachbabe · 06/08/2018 17:17


Quite rude!
It goes like this, people are different you see, people like different things. Some people love noise, crowds and getting drunk. Some people like seeing the sights with a close friend and some people like peace and quiet, wandering, thinking, sleeping, reading..... this isn't an exhaustive list, just examples. So just because YOU don't love holidaying alone doesn't give you the right to be disparaging about people who do.

idonthaveatattoo · 06/08/2018 17:19

Yeah I do get that people are different (and didn’t mean to sound rude!) but sometimes on Mumsnet there can be a bit of a weird over compensation thing going on. Like with Christmas on the way threads will be filled with posters insisting they’d LOVE to spend Christmas alone ...

noego · 06/08/2018 17:19

Why the heck do people like travelling alone?

A lot more solo travellers nowadays. Especially in the far east and sub continent.

Perhaps travelling is different to holidaying

MirandaWest · 06/08/2018 17:21

I’ve enjoyed going on holiday on my own. Can just do whatever you want to do without having to consider anyone else. Would like to do it again some time

Flamingo19 · 06/08/2018 17:22

I have never actually been away on my own but I have flown on my own and I quite like the idea of holidaying alone. No one to keep happy, no one to suggest things you don’t want to do

pantosaurus · 06/08/2018 18:04

I absolutely love holidaying alone. And I love holidaying just with DH. And also with our DC. (These things aren't mutually exclusive rude previous poster.)

I think that's great OP. I hope always to get a chance to holiday alone. It's such a lovely escape. I've mostly explored European cities on a budget as I don't want to spend a lot of the family budget just on me, but if I was single I would go much further afield. There are loads of amazing tour groups you can join as a single person.

MilkFuckingRules · 06/08/2018 18:08

Sunny - not been to many places yet as I've only done it a few times, nothing outside of Europe yet. My ultimate solo trip would be NYC for the shopping, museums and long walks in Central Park but I can't afford it at the minute (I'd want a nice hotel!)

Tattoo - the reason why I like going away by myself is that I can suit myself, not have to keep up conversation when I can't be arsed, not have to be woken up by someone else's alarm, not have to go here or there to please someone, not have to worry about whether they are bored by me wanting to go here or there, I can read a book in peace, I can sleep when I want, get up when I want, eat what I want, where I want and basically not have to compromise, share or put up with someone being in my fucking face 24/7.

Is that enough of an answer for you?

OP posts:
CraftyGin · 06/08/2018 18:11

Travelling (ie the airport but) on your own is blissful. Add my DH into the mix, and it is a nightmare.

CurlyWurlyTwirly · 06/08/2018 18:14

I travelled on my own loads pre children when single, and also now when DS is with his dad.
I love city breaks on my own, New York, Paris.
Two,downsides are constant selfies, or asking people to take a photo. Also dinner alone.
I prefer to go to meet friends who live overseas. Then the travelling solo is bliss.

MilkFuckingRules · 06/08/2018 18:15

Pantosaurus - exactly! I'm not saying I'd refuse to ever go on holiday with other people ever again. There are places (Vegas, Iceland and a fancy cruise to name three) when I would want to go with someone.

I've been away with other people before and sometimes I've had a great time but other times I've felt panicky, irritated and suffocated.

In general I just do find it more chilled and relaxed to travel by myself.

OP posts:
IHaveBrilloHair · 06/08/2018 18:17

I travelled on my own, and then took holidays on my own from Australia when I was based there, I loved it.
It's so easy to meet people if you want, or not!

ScreamingValenta · 06/08/2018 18:17

Hi OP. I enjoy my own company so understand why you do this. I would be put off by safety worries, though - being on my own in an unfamiliar place would make me feel a bit vulnerable. Do you ever feel anxious for that reason, and if so, how do you overcome it?


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drquin · 06/08/2018 18:26

I love travelling and holiday-ing alone.

Agree there's a few places in the world probably better with a companion .... Las Vegas being one!

I usually tend to take advantage of friends living overseas .... and travel alone to their part of the world, then meet up or base myself there. I did USA (vague!) last year..... staying each of 3 weekends with a good friend, then Mon-Fri one week touring their state, then mon-fri the following week at an all-inclusive beach resort. Really is best of both worlds for me.

I'm happy to strike up conversation over a pre-dinner G&T if I want company / conversation. Or if you bring a book / kindle and concentrate on that, surprisingly few people actually notice.

I take the same safety considerations as I would at home, ramped up a bit if only because I may be unfamiliar with an area (and possibly language).

Don't get me wrong, there's time company would be good ... of whatever flavour ..... but I'm not going to not travel just because I'm single and / or no kids and / or friends not available.

MilkFuckingRules · 06/08/2018 18:29

ScreamingValenta - if I'm honest yes it does worry me. I think we would all feel safer if we didn't watch the news! There are certain places I would never go to but in general I think you just have to be cautious and hope for the best. If I ever do get chatting to someone I tell them I'm with friends but they've gone elsewhere for a few hours and never tell them what room I'm in etc. As for terrorism I think you just have to keep one eye open the same as everyone else. I got freaked out going to the beach after what happened in Tunisia but you can't lock yourself away forever 😔

OP posts:
PhoebeFriends · 06/08/2018 18:37

Hi OP, I’ve never holidayed alone but was planning a solo trip to Iceland next year - to enjoy some peace and because my OH is not keen on going. Can I ask why it’s on your list of places you’d go with company rather than alone?

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