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I Holiday Alone AMA

54 replies

MilkFuckingRules · 06/08/2018 14:31

I'm not a scary cat lady... (yet) Smile

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smashyourglasses · 13/08/2018 10:46

Love travelling alone. The only downside is no one you know is there to corroborate the amazing things you experience.


Mightybanhammer · 15/08/2018 18:08

Great thread OP!

I AM a scary cat lady and always travel alone through choice. In the last 20 years, I've walked and driven all over Europe, explored India and trekked in the Himalaya ( ok that doesn't count as had a guide) . I've been across Australia and driven round Tassie in a 2cv, and explored all of North Africa and the Western Desert.

Yes it's been risky at times but the only serious issues arose from my own lack of attention to basics ( not telling bank Was travelling and having my card stopped with no access to money or communication on the edge of the Sahara) ; inexperience/ stupidity : hiring a vehicle inadequate for the conditions- (2 cvs weave around a lot in fierce winds) or climate: am a v strong swimmer but was sucked under in an undercurrent in India ; and thought I would lose my mind in 55 degree heat in a concrete cube in the desert with no aircon .)

I dine out alone regularly- fine and otherwise. Never crosses my mind this is odd, though do get fed up with being put in the darkest corner. Grin

Yes of course I have friends and do things with them too. I do love being on my own though :)


Mightybanhammer · 15/08/2018 18:13

glasses yes that's right but for me not so much corroborate ( ie confirm it happened) as in future years, to reminisce with. As I get older, that becomes more obvious to me.


MilkFuckingRules · 15/08/2018 22:38

Mighty - fuck me mate! There's me thinking I'm Johnny Concrete for jumping on a plane to not even leave Europe.

Your life and approach to it sounds amazing! X

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